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The Xbox One is the watercooler successor to the Xbox 360.

System Specs & Details

  • 8GB DDR3 RAM
  • 8 core "Jaguar" CPU
  • non-replaceable 500 GB/1 TB internal Hard Drive, External Hard Drive support available
  • Blu-Ray/DVD
  • Wifi with ethernet port in back
  • HDMI in-out
  • USB 3.0, three ports
  • Region-Free (physicial and digital, cross-region store purchases possible without needing alt accounts)
  • Always Online by default- Internet + working servers needed to play many games.
  • Mandatory use of cloud saves. All games and Apps (even Youtube) may fail if the Xbox network is acting up. More details.
  • Day One update required to be able to use the system offline.
  • Backwards compatibility to 360 limited, but expanding. Full list
  • Xbox Live Gold Required for online play. Can import and use your Xbox 360 profile.
  • Achievements will be ported from Xbox 360 along with your profile
  • Mandatory game installs of even disc-based games
  • Games with Gold: Every month, Xbox Live Gold users will receive two free Xbox One titles and two free Xbox 360 titles, all digitally. The Xbox One titles can be downloaded and played so long as you keep your subscription, while the 360 titles are yours to keep forever. All forthcoming 360 titles will be backwards-compatible, so you basically get four free games every month.

Spec Source and More Details

The List

A-on is short for Always Online. For this list it means that the game requires an internet connection to have all it's features. If the game servers or the internet are down then the game will not work correctly. In short, this game will most likely not be functional outside of this console gen as game servers are taken down due to games getting older. For a general rule of thumb, any game that holds multiplayer above single player and any Ubisoft title is suspect to A-on features.

Disc-based titles

Box Art Title Genre A-On Description
Assassin'sCreedIVBlackFlag(XboxOne) Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag Action-Adventure / Stealth / Pirate Simulator Yes Prequel to ACIII (also technically a sequel if you consider the modern day story), you play as the pirate captain Edward Kenway on his quest for glory and riches, during which he will meddle with both Templar's and Assassin's affairs.

The story is set on XVIII century Caribbean sea with many naval sections. Being a pirate is so fun you'll be sad when you're forced to go onto dry land. The world map is huge and contains lots of additional (mostly filler) stuff to do. Overall it's one of the best entries in the AC franchise.

Note: If you play offline, you will be unable to access certain naval convoys, white whales, and social treasure chests you can only find when your friends find them online.

Batman Arkham Knight Xbox One cover Batman: Arkham Knight Action/Adventure No Fourth entry in the Batman: Arkham series. After Joker's death, Gotham City goes mad as Scarecrow teams up with the mysterious Arkham Knight to wreak havoc. You know the deal by now - punch bad guys, do detective work, punch more bad guys. But this time, you can use the Batmobile, a feature that is great at first until they ask you to keep using it over and over again. Also, Scarecrow-induced hallucinations give you even more Joker screentime, which may or may not tickle your fancy depending on how much you like Mark Hamill. While it has its rough edges, it's still a worthy conclusion to the Batman Arkham series.

Note - As WB Games is publishing this title, there is already a metric fuckload of DLC cut up and sold in tiny bite-sized packages (unless you bought the season pass). Most opinions on the DLC are somewhat mixed, especially concerning how long they are, so I would suggest holding out for the inevitable GOTY edition if you want it THAT much.

BlazBlue Chrono Phantasma Extend Xbox One cover BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma Extend Fighting No The spiritual successor sister series to Guilty Gear. Features HD sprites, 3D backgrounds, and loads of animu. CE adds even more characters and balance tweaks, as well as a "visual novel" minigame about the events of its manga spinoff, Remix Heart. inb4 MaiOlev.
Dark-souls-iii-the-fire-fades-edition-xbone Dark Souls III Action RPG No The final game in the series, this time with Miyazaki back at the helm. Expect a faster pace this time around, as the team was still fresh off of Bloodborne. This one is generally considered better than Dark Souls II (though some may not agree), but not quite as good as DaS 1 nor Demon's Souls.

Ashes of Ariandel is a 3 hour piece of shit with little content and two bosses, while The Ringed City has more to offer with DS2-levels of bullshit difficulty.

The Fire Fades Edition contains all DLC, so if you've waited to get a complete edition while waiting for a reasonable price, then get it now.

Dead or Alive 5 Last Round Xbox One cover Dead or Alive 5: Last Round Fighting No You know the deal by now. A solid fighting game surrounded by titties. There's a LOT of DLC for this game, so if you just want some core fighting, you can get the Core Fighters pack for free. Story mode and all characters except six (four constant, two rotating) aren't included here, but if you just like fighting it'll be all right.
Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition Xbox One cover Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition Action/CURAYZEE Simulator No A remake of the 2008 release, DMC4SE once again gives you as much sword and gun gameplay as you could want. With dozens of weapons and fighting styles at your disposal, kill a bunch of demons and save the world I guess. Along with the not-emo Dante and original character donut steel Nero, you can now play as Dante's katana-wielding brother Virgil, his mysterious demon love interest Trish, and the gun-mad mercenary Lady. It's no Bayonetta, but it's definitely crazy enough.
DragonBallFighterZXboxOne Dragon Ball FighterZ Fighting No A super fast-paced fighter (think Marvel vs Capcom) with Dragon Ball Z/Super characters, excellent even if you're not a fan of Dragon Ball. Takes some pages from Guilty Gear Xrd, using the same 3D-styled graphics made to look like 2D sprites. Story mode is what you'd expect from fighting games these days but the character interactions are surely entertaining.
Fallout 4 Xbox One cover Fallout 4 Action RPG No It's Fallout. You know what you're going to get. You are placed into a vault at the dawn of nuclear war, and emerge in a post-apocalyptic 50s Americana. Make friends, steal shit, kill a guy, strip him of his clothes, die a lot. Even the side quests are so addictive that you'll forget about completing the main storyline. That said, it's developed by Bethesda, so expect a few glitches and corrupted saves along the way.
Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Xbone Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Action-RPG No Imagine Crisis Core but better with 14 different playable characters, playable summons, A WORLD MAP, chocobo breeding and a fantastic story. The gameplay is difficult and will kill you if you get careless but is fun and faster than Crisis Core because less "slot machine" bullshit. Much, MUCH, bloodier, gorier and violent than the previous Final Fantasy games.

Has updated graphics compared to the PSP version, as well as the option to change the voices to English or Japanese, no multiplayer (as if anyone cared about it), an exclusive alternate ending, an updated soundtrack and an exclusive demo for Final Fantasy XV for the Day One edition. Keep away from the English dub, it is the worst English dub Square has ever worked on (even worse than Final Fantasy X, but not as bad as FF4 SNES). Has a somewhat spotty translation so get the PSP version if you are willing to pirate and you have PPSSPP or a PSP with CFW.

X1-FOHO2 Forza Horizon 2 Racing No Great graphics, superb physics, fun soundtrack, big and pretty open world, lots of cool cars. Very deep upgrading and tuning, shallow visual customization. Top notch career structure with a lot of freedom and incentives to do your own thing. Being Forza, this is loaded with DLC and a little over 1/3 of the cars are inaccessible until you shell out some cash.
GTA 5 Xbox One cover Grand Theft Auto V Open-world Action Adventure No Do I really need to explain to you what GTA is all about? This time, you can play as three different characters, switching them on the fly to play unique missions. Go to strip clubs! Rob banks! Make Jack Thompson pissed!
Halo 5 cover Halo 5: Guardians FPS Yes Sequel to the (debatable) abomination that was Halo 4.

The plot is a complete mess and features Cortana becoming a literal AI goddess who slaughters millions of people. Beneath the ridiculous plot you will find some really great gameplay even if it's far from the best in the series.

The main game can be played offline, but you're not likely to buy this for the main game. Most people play Guardians for multiplayer and Forge.

Multiplayer is the best it's ever been, even though it's 100% online matchmaking with zero couch co-op.

The new Forge is one of the best map editors to ever be created for a console game. 343 has been consistently releasing free updates on a monthly basis and has, so far, patched in almost every feature the community has been asking for. While 343 completely botched Master Chief Collection, they seem to be doing right by their fans with this game.

Be aware that there is a free PC port of the custom games multiplayer (with server browser) and Forge for Windows 10. It doesn't have matchmaking, but as Forge and Multiplayer are the only good parts it may be worth playing.

Halo The Master Chief Collection Xbox One cover Halo: The Master Chief Collection FPS No

Compiles Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary, Halo 2, Halo 3, and Halo 4 (plus Halo: ODST as DLC) into one big ol' package, as well as featureing new graphics and audio for Halo 2's campaign a la Combat Evolved Anniversary, and unlike CE:A, Halo 2's multiplayer remade in a modern enegine as well.

Obviously, the story modes are still top notch and have loadsacontent. The only downside so far is the multiplayer: sadly, 343 Industries has a knack for making half-baked matchmaking experiences. Maybe they'll patch it, maybe they won't. At this point, most of the major bugs in multiplayer have been patched, but you should still expect up to 10 minute wait times for some matchmaking playlists. The patches have stopped coming and 343 seems to have given up on fixing this mess.

Just Cause 3 Xbox One cover Just Cause 3 Open-world Blow-Em-Up No If you've played Just Cause 2, you know what you're in for. Nearly everything can be shot or blown up or grappled to. Tie a guy to a plane and take off, with him dragging behind you. Jump out of a helicopter into another helicopter. Unfortunately, the game is still fairly unoptimized, so prepare for a lot of loading screens and overall jankiness.
Metal Gear Solid V Ground Zeroes Xbox One cover Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes Tactical Espionage Action No The semi-demo "prologue" to Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. Invade a U.S./Cuban base to save your friends. Additional missions use the same map, but change it so you have to assassinate soldiers/obtain enemy intelligence/save Hideo Kojima, allowing you to play in different ways. Many people complained about the incredibly short playtime of the game (around an hour for the main mission), so rent it first if you're not sure if you want it yet.
MTSGV Phantom Pain Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Tactical Espionage Action Sorta The continuation of Ground Zeroes. More of an open world Metal Gear this time - you can try to get in without alerting anyone to your presence, and then go in guns blazing after that fails. Catch animals and send them to your Mother Base! Fight alongside a mute sniper in a bikini! Teach a wolf how to CQC! The choices are limitless.

Note: The "sorta" in terms of always-online refers to FOB missions, where you can invade other players' Mother Bases and vice versa. There's also reportedly microtransactions related to base building, so tread with caution.

Raiden5Cover Raiden V Shoot 'em Up No The newest entry in the Raiden series, which despite bad initial impressions by shmupfags proves it is a worthy successor to the classic titles.

It is available as retail only in Japan, as the worldwide release is digital-only. However, if you have the Japanese release the game will be automatically updated to your region.

Rare replay Collection Rare Replay Compilation Yes Oh hey, Microsoft remembered Rare developed other things besides Kinect sports titles. For $30, you get thirty of Rare's greatest titles all wrapped up in one package, along with developer interviews, minigames, and all sorts of other bonuses. Keep in mind that some emulation is a bit spotty for some titles (mostly N64 ones), but you also get Grabbed by the Ghoulies in 1080p and 60 FPS so there's that.

Note: An internet connection is required right after download to verify the Xbox 360 titles. This collection can be played offline after said verification, but will not work due to "needing an update" until then.

Rayman Legends Xbox One cover Rayman Legends Platformer Yes

Another game featuring our favorite limbless hero and friends. Collect Teensies, punch enemies to make them inflate and explode, rescue axe-wielding princesses. If you played Rayman Origins, you can guess what the gameplay's like.

It's an Ubisoft title, though, so expect features like daily challenges to be locked behind online play. All the regular single-player levels are still available, though.

Sleeping Dogs Definitive Edition Xbox One cover Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition Action/Sandbox No You play as Wei Shen, an undercover cop whose job is to infiltrate a Hong Kong triad. Gameplay is much like Grand Theft Auto, expect with less emphasis on gunplay and more on martial arts. It's basically an HD remake of the last-gen version with all DLC included, and thus falls into the First Rule of HD Remakes: if you already played and beat the original, this version won't put much onto the table.
The Witcher 3 Xbox One cover The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Action RPG No You are Geralt of Rivia, a witcher - that is, a monster hunter and mercenary. Travel around the world, helping or hindering others, while fighting the mysterious army known only as "Wild Hunt". While combat may vary in enjoyability from person to person, the real hook is the story: you have 50 hours worth of gameplay, and that's from the side missions alone. Worth a try just to see how much love CD Projekt RED puts in its games.
Titanfall Xbox One cover Titanfall FPS Yes It's like cawadoody, but with giant robots and parkour. No single player campaign, so you better hope that the game servers stay up longer.
Tomb Raider Definitive Edition Xbox One cover Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition Action-Adventure No Another (after Legend) complete reboot of the Tomb Raider franchise, and far more radical this time. Follows young Lara on her first ever adventure during which she will find herself struggling to survive on a mysterious, mythical island after her ship, on which she travelled along with her crew, gets wrecked. Has a good story and gameplay, pretty graphics and semi-open world with some additional stuff to do. Unfortunately there is little to none actual Tomb Raiding, but you will have plenty of fun nonetheless. Also protip: for maximum fun, try playing with the bow only. Includes all prior downloadable content.
Transformers Devastation Xbox One cover Transformers: Devastation Action-Adventure No The phrase "Platinum Games does Transformers" is all you need to know about whether you should try this game. Play as the Autobots and get into some signature Platinum CUR-AY-ZEE combat with the Decepticons. Only problem is that, as with many of Platinum's deals with Activision, the game's a little short. So if you're going to buy it at full price, make sure you have the strength to 100% everything and SS-rank every mission, you scrub.
Trials Fusion Deluxe Edition Xbox One cover Trials Fusion Motorcycle Racing??? Yes Get a motorcycle. Ride a course. Crash. Try again. Make it to the next checkpoint. Crash. Try again. Think about a cool trick you could make in the level creator. Crash. Repeat. Again, it's a Ubisoft title, so expect some features to be unaccessable if you're not signed into uPlay.

Xbox Live Downloadable Titles

The Xbox Live marketplace requires internet access for many downloadable titles. If you downloaded anything marked "Xbox Live Arcade", it is online only and will not function if the servers are down. Please keep this in mind when buying downloadable games!

Box Art Title Genre Description
Cuphead Cuphead Run 'n Gun Boss Rush: The Game!

Cuphead and Mugman lost a bet with The Devil, now they must search and fight all of his debtors or else they'll lose their souls! A stylish and balls hard run and gun styled after the classic cartoons from the 30's. Also on PC.

D4 Dark Dreams Don't Die Xbox One cover D4: Dark Dreams Don't Die Point and Click Point and Click game made by the developers of Deadly Premonition. Centers around a detective named David, who can't remember anything leading up to his wife's murder. Thanks to the incident, he also gained the ability to travel through time. Also he lives with a woman that acts like a cat and is friends with a detective with the ability to eat 5 slices of pizza in 3 bites. Every bit as bizarre, if not more so than Deadly Premonition with an insane cast of characters and a great soundtrack. Gameplay is a mixture of old and classic Telltale games, so if you like those, check this out. Sadly though it is in episodic format, so a current release date for the "Second Season" is currently up in the air.

Also on PC, released on places like GoG and Steam.

Ghost Blade HD Xbox One cover Ghost Blade HD Shmup A cool manic shooter, originally released on the Dreamcast, with some solid indie pedigree: the producer and the programmer of Pier Solar, plus the designer and the composer of Last Hope. Their main inspiration is distinctly - or even shamelessly - Cave's DonPachi series. Gorgeous highly detailed backgrounds and nice electronic soundtrack. Very enjoyable, but perhaps a bit on the short and easy side.
Giana Sisters Twisted Dreams Directors Cut cover Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams - Director's Cut Platformer A little girl has to go through the world of dreams and kick some serious owl butt to rescue her sister. A great game, sequel of one of the most fondly remembered games from the 1980s European computer scene. Includes the "Rise of the Owlverlord" expansion.
Guacamelee Super Turbo Championship Edition cover Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition Metroidvania You are Juan Aguacate, an agave farmer by day and a luchador by night, who must defeat an evil skeleton's army to save the daughter of El Presidente. Do cool grappling moves! Make wicked cool combos! And before you ask, you can ignore the memes in the background. Includes co-op, too.
Hand of Fate title Hand of Fate Dungeon Crawler / Card Game A strange combination of strategy card game, brawler, and dungeon crawler featuring an aged adventurer at the end of his life playing against an enigmatic dealer full of snarky lines. The price of failure: become one of the cards... forever. Can you beat the "Game of Eternity" or will you be just another victim? Starts easy, but ramps up difficulty as every defeated boss becomes part of the dealer's deck to use against you.
KIXboxOne Killer Instinct 2D Fighter Killer Instinct 3! Not made by Rare, instead made by developer Double Helix. DH is infamous for mediocre games, but thankfully KI is surprisingly good and very fun. Future content is being developed by Iron Galaxy though, due to DH being bought by Amazon.

The game is free to play. Everyone has access to at least one character, which changes every so often 'League of Legends' style. The rest costs you dosh; you can buy them separately or all together in a bundle.

Ori and the Blind Forest Xbox One cover Ori and the Blind Forest Metroidvania A Metroidvania with exceptional visuals and atmosphere. Play as a little cat thing and use spirits to fight evil spirits.
Resident Evil Xbox One cover Resident Evil Survival Horror The 2015 remaster of the 2002 remake of the 1996 original, now in HD. You probably know the gist by now: you're stuck in a mansion with zombies. Ammo is scarce, and the controls emphasize surviving over shooting. And controls have been modified slightly as well, so you can actually move your character freely with the joystick (tank controls are still available for the hardcore). Also Jill sandwich master of unlocking etc etc etc
Shovel Knight Xbox One cover Shovel Knight Platformer Megaman, except he has a shovel instead of a blaster! And he's a knight! And all his enemies are knights, too! A love letter to 80s-era platformers, with upcoming DLC that will let you play as Plague, Specter, and King Knights. Also, Battletoads.
The Binding of Isaac Rebirth cover The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth Roguelike Play as a naked kid, shooting his tears at various monsters to kill them. Hard as balls, and the insane amount of items and characters doesn't help either.
Legacy of the duelist cover Yu-Gi-Oh! - Legacy of the Duelist Children's card games A surprisingly good game, especially considering how far Konami has fallen lately. Has a very good story mode spanning from the original anime series on Duelist Kingdom all the way through

GX, 5Ds, and the newest series. Play through the story mode using pre-built decks that are accurate to the anime characters' counterparts, or play using your own custom deck. The story decks are pretty fun to play with. You can also switch sides and play as the other character using their deck. Beating characters unlocks their deck recipes for multiplayer. Some characters have challenge decks that use modern archetype cards with Synchros, XYZ, and Pendulums, which are much harder to play against.

Multiplayer works like you would expect it to. Beat opponents to win duel points, spend duel points on card packs to get more cards. No microtransaction pay for digital cards bullshit here, thankfully. You have a win/loss record and global leaderboards but there is no other ranking system of any kind unfortunately.

Worth a buy for the story mode alone, especially if you like playing classic Yu-Gi-Oh! before Konami decided to ruin the game with power creep. Also on PS4.

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