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America's favorite game console ever! "Should I get one?" Hell, why not? The Xbox 360 has an immense library, and except for a handful of titles, it has an edge over the PS3 when it comes to multi-platform performance. Exclusive-wise, compare this with this (rule of thumb: Western devs were all for 360, Japanese devs were all for PS3). The console and most of the games are very cheap at this point. And its controller is widely regarded as incredibly ergonomic and comfortable. So, yes, you'd do well to get a 360.

Piece of advice, though: early units were infamous for the "red ring of death", avoid those like the plague. The later models "S" and "E" are rock-solid, get them.

Xbonelogo This means a game is Xbox One compatible.

The list

Box Art Title Genre Description
Ace-combat-6-360-1- Ace Combat 6: Fires of Liberation Flight / Combat A fast-paced, action-packed, modern flight 'sim'. Easy to get the hang of. Continues the tradition of missions with GIANT FUCKING UNBELIEVABLE STRUCTURES AND SKYBASES BECAUSE WHY THE FUCK NOT. Has downloadable content and online multiplayer. A flight stick is available, but is too pricey even for the richfags. Worldwide.

Only game on the list that allows you to dance with the angels.
Alanwake Xbonelogo

Alan Wake
Action Adventure / Horror It's not going to scare a horror game vet, but it is a good starter game for someone looking to get more into the genre. You play as an author who finds pages of a horror novel he's writing come to life. Very atmospheric. Collectibles kill the immersion a bit. Also a cameo appearance by Max Motherfucking Payne. Once you play it you'll realize that the developers have put a lot of effort into this game (they better, it took 10 years to develop).

2 DLC available, the first is free with a new purchase of the game, and the second is 560 points. Both are worth buying.

Anarchyreignsxbox360 Anarchy Reigns Beat 'em up / Brawler It got a $30 price tag at launch.

Single player campaign is alright, but you want to pick this game up for the online multiplayer. Soundtrack is also fucking amazing. Multiplayer however is dying, and there's no split screen mode to speak of, so unless you got a bunch of friends with their own consoles this may be a hard sell. Also available on PS3.

Arcana heart 3 xbox Arcana Heart 3 Fighting What are you, some kind of insecure faggot? Get this shit it's awesome. Another game that takes inspiration from Guilty Gear, (those are rare) since the homing button acts essentially like Dust + Roman Cancels with its ability to cancel any move you make to immediately follow up on the opponent. Also gives you the ability to select another special function to use for the Arcana button, but that system is far too deep to go into detail.

The 360 version is only available in PAL territories.

ArmoredCore4 Xbox360 Armored Core 4 TPS / Action Build a Core and take part in vehicular combat. Simple structure, easy to learn. Online multiplayer. Worldwide.

Also available on the PS3.

29c5pqs jpg cdd37380baa2fcb4cce7bc2afbfec480-1- Armored Core: For Answer TPS / Action Direct sequel to Armored Core 4. Same gameplay. Online multiplayer. Worldwide.
Assassins Creed 2 cover-1- Xbonelogo

Assassin's Creed II
Action Adventure / Stealth This time you're an assassin back in 15th Century Italy who takes the gig because your family got murdered. A great improvement over the first game, showing that Ubisoft actually paid attention to complaints. The repetitiveness of its predecessor was done away with. It combines stealth, action and platforming very well, while being visually gorgeous. As with the other games in the series, it tends toward a simple 'intuitive' control system that turns some people off and combat, while better, can still be pretty dull.
(If you like this, get Brotherhood and Revelations, since they are all the same game with minor tweaks: Brotherhood adds the useful but sadly shallow ability to command assassin recruits, Azio can perform cinematic "chain-kills", which look great but make combat even less challenging than before and increases the diversity of missions\side-missions. Revelations has the best graphics out of the three, allows you to craft your own bombs and adds other minor changes akin to those seem in Brotherhood. Unlike AC1, those are not skippable if you care for the plot, though.)
Black flag 360 Xbonelogo

Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag
Action Adventure / Stealth / Pirate Simulator Prequel to ACIII (also technically a sequel if you consider the modern day story), you play as the pirate captain Edward Kenway on his quest for glory and riches, during which he will meddle with both Templar's and Assassin's affairs. The story is set on XVIII century Caribbean sea. Given the premise of the game you are going to spend lots of time behind the wheel of your ship. Surprisingly though, despite what you might think after playing ACIII, the naval missions are actually very fun and engaging. The world map is huge and contains lots of additional (though mostly filler) stuff to do. Overall it's a very fun open world game with beautiful, vacationy visuals and one of the best entries in the AC franchise.
Asura's wrath 360 Asura's Wrath Action This is not an action game. It is dubbed "Interactive Anime." You as Asura, the Japanese Kratos, fighting to get back your daughter in a world that is inspired by both Buddhist mythology and Sci Fi, with some DBZ and TTGL sprinkled on top. Gameplay is mostly quick time events, with some shoot 'em up segments and sub-par beat 'em up segments. The ending ends on a cliffhanger unless you purchase ending DLC. THANKS A FUCKING LOT, CAPCOM.

Despite Capcom's jewery and it being almost more of an anime then a game, it's well worth the play through (or a watch on youtube, you don't miss out on much) if you enjoy over the top action bullshit just by the virtue of the sheer spectacle alone

Banjo kazooie nuts and bolts Xbonelogo

Banjo Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts
Action / Platform / Building Not a proper Banjo Threeie, but still a good, fun, and innovative game. Build your own vehicles, Lego-style. There are pretty much infinite combinations with all sorts of pieces, from springs to rockets. The almost complete lack of platforming may upset you if you are a hardcore fan of the original games for the N64 (both available on the Xbox Live Arcade by the way).
Batman-arkham-asylum-360-cover-1- Batman: Arkham Asylum Action Adventure / Stealth Sneak around, be Batman. Some beat-em-up portions. Has good implementation of Metroidvania mechanics.
The PS3 version contains additional content.
Batman arkham city 360 Batman: Arkham City Action Adventure / Stealth / BEING THE GOD DAMMNED BATMAN BATMAN IS BACK! The newest Batman game is taking place in Gotham City more than just Arkham island. New features includes sum Tree D features as well as new friends and enemies joining the game. Another badass game to say the least. Game of the Year Edition is out now, comes with every piece of DLC, including preorder outfits. Also includes Harley Quinn's Revenge DLC. Best bang for your buck.
Battle-Fantasia-Xbox-360 Battle Fantasia 2D Fighting An overlooked title by Arc System Works (Guilty Gear) that uses toon-shaded graphics and an anime-fantasy cast. There is an unusual focus on story for a fighter, with light RPG elements as well. Implements a system similar to Street Fighter 3's parrying. Cute and whimsical.
Bayonetta Xbonelogo

Action Adventure / Hack n' Slash Devil May Cry, Viewtiful Joe, and God Hand had an abnormally tall baby girl. CAAAAARRAAAAZY combat, glorious boss fights, massive replay value. If you're a fan of Devil May Cry, but DMC4 wasn't for you, give this a try. Xbox 360 version runs at 60 FPS, while PS3 version runs at 30 and with framedrops, making 360 version the definitive one the best at the time, until the excellent PC port came out.

Sequel is Nintendo exclusive, sadly. Blame Microsoft and Sony for not wanting it.

1260450858 BeautifulKatamari-1- Beautiful Katamari Ball Rollan' It's Katamari. If you've never played one of these, get this.
Binary-domain-360 Binary Domain TPS A squad-based third-person shooter by the team behind Yakuza; you can order your varied group of teammates, with their own personalities, strengths and weaknesses, to help out in battle. How you treat them throughout the game determines their feelings towards you; there's a strong focus on relationship-building. The setting is futuristic in a clean, shiny way with amazingly realistic robot enemies and some notable boss battles, but gameplay gets stale outside of them. Definitely worth a try if you're looking for something unusual.
480full-1- Xbonelogo

FPS Spiritual successor to the System Shock series. it is an action FPS set in a destroyed Objectivist utopia. Focuses on plasmids (like firing lightning from your fists) as much as guns. Great story for those who want to explore it. Fantastic atmosphere. Worldwide. The PS3 version contains additional content.
Biorock2 Xbonelogo

Bioshock 2
FPS You play as a prototype Big Daddy on a quest to rescue his little sister. While the setting may not feel as new as it did in Bioshock, the gameplay has seen noticeable improvement. Combat is fun, hacking is streamlined and the game has a terrific story with a fantastic ending. Multiplayer can be surprisingly fun.
Birdsofsteelxbox360 Birds of Steel Flight Simulation Basically IL-2 with much improved graphics, a smaller plane roster, more pacific maps,and an actual campaign. The campaign takes place on both the American and Japanese sides, with missions including you bombing Pearl Harbor, carriers, and fighting off invaders at Wake Island. Has real footage and good cutscenes, but is a little short and doesn't cover the entire Pacific war. There is also a decal system, with pinup girls, kill marks, squadron emblems, and commonly used decorations like lightning and shark jaws. Also includes good multiplayer, custom schemes from famous squadrons from all sides besides Japan, and a custom mission setup. Works incredibly well with a standard controller, and has 100% custom mapping
330690ps 500h-1- Bladestorm: The Hundred Years' War Hack and Slash / Real Time Tactics A Dynasty Warriors-style hack-and-slash/real-time tactics game based on The Hundred Years' War between England and France in the middle ages. One of the best of the genre. The gameplay appears fairly similar to Kessen III.
Blazblue CS Extend 360 BlazBlue: Continuum Shift Extend Fighting The spiritual successor to Guilty Gear. Features HD sprites, and 3D backgrounds. This version adds Relius Clover to the table, along with DLC characters from Continuum Shift along with their own sperate storys now. Extend also alters specific movesets and junk to make them better.
Juebragon Xbonelogo

Blue Dragon
RPG Mistwalker's first game for X360 featuring design by Akira Toriyama (Dragon Ball), story by Hironobu Sakaguchi (Final Fantasy) and music by Nobuo Uematsu. Very traditional JRPG gameplay wise, but with some refinement and cool ideas. Characters are hopelessly one dimensional and the story reaches the top of shonen's cliche but the game is very atmospheric, exploration is fun and there are tons of additional quests and things to do so it's still worth playing. There are also two sequels released only on the DS, both of which play nothing like this.
200721b Blur Arcade Racer Blur is a new-age cart racer for the mature masses. If Mario and his pals raced in the real world, it'd be Blur. Many different tracks, tons of cars, awesome powerups, online multiplayer (SERVERS ARE NOW DOWN) and a challenging objective based single player make for a great racing title.
952598 111246 front Bulletstorm FPS It is depressing how short this game is, because it is seventeen different kinds of amazing. So you play as these prisoners who are trying to escape this dying planet while also fighting away anything that crosses your path. Steve Blum voices the main character(of course). You have a bunch of guns and endless possibilities in how you go through every level. You get points based on how awesome you kill the enemies. You can shoot the equivalent of grenade nunchucks at some guy, tying him up in grenadey goodness, then use your foot to kick him into a group of enemies and detonate the grenade belt, taking them all out and scoring major points. That's a pretty basic way to kill someone. Called "The Worst Game Ever" by everyone's favorite news source, Fox, so you know its good. It's really short though, you'll get through it in about 5–7 hours if you are slow, and there isn't enough extra things to do to extend that past 15 hours. You may spend a lot of time learning new combos and stuff, but that's about it. A real shame too, since the lack to playtime really doesn't justify paying more than 30-40 bucks for it.
Brosinarms front Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway Squad-based FPS / WWII Shootan Brothers in Arms makes a leap to the next generation. It takes the squad to Hell's Highway, site of one of the biggest military failures in WWII history. Considered by many fans to be the weakest link in the series so far, but it's still a marvelous game in it's own right. Recommended you play the first two games first so the story isn't confusing.
Brutallegend Brütal Legend RTS Action Adventure (single or Multiplayer) Action-RTS game set in a world inspired by heavy metal album covers, in which you slay demons, drive hot rods, and gather the downtrodden humans into an army to take on a tour of destruction across the land. A little strange in that the single player is basically Heavy Metal Zelda with simplified versions of the multiplayer battles standing in for dungeons, whereas the multiplayer is much deeper and more strategic. In either mode though, it doesn't work if you try to play it like a traditional top-down RTS, you need to get in the battle alongside your troops and put your combat moves, solos and double teams to use.
Multiplayer community is small but nine times out of ten you'll be able to find a game within a couple of minutes. Amazing sound track features music you will recognise and enjoy!
PAL-Xbox 360-Bully Scholarship Edition-1- Xbonelogo

Bully: Scholarship Edition
Adventure / Beat 'Em Up An enhanced port of the PS2 version with additional content. A GTA-style game for those in society who were too much of a pussy to stand up for themselves and now take it out on younger kids. NA, EU. The Wii, PC, and Xbox 360 versions contain additional content.
Burnout Revenge X360 Xbonelogo

Burnout Revenge
Racing Arguably the best in the Burnout series (some prefer 3 more) and first to hit the 7th generation. Awesome crash physics and a pretty fun racing game carnage excluded.
Burnout paradise-1- Xbonelogo

Burnout Paradise
Racing Offering a whole new city, Burnout Paradise ditches its traditional roots. It feels like Burnout meets Need for Speed. Love it or hate it, the series has changed. Online multiplayer and downloadble content in North America and Europe.

Also available on PS3 and PC. Remaster available on PS4, Xbone, and PC.

Cojbib Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood FPS Remember the original Call of Juarez? Neither do I. Anyways, this is a fucking awesome Cowboy FPS where you play as a couple of brothers who have to fight their way through good ol' Mexico. Best played with a bro in bro-op. It came out 11 months before Red Dead Redemption, but no one played this because everyone was waiting for RDR and thus they missed out. You can get it for fucking cheap too nowadays.
2321 Castlevania: Lords of Shadow Action / Horror The latest Castlevania title and a reboot of the franchise. It borrows quite a bit of it's mechanics from other games (a little God of War and a little Shadow of the Colossus to name a couple) but does so in a very good way. Overall it's a very good action game with beautiful graphics, polished gameplay and a good story. Oh, and did we mention Patrick Stewart narrates the entire game and voices one of the main characters?
Catherine-xbox-360-box-art Xbonelogo

Puzzle / Horror Atlus' first next gen game is a puzzle game with a storyline? Cheat on your girlfriend, drink yourself to death at the local bar and climb block towers at night. It's all very Qbertian in nature. Don't let this stop you from at least trying the demo. It's quite fun actually. If you dislike puzzle games and anime art in general, stay away.
Child of eden 360 Xbonelogo

Child of Eden
Rhythm / Rail shooter Spiritual sequel to Rez, stylistic graphics and music.
PAL-Xbox 360-Condemned Criminal Origins-1- Xbonelogo

Condemned: Criminal Origins
FPS / Horror An action-packed horror game with a strong focus on brutal melee combat. Hard to fault, even if the story falls apart later on. North America and Europe.

Also available on the PC.

PAL-Xbox 360-Condemned 2 Bloodshot-1- Condemned 2: Bloodshot FPS / Horror Although considered inferior to its predecessor, it keeps some of the good, but loses lots of it in favor of a horrible story choice. You fight a bear. North America and Europe.

Also available on the PS3.

Crackdownfinalbox-1- Xbonelogo

TPS A free-roaming sandbox style game with no strong mission focus. Various tasks available, usually to kill, kill, kill. Downloadable content. North America and Europe.

Now free of all cost: Link

Crackdown2 cover Crackdown 2 TPS Of all of the downs in my life, this one's the crackiest. (sorry 'bout that.) Getting to the point, its a great sandboxy type of game in which youre a fucking bear ass muscleman who can pick up cars like nothing and online with voice chat can be pretty fun and you'll never know who you'll meet. Real cheap at gamestop, so thats cool too.
CuldceptBox Culdcept Saga Card / Board Game Engrossing mix between Magic the Gathering and Monopoly. Tons upon tons of cards and limitless deck potential. Ragequit-inducing losses and brofist-inducing wins. Horrible story. Awesome multiplayer.

Only available in NA territories

Darksidersfront Xbonelogo

Action / Adventure If God of War, Zelda, and Portal had a baby, that baby would be Darksiders. You play as one of the four horsemen of the apocalypse and fight angels and demons in order to restore humanity and regain your lost dignity. Has an amazing artstyle and extremely impressive level and enemy design. Overlooked because it came out the same day as Bayonetta and a few weeks before Mass Effect 2. If you like Zelda games at all, you will no doubt love this.
Darksiders2xbox360 Xbonelogo

Darksiders II
Action / Adventure This time, you play as War's brother, Death, before War begins his quest to investigate who began the apocalypse. Darksiders II is a sequel done right - everything from the first game is improved upon. You can now equip different weapons and armor that you find, much like a Diablo game. This of course opens up more options for combat, which feels more rounded out than the first game, but nowhere near as deep as a Devil May Cry game.
Darksoulsxbox360again Xbonelogo

Dark Souls
Action RPG Spiritual successor to Demon Souls, and arguably harder. It improves over every aspect of its predecessor, being at least twice as big and featuring a fully streamlined world, scarcer resources (no more carrying 99 of each grass). The tendency system gave way to a new faction system, with each of the 9 covenants having it's own mission and thus expanding a lot the way the multiplayer system works. A world of both frustrating and rewarding challenges awaits as you fight your way through tons of incredibly atmospheric dungeons. And you will die in every one of them, multiple times. And you will like it. A lot.

Also available on the PS3 and PC. The PC version contains additional content.

Dark souls 2 360 Dark Souls II Action RPG Sequel that continues its predecessors tradition of challenging gameplay. The game is a bit more balanced compared to the first one and features a few tweaks that will help you on your journey (you can now fast travel for example) but that's not to say it's not hard as hell anymore. You are still going to die a lot. The game offers tons of content for those willing to put time into it, in an unique world that is simply stunning. Easily one of the best RPG experiences out there. The PvP is also very fun.
Doa4cover-1- Dead or Alive 4 3D Fighter Awesome 3D fighter. An early title for 360, so nowadays will look sub-par compared with SCIV, SFIV, MK or any other recent fighting game. As usual, this series is focused on fast-paced combat featuring a rock-paper-scissors system, counter holds, and obviously showing off some clad ladies in suggestive clothes. Don't be turned off by that, the game itself is quite competitive and has an active online community too, kind of.
DOA5U xbox360 Dead or Alive 5 3D Fighting Newest entry on DOA series. New characters, new stages, revamped move lists, revamped frame data, and all that you'd expect from a sequel in FG. It's vastly superior to DOA4 on pretty much every aspect, but specially gameplay wise. Why is that? Well, this isn't a hold fest anymore (they got nerfed). Now you can play a more traditional 3D FG with guaranteed setups, working sidesteps, wall game, ground game and stuff. The game itself is accessible, fun and flashy for newcomers; and for veterans it has to offer a deep and solid fighting game. Also, Amazing visuals. Wanna learn how to play? head to FSD. The actual patch version (1.03a) ironed out lots of issues. Avoid the overpriced DLC costumes, tho (You're just going to buy them anyways, aren't you? Shieet, son.).
936full-dead-or-alive -xtreme-2-cover Dead Or Alive Xtreme 2 Sports / Mini Games / Boobs Fanservice heavy game that revolves around mini games played by the DOA girls as well as watching how fast their big tities bounce and whatnot. Recommended if youre bored and want to play some minigames or if you're into boobs n shit. Maybe Xtreme stand for Xtreme erection?
Deadrising cover-1- Dead Rising Action Adventure / Horror A zombie kill-'em-dead, remembered for its various murder techniques. Somewhat repetitive later on. Saving is retarded. Downloadable content. Worldwide. He's covered wars, you know.
1256115369-Dead Rising 2-1- Dead Rising 2 Action Adventure / Horror A sequel to the original Dead Rising presently set in the fictional Fortune City which has been modeled after Las Vegas, Nevada. Chuck Greene, a former motocross champion, serves as the protagonist instead of journalist Frank West. This latest installment includes co-op, a satirical multiplayer mode and a dramatically increased number of zombies based roughly around 7,000 according to Joystiq. An exclusive downloadable episode was released a few weeks before this, set three years before the game. A new "episode" of this game is coming soon and has improvements and Frank west, if you haven't got this, wait for that.
Dead space xbox360 cover-1- Xbonelogo

Dead Space
TPS / Horror Action-heavy survival horror. A few jumps and a fantastic atmosphere, which it often wastes. A fun third-person shooter nonetheless. Designed to have immersive UI.
Dedpacetoo front Xbonelogo

Dead Space 2
TPS / Horror Issac's back, and this time he has a face and a personality. This time the game takes place in a Bioshock-esque abandoned and ruined civilization. Just as good as, if not better than, the first one.
Deus-ex-human-revolution-xbox-360-3-1- Xbonelogo

Deus Ex: Human Revolution
FPS / RPG Prequel to the first Deus Ex. Everything you could ask for is in it. FPS/RPG action, multiple ways to complete and objective, hacking, stealthing, conspiracy theories, take downs, incredible detail, etc. Slightly more linear then the original, but definitely worthy of the Deus Ex title.
Deadlypremonitionfront Xbonelogo

Deadly Premonition
Survival Horror A Survival Horror game in the same sort of set-up as Silent Hill. Opens with the main character talking to himself about how Tom and Jerry are an analogy for abusive homosexual relationships. Very silly in a way, but still fun and interesting. Might not be the nicest looking game out there, but still absolutely worth your time if you like a good story. Got an "enhanced" PS3 port with an added cutscene at the start and a slightly dodgy framerate.
Deathsmiles Deathsmiles Shoot 'em Up Because it's made by Cave, you can expect HUNDREDS OF BULLETS ON SCREEN AT A TIME in this solid STG. Featuring delicious Lolis, delicious graphics, and a nice transition to a horizontal screen, rather than a vertical in DoDoPachi or Touhou, and a limited-edition box which includes a KAWAII Faceplate for your 360 to embarrass yourself in front of your games. Or, if you're horribly alone, THEN HOW THE FUCK IS THIS NOT YOUR FACEPLATE?
DeathsmilesII Deathsmiles IIX Shoot 'em Up Sequel to the first game featuring some questionable looking design choices as well as semi-3D graphics. Lolis are back in a cute Christmas themed story.

It's significantly easier than other Cave shooters, so it may be be a good game for Shmup begginers. Really fun to play. Only available to download on Games on Demand in NA, not localized (game remains fully in Japanese).

Yaya front Dennou Senki Virtual-On Force Robot Fighting The Japanese only arcade game gets a home version after 9 years. It is slower paced than the XBLA VOOT but, has up to 4 player battles. Has online and offline play.The game is Japan only but it is region free so you can play it on your non JPN Xbox.
Devilmaycryhdxbox360 Devil May Cry HD Collection Action / Hack 'n' Slash Contains the first three games (special edition for DMC3) upgraded in high definition. General consensus is that DMC1 is good, 2 is horrible, but 3 is a masterpiece. If you've never played a Devil May Cry game before, this collection is definitely worth picking up.

Also available on the PS3.

DevilMayCry4-1- Devil May Cry 4 Action Adventure / Hack n' Slash It's Devil May Cry, but now you play as new protagonist Nero as well as everyone's favourite smartass demon hunter Dante. A solid combat system that can be used to rack up frankly insane combos (if you're good enough), hilariously cheesy cutscenes and dialogue (as is apparently standard in DMC) and a fair bit of replayability make this one to consider. Worldwide.
Dirt2front DiRT 2 Rally / Offroad Racing The best rally racing experience of this generation. It has a fuck ton of cars and tracks, plus the style and music make this one impressive package. Pretty cheap now that it's been out for a year or so.
D2DKS Divinity II: The Dragon Knight Saga Action RPG Imagine if you took Diablo's loot and combat and Baldur Gate 2's roleplaying, and put it into a game. Now you've got Divine Divinity (aka Divinity I). Now add in hints of Fable and give it current-gen graphics. You've got yourself Divinity II, one of the most fun and amusing RPGs I've played in quite a while. Exploration is heavily rewarded, and you'll get your ass kicked if you're not careful. Beware, Divinity II: Ego Draconis is the unfinished, rushed-out, crappy version, but was remastered for Dragon Knight Saga.
Dragonage1xbox360 Xbonelogo

Dragon Age: Origins Ultimate Edition
WRPG The story is pretty generic by WRPG standards, the graphics are somewhat muddy, and the controls aren't the greatest, especially considering that it's designed for the PC. But, hey, it's got some decent interactive storytelling, and while the characters can be kind of annoying at points, they're not terrible. If you're looking for a WRPG on the 360, Dragon Age: Origins is decent, if a bit average. Stay away from the sequel though, and be sure to get the Ultimate Edition so you don't have to deal with the game telling you to buy its DLC.
Box-dragon-ball-raging-blast-360 Dragon Ball: Raging Blast Fighting What Burst Limit shared to Budokai, Raging Blast shared to Budokai Tenkaichi. This game is cool and has characters a plenty in a large environment and wide world.
Raging Blast 2 360 Dragon Ball: Raging Blast 2 Fighting The sequel to the 1st Raging Blast, this time around the game has more characters, a better developed story mode, and that new red dude? (not Janemba) Well aparantly BANDAI is now bringing out everything Dragon Ball with this because this dude is from some DBZ movie in Japan.
DBXV XBOX360 Cover Dragon Ball XenoVerse Action RPG / Fighting Dragon Ball is back. Made by Dimps (the Budokai guys) in the Tenkaichi/Sparking! style. Now you can finally make your shitty Dragon Ball Z original character from when you were ten, you weeaboo. I bet he's a super saiyan and everything, loser.

Character customization is pretty great, the game is pretty fun, has MMO-esque aspects (some have compared online side-quests to Monster Hunter). Controls take some time getting used to, and grinding can be a chore if you didn't spec your character right for your playstyle. It's more of an Action RPG than a pure fighting game.

Pretty much pointless if you're not a Dragon Ball fan, but if you are, this a huge treat. The sequel is said to be slightly better, but it's not on this system.

Burst Limit 360 Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit Fighting Basically this is like if they remade Budokai but made its story better and more expansive with crisp graphics. The fighting is finally on par with the speed of the fighting in the show, and its got a fair number of characters to play as. Also features the over 9000 scene so now there's no reason not to buy this game.
Dragondogmadarkxbox360 Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen Action RPG Action RPG complete with customization, questing, and terrific combat. The story revolves around a fearsome dragon who invades your happy village, then proceeds to literally rip your heart out and eat it, as you are the chosen one and bad shit must happen to you.
You'll venture throughout the land, slaying mounting a myriad of mythical beast and invading dungeons. The customization is complete with body-types, facial appearances and pawns. Pawns are your fellow peers who will assist you in fights as an AI, providing you with helpful information and a hand. Aside from your own main pawn, you'll hire pawns from other players all over the globe. Combat consist of a variety of special moves that are specific based on your class. Some of these skills can be carried over to different classes, making it worthwhile to invest in multiple classes.
Rereleased as Dark Arisen with new enemies (including a new final boss), equipment, enhancments, augments, character customization options and an option for moonspeak. Please note that there is no upgrade option for the original game.
Driversanfran360 Xbonelogo

Driver San Francisco
Racing / Driving / being a badass After a couple of not-so-great games, the Driver series is finally back with a great game. Gone are the horrible on-foot mechanics that almost ruined the series (thank God). Also, it has a crazy-ass premise: Tanner is in a coma, but he doesn't know it. He does however notice that he has a new ability called Shift; he can FLY INTO THE AIR AND JUMP INTO ANOTHER CAR NEARBY whenever he wants. It sounds dumb but it totally works. There's also so much to do from various challenges, races, multiplayer modes and unlockable movie chases that you get to re-enact: Bullitt, The Blues Brothers, The French Connection, Vanishing Point and much more. Also, for the first time in the series: 130+ official licensed cars, including the Dodge Charger and Challenger, Ford Mustang, Bentley Continental GT, Fiat 500 and the Delorean DMC-12.

After this, the Driver series was retooled into the Watch Dog series.

Ducktalesremastered 360 Xbonelogo

DuckTales: Remastered
Platformer A remastering of the Capcom NES classic by the craftsmen over at WayForward, this also includes new levels, 2.5D HD sprites/visuals, 3D backgrounds designed by Mike Peraza and Rick evans (Disney TV), voice acting from the original cast of the show (those still alive anyways), and a soundtrack by Jake Kaufman. The game is (arguably) a bit more balanced than the original release, as well, but some people complain this lowers the difficulty.

Only available as a retail release in NA territories

Dynasty-warriors-gundam-xbox360 Dynasty Warriors Gundam Action Basically the average Koei game but with a Gundam theme. Become a Gundam pilot from the series and nostalgia all over your TV screen out of the fun this game has with Gundams in general. Some people like it, some hate it, but try it for yourself man. Mainly for fans of the show since it was based off of an anime. Gundam knowledge is not required but it helps.
Has a SHIN version coming out soon in JP land. Basically a revamp to make this as badass as later games. No word on localization though.
Dynasty Warriors Gundam 2 360 Dynasty Warriors Gundam 2 Action More gundams, more stuff, basically what a sequel is supposed to be in general.
DynastyWarriorsGundam3 X360 Dynasty Warriors: Gundams 3 Action Again, moar gundam, moar gaem. Not much else to say; if you liked the ones before it you'll probably like this one too.
2drwfix-1- Xbonelogo

Earth Defence Force 2017
TPS A healthy combination of Starship Troopers and Serious Sam. You play as a glorious azn Insect eliminator. Battles featuring literally hundreds of enemies and kilometer wide motherships. Over 150 weapons and 5 difficulty levels. Has splitscreen support. Worldwide. Most underrated title on 360.
Enslaved front Enslaved: Odyssey to the West Action Adventure / Tactical Was originally supposed to be a CG movie made with the Unreal Engine 3. A game that went unnoticed but received favorable reviews. With a script written by god damned Alex GARland (28 days later, The Beach), it is set in a post-apocalyptic world 150 years into the future after a nuclear war with wild robots roaming around. Expect a great story about 2 dissimilar characters, Trip, a tech-savvy chick and Monkey (voiced by Andy Serkis AKA Smeagol in LOTR), a bulky loner who is forced to help Trip make her way back home after she puts a slave headband on him. Focuses on the growing emotional bond between the characters rather than shoving the story down your throat. A beautiful and interesting premise, good voice acting, fun enviromental puzzles, satisfying and tactical combat that requires teamwork and a decent upgrade system makes this a short but amazing adventure. The climbing/parkour aspect feels like a more streamlined Uncharted game, so if you liked that series, definitely give this a try too.
360 g espgaluda2 Espgaluda II Shoot 'em Up Cave's sequel to the classic Espgaluda hits the 360! This is an awesome STG in which you score points by collecting gems and using them to temporarily slow down the entire stage. This may sound like it's easy, but not when all the bullets on screen aim at you once you kill the enemy they came from! Great game with an awesome soundtrack.
IMPORTANT: only the standard edition of the game is region free. The collector's edition that comes with the faceplate will not work in a US/EU 360.
Eternal-1- Eternal Sonata RPG Tradition action-JRPG, featuring Chopin as a character, along with some of his work. Similar to the Tales series. Lots to see, do, and explore. Worldwide. The PS3 version has extra content (extra characters and increased difficulty).
3462 f3goty x360 cover normal Xbonelogo

Fallout 3
Action RPG / FPS Get your wasteland gear, it's time to leave the vault and look for your father through the ruins of Washington DC, Virginia, and Maryland. RPG goodness mixed with a hefty dose of first person shooter creates a unique experience that other games have been trying to emulate ever since. This game actually has made it into museums as art!
Be sure you get the patch to fix the ending. The ending is the only weak part in this game.
Nuv360front Xbonelogo

Fallout: New Vegas: Ultimate Edition
Action RPG / FPS Let me guess, being Wasteland Jesus in Fallout 3 was a turn-off? Well, you're in good company! New Vegas is what the real Fallout 2 was going to be, but for some reason things were shuffled around as they wanted a "serious game" for the series relaunch. This one has the same gameplay but throws the serious tone out the window in favor of mutant ninja grandmothers with bazookas and an entire faction of Elvis impersonators. You're a courier who wakes up with a nasty case of "left for dead" and a side of amnesia. Luckily, the town robot found you and took you to a doctor. So, who was trying to kill you and why? Very faction-heavy gameplay makes who you shoot important and gives a lot of variety in how you play the game. The DLC is more serious (except for Old World Blues) if you miss a less bizarre setting.
Far Cry 3 360 Xbonelogo

Far Cry 3
FPS Good gameplay mechanics. Gunplay feels realistic enough to be challenging, and arcade-like enough to be fun. While the game tries to bloat play styles, it mostly comes down to either going balls out or being stealthy. Pretty fun otherwise. Missions are your typical open-world type with races, hunting, assassinations, etc. The story has a good concept, but is bogged down by being overtly-pretentious and unnecessarily surreal at times. Characters are irritating, with the most interesting fucking annoying character Vaas getting little screen-time.
FEAR xbox360-1- F.E.A.R. FPS Fast-paced FPS with slow-motion. Few horror elements will make those less experienced in the genre jump. Online multiplayer. NA, EU. A direct sequel has been released on the Xbox 360 simply titled F.E.A.R. 2. An expansion for the original title has also been available on the Xbox 360 called F.E.A.R. Files. Stay far, far away from the third title.
Boxart pal final-fantasy-xi Final Fantasy XI MMORPG One of the most popular MMORPG's in the world. Has still a very dedicated community. It's a huge and very deep game with tons of areas, quests and challenges that will give you work for weeks.
Also it features cross platform gameplay, you can play together with your PC/PS2/PS3 friends, something you may never again see on Xbox 360.
If you want an MMO, this one is perfect (especially now, after years of development).

Will no longer have Xbox 360 and PS2 support after March 2016 so make the most of it if you actually bought it for Xbox 360 or PS2 or migrate to PC. PC version has quite low system requirements that even a netbook can run it.

Fontskr front Fist of the North Star: Ken's Rage Action / Beat Em' Up A spin-off to publisher Koei's Warrior series, based on the manga series The Fist of the North Star.
Fist-of-the-North-Star-Kens-Rage-2-Xbox-360 Fist of the North Star: Ken's Rage 2 Action / Beat 'Em Up So basically the first game but with more stuff included. More features, characters, and BADASSERY. Available as a disc in Europe, while in America is available only as a direct download. Has mixed reception among FotNS and Musou fans alike.
Forza2 Forza Motorsport 2 Simulation Racing Gran Turismo for 360 owners and the only good sim racer this gen until GT5 comes out. Hundreds of cars from all major and a few minor manufacturers to tune up and customize. And holy crap can you customize it. Add different manufacturer parts and paint it using tons of layers. Also an auction house to buy and sell cars online. 20 or so different tracks to race on. Also, unlike all previous GT games, it has damage physics and visuals!
Forza3 Forza Motorsport 3 Simulation Racing Forza 2 with more cars, prettier graphics, more customization, and less style.
Whoyougonnacall Ghostbusters: The Video Game Action Bust ghosts with the original bustas as the newest member of the team. Funny story that was actually written by Ramis and Aykroyd. Even better, everyone is voiced by the actors who played them in the old movies! This is the ultimate fanservice for fans.

Also available on pretty much everything, but the 360/PS3 versions are the best.

Gta4largeboxart Xbonelogo

Grand Theft Auto IV
Action / Sandbox A very popular entry to the GTA series, this time you control Niko Bellic, a war veteran from Serbia, who just followed his cousin in the search for the 'American dream'. Overall, it's a well done free-roam game with a big city and plenty of things to do in it, even if some people prefer San Andreas or Vice City.

Has two DLCs, The Lost and Damned and The Ballad of Gay Tony, both packaged as Episodes of Liberty City and are bundled with the main game.

Also has a sequel, but some folks felt that game's physics are watered down compared to this and felt that its online component gets more love, so your milage may vary.

Halo3 Xbonelogo

Halo 3
FPS The conclusion of the story with Master Chef and his fight against "The Flood" with the Arbiter in a nine-level campaign with yourself or a friend. The multiplayer is where it is at with new weapons and maps to choose from. There is plenty of DLC for this game, but you have to pay for it all just for some extra maps and shit which isn't worth it. Basically the last 'over the top' (if that) Halo game, as it and Halo 2 are the only to feature Duel Wielding.
20090611232449halo 3 odst box art Xbonelogo

Halo 3: ODST

A fully featured, stand alone expansion pack to Halo 3. Set on Earth during the events of Halo 2, you play as an ODST (Orbital Drop Shock Trooper, no Spartans here) and have to find out what happened to your squad mates after you crash-land in New Mombasa. Very atmospheric, and has a different, slower feel to the other Halo games (partially because you're not a Spartan). Apart from Firefight and the Campaign's co-op, the multiplayer is exactly the same as in Halo 3, so be aware if you're primarily interested in that.

Widely considered to have the best soundtrack in a series that has consistently stellar soundtracks.

Haloz Xbonelogo

Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary
FPS A decent remake of the Xbox classic. Instead of remaking it from the ground up they took the original game and tweaked it, putting in upgraded graphics, online co-op and some new Skulls/Terminals. If you don't like the new graphics you can switch between the new and old look at any time by pressing back. Has a surprisingly decent Kinect voice controlled feature, which allows you to scan stuff Metroid Prime style for lore tidbits. Everything you scan gets put into a database you can access from the main menu. The original multiplayer is gone and replaced by a portion of Reach's, limited to 7 new maps (including 1 Firefight map).
Destinylel Xbonelogo

Halo Reach
FPS Prequel to Halo: CE. Play as the Spartan 'Noble Six' and defend the planet Reach from the Covenant with your Spartan buddies.

Got a mixed reaction from fans, but if you like Halo and want to try Bungie's last attempt at the series this is worth playing, especially if you can get for cheap.

Hawah Xbonelogo

Halo Wars
RTS Ensemble Studio's last title (RIP). Has good controls for a console RTS. Set around 20 years before Halo: CE if you're interested in the story.
Hmbm Hitman: Blood Money Stealth / Action Fourth in the Hitman series, Hitman: Blood Money is almost as much of a puzzle game as a action/stealth, as there are tons of ways to accomplish your goals in each mission. If you have a small attention span, look elsewhere; this game is for perfectionists. Blood Money introduces a payment system, where the amount of money you make from a mission is dependent on how well you do on your objectives. This money is then used to upgrade your weapons and equipment in different ways. Also has multiple difficulties that actually change the AI, change the difficulty, and reduce how many quicksaves you get, which allows for tons of replayability. 360 version is superior to 6th-gen versions.
Itc Import Tuner Challenge Racing Okay, I know what you're thinking: "What's this shovelware trash aimed at 12 year olds doing on here?". But, it's not shovelware at all. It's in fact Genki's "Shutokou Battle X" wrapped up in a cynical marketing ploy of Ubisoft's. So if you liked the old school Tokyo Xtreme Racers, you'll like this game too.
Infinite-undiscovery-european-cover Infinite Undiscovery Action RPG The first of Tri-Ace's RPG's for HD consoles. Pretty good, light-hearted game. The story is surprisingly decent (even if poorly executed at times) and the interactions between characters are often very funny. It's an action RPG and it's very easy, except for the additional dungeon on bigger difficulties, so don't expect a real challenge, but if you are a fan of JRPG's and already played through FFXIII, ToV and LO you may give it a try, it has its flaws but you may find it enjoyable.
Injusticexbox360 Xbonelogo

Injustice: Gods Among Us
Fighter Injustice: Gods Among Us - MK9 but with a DC mod. While it does have some cool gimmicks, (stage transitions, clashes, interactive objects, charge attacks, etc.) the core gameplay is the same. If you like MK9 and/or DC, then it's a no brainer. Otherwise it's worth a rent to see if you like it. As a side note, the female character models are still ugly as fuck.
Justcause2 Xbonelogo

Just Cause 2
Action / Sandbox If Saints Row 2, Ace Combat and Spiderman had a horrible mutant baby, this would be it. Unbelievably fun and addictive, with a free-roaming mode based around dicking around and flying around with a parachute. DLC gives you new weapons and vehicles. Ignoring that, you should probably know that it's possible to grapple your car to a cargo plane (while riding on either) and either hijack said plane or fall for ten kilometers in the car (and survive). Arguably the best 'free roaming' game on principle.
Better kameo cover Xbonelogo

Kameo: Elements of Power
Action Adventure A fun launch title from Rare, with colourful graphics and good action. Transform into a variety of creatures and combine their powers for battle and to solve puzzles. It's pretty short and easy, but while it lasts it's very fun. Has a god-tier soundtrack too. Originally a Gamecube game; the sequel was canceled in place of avatars and 'experimental' games (fucking casuals, this is why we can't have nice things).
Kaneandlynch Kane & Lynch: Dead Men Tactical TPS Cool third person buddy-criminal game. You play as Kane, a formal criminal, who's been broken out of jail by Lynch, a crazy murderous motherfucker, who escorts you into a revenge and redemption plot. You fuck a bunch of shit up to get where you need to go. Great story. The first half of the game is a gritty stylish shootout style game where you do many things like rob a bank, kidnap the leader of a japanese nightclub(the shootout through the club is awesome), and rappel down the side of a skyscraper in order to plant a bomb next to the CEO of a major company. The second half of the game becomes a shitty jungle based shooter that dips into some carribean island. The first half of the game is amazing, the second half is shit. Also the game is filled with profanity, almost to the point of being hilarious.
The multiplayer is where the game shines. Team up with a group of 5 to rob a bank/mall/donut shop, and fight swat members, then escape in a vehicle. You can betray your teammates and take their cut of the steal, but then you'll be labeled as a betrayer. A lot of people still play online, even with the sequel now out.
Kingdoms-of-Amalur-Reckoning-Xbox-360 Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning Adventure / Action RPG / Hack n Slash-ish Kingdoms of Amalur is a mix of some good games, and it comes together in a nice way. It mixes bits of TES, God of War, and and Fable in many good ways and has a pretty great atmosphere. With a pretty decent storyline (written by authors such as R.A. Salvatore), and plenty of other side quests, the world in Reckoning feels very much alive. The lore is very rich (hence the TES inspiration), the combat is mostly hack n slash-y (like God of War), and the graphics and atmosphere of Fable is present and makes the world very fantastical. The only real complaints with this game is that at times it feels a little empty, but you'll be too indulged in the world to notice or really care too much.
Lollipop Chainsaw 360 Lollipop Chainsaw Action Adventure SUDA 51 and James Gunn brings you a pretty decent action game, about a cheerleader killing zombies while her boyfriend's head is strapped to her belt. Gameplay is built around knocking zombies out with your pom poms, dropkicks and whatnot and then finishing them off with your chainsaw. (Or you could just abuse armadillo spin.) Very short, but lots of replay value with online leaderboards and loads of unlockables like new costumes, moves, songs and art. If you're the kind of person who plays through games once and that's it, you might be disappointed.
326913ps 500h-1- Xbonelogo

Lost Odyssey
RPG A traditional JRPG developed by Mistwalker about a man who has lived for 1000 years. If you can get past the very "traditional" JRPG battle system, you'll find a very engaging and emotional story, complete with interesting characters and unlockable short stories exploring the main character's past. Combine all this with top-notch English voice acting (particularly in the case of Jansen) and a fantastic soundtrack by Nobuo Uematsu and you have an under-appreciated gem.
Lpcolonies Lost Planet: Extreme Condition: Colonies Edition TPS Fight giant bugs and monsters on foot or in mechs. Awesome cross platform with PC multiplayer. Colonies Edition is the most complete version. Sequel was undeservedly panned by critics and is still good in its own right, but the first game is better for singleplayer campaign.
Lostplanet2 Lost Planet 2 TPS Expect all those massive boss fights, and stuff from the first one, but take in mind LP2 is all about the multiplayer. Could be co-op or competitive, but in that regard it's vastly superior than its predecessor. It features a deeper character customization, more Vital Suits (those mechs you can ride), weapons, etc. Also has skins for your character like Wesker, Marcus Fenix, and Frank West.
Majin And Forsaken Kingom 360 Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom Action Adventure / Platformer Good game with a lot of heart. The graphics are nice, 3D platforming is decent, and has an old school puzzling charm about it. Somewhere between Ico, Zelda, and Castlevania. Recommended if you can get over the fact it has some of the most FUCKAWFUL VOICE ACTING.

Created by Game Republic (creators of Folklore, Genji) before they imploded into nonexistence.

Me1 cover Xbonelogo

Mass Effect
RPG/TPS The story is about Commander Shepard and his/her favourite shop on the citadel fight against the Reapers, the greatest threat that ever occurred in space.The player can model Shepard after his likings, adjusting things like gender or look. The decisions of the player are also of importance, influencing not only the story of Mass Effect, but also it's successors, Mass Effect 2 and 3.
Me2 cover Xbonelogo

Mass Effect 2
TPS / RPG Continuing the story of its predecessor, Mass Effect 2 debuts with a more streamlined UI, tighter TPS combat, more characters to choose from and the use of heavy weapons. All the decisions you make, mind you, still carry out to Mass Effect 3 (don't expect it to use them in a thoughtful way, though).
Maxpayne3xbox360 Max Payne 3 TPS Best gunplay in the series, however the comic book panel storytelling method has been replaced by unskippable cutscenes and many criticize it for "not being Max Payne" because of the new cover and "last stand" mechanics, as well as not being "noir" enough. Still a solid game overall and worth it to find out how much more of a fuck up Max can be.
Metalgear360 Xbonelogo

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance
Hack 'n' Slash / Cyborg Ninja Simulator The closest thing to Devil May Cry 5 that you will ever play. Follows the exciting adventures of Raiden, the weird dude from the fourth game who was using his cybernetic enhancements to have fight-sex with that vampire guy.
The story mode only lasts about 5 hours, so most of the time spent playing will be for getting 100% completion with collectibles and the 20 (+40 DLC) VR Missions. Other story DLC available where you get to play as different characters.
Metalgearsolidhdxbox360 Xbonelogo*

Metal Gear Solid HD Collection
Tactical Espionage Action The HD Collection includes Sons of Liberty, Snake Eater and Peace Walker in one package with improved resolution and widescreen presentation. Most of the Substance and Subsistence extras are present, except the skateboard mode and Snake VS Monkey mode. If you're a Metal Gear fan, especially if you don't own a PSP, you need this.
Metal Gear Solid V Ground Zeroes Xbox 360 cover Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes Tactical Espionage Action The semi-demo, semi-prequel to Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. Invade a U.S./Cuban base to save your friends. Additional missions use the same map, but change it so you have to assassinate soldiers/obtain enemy intelligence/save Hideo Kojima, allowing you to play in different ways. Many people complained about the incredibly short playtime of the game (around an hour for the main mission), so rent it first if you're not sure if you want it yet.
Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain Xbox 360 cover Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Tactical Espionage Action The continuation of Ground Zeroes. More of an open world Metal Gear this time - you can try to get in without alerting anyone to your presence, and then go in guns blazing after that fails. Catch animals and send them to your Mother Base! Fight alongside a mute sniper in a bikini! Teach a wolf how to CQC! The choices are limitless. Keep in mind that while this is technically now a last-gen port, the only reported differences compared to other versions are graphic-wise. Essentially, if Ground Zeroes looked fine to you on the 360, so will this.
Metro360 Metro 2033 FPS/Horror You are a Russian soldier in a world decimated by nuclear war. Fight demons made from radiation. Hoard whatever you can because food and ammo is scarce. Certain ammo is used as currency. Awesome but scary, very atmospheric, very beautiful.
Mirrorsedge Xbonelogo

Mirror's Edge
First-Person Running First person action/platformer focused on parkour. If you can get a hang of the controls and keep your cool whenever you mess up, it can be an amazing experience. Almost hospital-like sterile graphics (motherfucking 3 colours, but done with CLASS) and the big city atmoshpere make it absolutely a must-have if you're searching kind of gamer. Not for the ADD gamer. Beautiful music.

Also available on the PS3 and PC.

Mortalcombatx360 Mortal Kombat Fighting Challenge your bros in Mortal Kombat with Sub Zero, Scorpion, Raiden, Johnny Cage, Liu Kang and many more fighters. A really good, well balanced fighting game where you can beat the living shit out of your buddies. It has a challenge tower with 300 challenges that should keep you busy for hours on end. Fatalities are as gruesome as ever and feel satisfying as fuck. Tech-wise the Street Fighter series are superior (>OPINIONS), but, don't get me wrong this game can be played competitively and requires an amout of skill and practice. Also, its FUN. DLC includes downloadable characters like Rain, Kenshi and Freddy Motherfucking Krueger along with classic costumes that look swag as fuck. Best MK to date.
Naruto Generations 360 Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm Generations Fighting Basically has more of the Shippuden story along with the characters from the original series mixed in there as well. Also has some new anime content made just for the game itself. Like every other one, it's recommended for fans of the show mostly, but it's still a good fighting game to check out nonetheless. Has a sequel called Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 but is considered worse because of various reasons (Cut side combos for ALL characters, less modes, Pre-time skip characters in, Only 12 new characters, online still unbalanced.) Stick with Generations till CC2 gets their shit together.
Nier360 front Nier Action RPG An action RPG by the now dissolved Cavia and published by Square Enix about a man who's trying to find a way to cure his daughter of a strange disease in a dark and melancholic post-apocalyptic world. Sequel to ending E of Drakengard. A must-play if you're looking for something different in the JRPG genre. Plays a lot like a Zelda game would. Two versions of the game were released, Nier 'Gestalt' and 'Replicant'. Replicant was released exclusively for the PS3 only in Japan and features a younger-looking version of the protagonist who is trying to save his sister instead. Everything else is identical on both versions, so if you know Japanese and would prefer to play as a pretty boy, there's that version. Besides the four different endings, it does something very different to add replay value since you NEED to play the game at least twice to get the most out of it, especially story-wise, where you restart from a pivotal point in the game rather than the usual New Game+. Also has one of the best soundtracks ever heard in video game history so grab that as well.
Ninja-gaiden-2-360-1- Ninja Gaiden II Action Adventure / Hack n' Slash Jump around, stab people. Kind of difficult, as the Ninja Gaiden series is known for.
Perfect Dark Zero Xbonelogo

Perfect Dark Zero
FPS Prequel to the first game for the N64. While if you go in expecting it to be exactly like the 64 game you will most likely be disappointed, it's still a fairly solid title and worthy addition to anyone's library.
Persona4arenaxbox360 Xbonelogo

Persona 4 Arena
Fighting The popular RPG franchise gets a fighting game! It's definitely worth the time. Great netcode, story lasts around 30–40 hours, and is faster paced than Blazblue. Pretty good for getting into fighting games in general too. Protip: This is important, if you want to reduce lag in online matches, please do not skip the match intros.

Has a sequel titled Persona 4 Arena Ultimax, so that one is also worth checking out.

King kong box xbox360 Peter Jackson's King Kong: The Official Game of the Movie Action Adventure / FPS That's right, a good movie tie-in! Made by Rayman/Beyond Good and Evil creator Michel Ancel. Apparently Peter Jackson liked BG&E so much he chose Michel's team to create the game!
Play in first person as Jack, or in third person as Kong himself. Really fun, really atmospheric and very faithful to the movie, with some great voice acting from the movie's cast. One of the first games to throw away the HUD and rely on visual/audio cues to let you know what's up. While it's short (4–6 hours) and could use a few more Kong levels it's a great game and worth checking out.
Portal2xbox360 Xbonelogo

Portal 2
First Person Puzzle This game is leaps and bounds better than Portal in every way (but not really), although short it is definitely worth your time. This game is great and has co-op that actually requires the players to work together as opposed to just lone wolfing.
Prey X360 cover Prey FPS Tommy is a Cherokee mechanic, stuck on a reservation, dreaming of going out to see the world. Which is kind of what he gets when a gigantic alien spaceship abducts him and a ton of other people to use as cattle. It turns out that his injun heritage plus a little near-death experience equals certain spirit powers that make him the only one who can fight the aliens. Very good graphics (if you like that idTech 4 gloss), nice music, excellent voice acting (the hero and his girl are played by actual native-americans). A bit linear, but it's very intense all the way, and has some fun portal and gravity puzzles.
Prototypexbox360 Prototype Action / Sandbox You are virusman! All you need to know about this game is that you can do an elbow-drop off the top of the Empire State Building. The story is muddled but it centers around your character Alex being a giant dick face. It's silly to even consider him a hero at all, even though he's being characterized as one. Also your love interest is your sister? Graphics are shit, enemy AI is shit, and the controls are shit, but it's greater than the sum of it's parts.
Pure Xbonelogo

ATV Racing High-intensity ATV racing. Awesome music, beautiful graphics, and sick stunts to perform in midair amidst an awesome guitar riff for no goddamn reason except for looking badass. All the more surprising is that it was published by Disney of all companies. Only setback is that it suffers from a nasty case of rubberbanding, which makes it artificially harder, but also makes winning extremely satisfying. A sequel was planned but got cancelled due to low sales.
Raiden4x360 art Raiden IV Shoot 'em Up THE ROAR OF THUNDER IS BACK! Quite a bit has changed since we last controlled our beloved red/blue, slow-as-molasses fighter jet. You now have a charge shot which unleashes a flurry of whatever missiles you have equipped for massive damage and points. Other ways of getting points include killing enemies as fast as possible and scraping your ship against their bullets, a fun and simple scoring system, just the way it should be with these games. You also have an alternate to the toothpaste laser which is just as impressive looking but useless. And lastly, you now start with the 3-way spread shot which makes powering up much quicker. Soundtrack (HERE) is comprised almost entirely of remixes from the Raiden games you grew up with for maximum nostalgia.
Rayman origins 360 Xbonelogo

Rayman Origins
2D Platformer A really good game with beautifully stunning 2D artwork much like the 1st Rayman game. Kinda like New Super Mario Bros. in which it has local 4-player consisting of Rayman, Globox, and two Teensie's. Lots of levels and replay value.
-Rayman-Legends-Xbox-360- Rayman Legends 2D Platformer Sequel to Origins. More 2D platforming fun with even more beautiful visuals. Great for co-op. If you are a fan of platformer games, these two are a must.
Dyingred Xbonelogo

Red Dead Redemption
Action / Sandbox

Sequel to Red Dead Revolver, spiritual successor to Gun. Essentially GTA in 1908 1910 1911 somewhere in between 1907 and 1912, except it has bear fightan and cougar out of nowheran. Fairly fucking awesome. Don't expect to have a lot of fun with the Multiplayer (at first), as it leaves a lot to be desired, just like GTA.Features a refreshing plethora of free DLC, as well as a full-on expansion pack (available for download or in a standalone disc that doesn't require the original game) that gently mashes Left 4 Dead and RDR together into a masterpiece. Absolutely incredible voice acting, and just an all-around stunning and fun experience. If you have some buds, the free roam mulitplayer is a blast.

Be aware that the preformance is slightly improved while playing via the Xbox one's backwards compability feature, so if you own that console you should play it that way.

Red faction guerrillabox.png Red Faction: Guerrilla TPS / Sandbox Open-world sandbox environment with completely destructible buildings, decent variety of weapons and enemies, lots of vehicles with good handling and fun multiplayer! What more could you want? Campaign does get repetitive and the music and story are weak. Difficulty gets easier as it goes on. DLC for more maps online and in wrecking crew mode available, story mode DLC also available.
Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition XBOX360 Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition TPS / "Survival Horror" The fifth installment of your favorite argument-inducing franchise. This time you control Chris Redfield and his new partner Sheva Alomar. The game is set in Africa, so is not as 'atmospheric' as previous entries. Follows the path of RE4, with more action than ever, and barely any survival horror. That won't stop you from having fun, tho. The game truly shines played on co-op. It has a lot of cheesy moments that are kind of a trademark of RE series. Anyway, Gold Edition expands the experience with two new episodes, new multiplayer modes, extra characters for the Mercenaries mini-game, extra costumes, and more little stuff that's nice to have. Suffers from extreme screen tearing when your console is set to 1080P. Setting to 720P seems to fix it. Might just be a problem with certain TVs/monitors.
Resievilrevx360 Resident Evil Revelations Survival Horror An HD Port of the Nintendo 3DS version. Opinions of the game differ, some liking the game alot, thinking it's a return to form of the prior Resident Evil titles. Others think it's boring and gameplay wise a step down from Resident Evil 5 and 6. A hard sell at it's full price tag, but if you can get it for cheap, it's absolutely worth a look.
Resonance 360 cover Resonance of Fate RPG Known as End of Eternity in Japan, this is a somewhat slow JRPG with a steep learning curve, complex battle mechanics, and an okay/decent story revolving around the climate wreaking havoc on humanity. The story takes a back seat to the actual gameplay. Characters are fairly generic JRPG characters (except for Vashyron, who is pimp as fuck and voiced by NOLAN NORTH) but the environments can be pretty cool looking.
Saints-row-2-1- Xbonelogo

Saints Row 2
Action / Sandbox This game ends with your best friend shooting at cops with a rocket launcher, waving and smiling at you while you fly away in a helicopter. Undoubtedly one of the most fun games available. Be prepared to spray people with poop and rampage through Laboratories on a 4 wheeler. Basically what GTA 4 could have been if they focused on fun instead of BEEG AMERICAN TEETEES.
649270 313664 front Xbonelogo

Saints Row IV
Action / Sandbox Saints Row the Third but even more ridiculous the point of parody. It plays like a crazier version of Crackdown. If you liked SR2 for the story and character interactions, you probably won't like this. If you liked it for the crazy shit you could do in it, you'll feel right at home with this. SR3 is kind of a mixed in-between of crazy between 2 and 4, so it might be best to pass on that and just pick this up.

Also available on PS3 and PC.

ShadowsOfthedamned360front Shadows of the Damned Action / Third Person Shooter Killer7, Resident Evil 4, Silent Hill, and Devil May Cry had an orgy and this popped out. Gaming's crazy rapist uncle Suda51 (Killer7, No More Heroes) teamed up with Shinji Mikami (Resident Evil, Vanquish, Devil May Cry, Viewtiful Joe, Ace Attorney) and Akira Yamaoka (Silent Hill) to bring us Shadows of the Damned. You play as Garcia FUCKING Hotspur, demon hunter extraordinaire. Garcia's hot girlfriend is kidnapped by the Lord of the Underworld. Garcia follows the lord to hell in order to save her. With Johnson, his British former-demon sidekick who also serves as his gun/motorcycle/tour guide through hell, Garcia must save his girlfriend before Satan fucks her. The game is full of sexual innuendo and plenty of other jokes. It plays like Resident Evil 4 and Killer 7, only better. It is worth a buy for sure.
Warning: You cannot skip cutscenes, even in subsequent playthroughs. It makes the harder difficulties a chore to play through at some times.
Civrev Xbonelogo

Sid Meier's Civilization Revolution
Turn-Based Strategy A wonderfully simplified console port of your average Civ game. Lacks the intricacies of a PC version, but still extremely fleshed out. Online multiplayer is a blast. Matches can stretch for hours at a time. Plus it has a textbook's worth of historical info in the extras section.

Also available on the PS3.

Skate3c Xbonelogo

Skate 3
XTREEM Sports / Simulation Take Tony Hawk, make it more realistic, more slow-paced, and less arcadey, and you've got the Skate series.

Note to anyone who played the demo and is interested in buying the game: the recent patches made hardcore mode way better. The grinding feels a lot better. If you intend on buying DLC; get After Dark (free), and the Skate Create upgrade pack (not free). There is DLC that has the San Vanelona Art Gallery including Reg's and the new Maraffa Skate park. Probably the best of all of the DLC. Get it.

Also available on the PS3. The superior 360 version has a bigger community, with more user created parks.

Sleepingdogs-xbox Sleeping Dogs Action / Sandbox A sandbox game. You play as Wei Shen, undercover cop who has infiltrated a Hong Kong triad. The game takes place on a fictionalized version of the island. Solid story. The gameplay has quite some variety but none of the missions/activities really stand out as being particularly bad. The combat is pretty good. It takes elements from the recent Batman games like how the enemies attack you one at time and the and the counter system is overpowered. Has about 15 hours worth of story (10-12 if you have ever played a game before) and another 15 if you want to 100% the game. Makes references to some of the classic martial arts action flicks. Doesn't do anything really new or different aside from the setting, but it's still a lot of fun.
Sonickart360 Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing Racing Basically it's Mario Kart but with a Super Smash Bros. style collection of Sega Characters. There's Sonic, Billy Hatcher, Ryo from Shenmue, Beat from Jet Set Radio, and about 15 other racers. 360 version is superior because it also has Banjo and Kazooie, even if it is their mutilated Nuts & Bolts versions. Fun as hell, and a refreshingly good Kart game in comparison to MKWii.
Sanictransformedxbox360 Xbonelogo

Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed
Racing Fucking really cool racing game that improves on the last game by adding the ability to transform into planes and boats in order to mix up the racing circuit. Fun as hell game, but just don't listen to the fucking faggots who just like saying its a Mario Kart rip-off and have fun.
Sonic Generations Xbox360 Xbonelogo

Sonic Generations
GOTTA GO FAST SIMULATOR Play as both the Sanic you know and love as well as retro Sanic. You play through some good ol' nostalgic levels in this one in a quest to save the world from The Time Eater. Basically did a good job of putting Sonic back in the charts in terms of gameplay, even if nostalgia was a major part of this game.
Sonics-ultimate-genesis-collection-x360 Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection / Mega Drive Ultimate Collection Collection Loadsa Genesis/Mega Drive games. Name of the collection depends on your region.
Sonic-unleashed-x360-ps3-3457 Sonic Unleashed Platformer / GOTTA GO FAST Glorious GOTTA GO FAST daytime stages with average "Werehog" beat 'em up nighttime stages.
Soulcaliburxb360cover Soul Calibur IV 3D Fighter The fourth Soulcalibur amps up the fanservice even more, now with more revealing outfits that fall apart during battle. Includes many new characters designed by notorious manga artists along with Star Wars characters. The combat system is fairly meh, but the character creation system alone is in-depth and flexible enough to be very fun. A pretty-looking diversion.
Soulcaliburvxboxcover Soul Calibur V 3D Fighter A neat entry in the series starring a few of the returning cast or their descendants. This one features Ezio Auditore in what looks to be his ACB style. Which is almost accurate by the time this game is placed in surprisingly (margin of error was by a century, oh well). This entry is pretty much entirely focused on the obsessively deep character creator and online play, which is only a bad thing if you were looking for a story mode and rofl who cares about story in fightan gaems.
South Park and the Stick of Truth Xbox 360 cover Xbonelogo

South Park and the Stick of Truth
RPG A South Park RPG made by Obsidian Software. Need I say more? Create your own original character do not steal and fight off classic South Park villains with all your favorite characters, in a script written and acted out by Matt Stone and Trey Parker. Also, Kenny is a princess in this.
Spec Ops The Line cover Xbonelogo

Spec Ops: The Line
TPS In a near future, Dubai was annihilated by a series of freak sand storms. Months later, a radio transmission indicates that there might be survivors there after all. You lead a Delta Force team sent to investigate, but when you get there, you find there's some real crazy shit going on. The gameplay itself is frequently described as lackluster, but the story does make up for it!

Also on PC and PS3.

Hey scooby Spiderman Shattered Dimensions Spiderman, Spiderman Got some crap for not being all open world like its predecessors, but its still a damn good game on its own regard. Plays more reminiscent of the PSOne games, with some Arkham Asylum-like stealth for good measure.
Webofshadows Spiderman Web of Shadows Doing whatever a Spider can You can literally spend hours just swinging around the huge recreation of Marvel's version of New York City(complete with Stark Tower). When you aren't doing that, there's a good spidey game in there too.
Splitsceond Xbonelogo

Racing / Blowing Shit Up An awesome title from Blackrock, the guys who made Pure. It's a racing game, but instead of trying to pass your opponents through driving skill, you can instead blow up the environment around them, destroying their car and knocking them out of the race momentarily. Amazing set pieces to alter the track you are racing on, made all the more amazing by its beautiful graphics engine. There are only 11 tracks but no race is the same no matter now many times you race on it, so its not an issue. Online multiplayer is also a blast (literally and figuratively).
Ssf4ae360 Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition 2D Fighter The newest installment in the Street Fighter series. Adds even more characters than before with basically all of SSFIV but with Yun. Yang, Oni, and Evil Ryu. Obligatory version making Super obsolete. But if you do have Super, there's and upgrade option to upgrade to AE virally, which is the better option IMO.
Pingpong front Xbonelogo

Rockstar Games presents: Table Tennis
Ping Pong Rockstar trolled the gaming world when it announced that it's first foray into the newest generation would pong table tennis...As it turns out, it happened to be an amazing sim of the sport. You could use actual techniques like trick shots and putting spin on the ball. It still had that Rockstar charm though. The french player is the biggest asshole in gaming history.
Tales-of-vesperia-xbox360-1- Tales of Vesperia RPG What are you, some kind of idiot? This game is awesome. Word of advice though, this game is hard as balls on the default difficulty setting (which stupidly enough is Normal). If you're new to the "Tales of.." series or are playing this game for the first time, do yourself a favour and play it on Easy the first time around, trust me. It will prevent you from throwing the controller at the TV in some boss battles.
Also available on the PS3; however, the PS3 version contains additional content and is currently unavailable in NA/EU with no announcements regarding any western release. Worth it only if you know moonrunes and are willing to pay the very expensive import.
Also available with Games on Demand.
Tekken 6 360 Xbonelogo

Tekken 6
Fighting Had somewhat laggy netcode in the beginning, but now it's as good as every other fighter out there. If you like Tekken, get this. The biggest complaint about this version is that juggling has gotten a little out of control. If you're a fan of previous titles, you'll fucking HAET new Rage system. And yes, you CAN'T turn it off. Also, if you like to play it alone, get ready for Azazel. This motherfucker is even worse than Jinpachi. MUCH WORSE.
652998 240615 front Xbonelogo

Tekken Tag Tournament 2
Fighting SUPERIOR LIMB-BASED COMBAT Well it's Tekken...with tag teams. Virtually every character ever to have been included in Tekken games (except Gon, cause one boxing dinosaur is enough awesome for one game), all the game modes you expect, including tag modes, single fighter modes and 2 on 1 mode. The boss at the end of Arcade mode is as much of a total bitch to beat as usual, but end movies can be unlocked by playing Ghost mode. Jugglan as standard.
Tdufront Test Drive Unlimited Driving Drive around being rich: The Game. You can explore the roads of Oahu, Hawaii, which was actually put in game form almost to it's fullest. Real good job done there.
Tdu2front Test Drive Unlimited 2 Driving Drive around being rich: the sequel. Pretty much the same as the first game, including the original map. But now you can also drive around the Spanish island of Ibiza (Its where all the cool kids go to club in the summer).
Darkness The Darkness FPS A neat FPS that debuted fairly early in the current gen. Play as a mobster kid who just turns 21 and discovers he has the power to control two snakelike demons from his back and summon little Overlord style demons from underground. Based off cult comic. You can find it for 7 bucks used now.
Darkness2xbox360 The Darkness 2 FPS Jackie's back, motherfuckers! This time, haunted by the memories of past, he's targeted by weird cult, which tries to siphon titular Darkness fom him. Plot gets preety crazy and fun later and dialogues, especially from Powell, are hilarious. Gameplay was updated and pumped up (you can use tendrils and dual wield weapons at once) and you get the kickass Darkling as a oneliner-m8-accent-spewing sidekick. Graphics got nice cell-shaded feel, though not everyone likes it. If you'll get bored with main plot, you can access Vendettas missions (connected with main story, but selectable from main menu) where you choose one of the four characters and blow the shit up with Darkness-infused weapons. Must have for fans of first one and worth of checking out for breety gud shootan fans.
Kofxiii boxart 360 The King of Fighters XIII Fighting Thanks to community feedback, SNK fixed problems from the previous title. With faster action, over six different play modes, clearer and vibrant backgrounds. repaired and improved online, NEOMAX supers, and rebalanced move lists, this is vastly improved from 12. Several fan faves like Yuri, King, Kula, K’, Maxima (NOBODY REAL MEN LIKE MAXIMA), and Mai also return. Gorgeous animations, and some fun fanservice (both meanings) alternate color-schemes/costumes. Of all the companies, this is being brought over by... ATLUS?! Yeah, I'm shocked, too. They even have a cool bonus edition set like they often do.
The Orange Box Xbox 360 cover Xbonelogo

The Orange Box
FPS A collection of Valve games for those unable to purchase them on Steam. The main hooks here are the entire Half-Life 2 saga and Portal: if you haven't played them now, this is your perfect chance. The final game in the set is Team Fortress 2, but the online is limited and often hacked. At the very least, no hats.
Walkingdead1xbox360 Xbonelogo

The Walking Dead: A Telltale Game Series
Adventure / Virtual Story A graphic adventure game based on the Walking Dead comic book series, which also takes place in the same universe (though the game mostly focuses on its own original characters). The player follows Lee Everett, a convicted murderer who escapes on his way to prison amidst the chaos of the zombie apocalypse, and a young girl he meets named Clementine. The story progresses based on the player's choice of dialogue or the actions they take during quick time events, usually resulting in a different outcome, such as a character getting killed, or a character changing their opinion of you. The game also sports an appealing visual style based on the comics, and recieved a lot of praise for its characters and plot.
An extra episode titled The Walking Dead: 400 Days was recently released that bridges the gap between this game and an upcoming sequel, so if you enjoy this you may want to check that out as well.
Can also be downloaded from the Xbox Live Arcade.
The Witcher 2 Xbox 360 cover Xbonelogo

The Witcher 2
Action RPG A fantastic follow-up to the Witcher that's so vastly polished over its predecessor that anyone who wasn't paying attention to the writing in the first game would say this was made by a different developer entirely. The gameplay mechanics somehow manage to be as intuitive as they are counter-intuitive, and the plot as well as the decisions it throws at you carries a sense of moral ambiguity that's a far cry from the "Darth Hitler or Ghandi Claus" paths that are usually presented in most games.
Graw Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter Modern Tactical TPS / Squad Based The first squad based shooter of the 7th generation, and also one of the best early release titles. Also the first Tom Clancy game. You have an arsenal of weapons and gadgets, not to mention a some of the best allied AI ever. The enemy AI is even better, and will use real military tactics to kill you. Story is generic Clancy tripe, but the gameplay is amazing. Awesome set pieces and firefights. People still play the online today. Only a few bucks now at retail.
The PC version plays in first person, and involves micro-management of your squad like the older Ghost Recon Games; it is the better version.
Graw2 Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 Modern Tactical TPS / Squad Based The story mode takes place not even 24 hours after the first one ended. Still Clancy crap. Combat has been vastly improved, and the AI is even better. Still online, even after a decade later. Get this version over the original if you can find it, the story is easy to catch on to.
Like the first, the PC version actually has squad management and is considered by to be superior.
Rsixvegas Xbonelogo

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas
Tactical FPS It's Rainbow Six, but in Las Vegas. In other words it's amazing. Leading a squad down the Vegas strip and through casinos filled with sounds of slot machines does not get old. Plenty of people still play this and its sequel online.
Rsixvegas2 Xbonelogo

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas 2
Tactical FPS More awesome Rainbow Six Vegas action with better graphics and multiplayer. Story is on par with the first game but both are worth playing through. Also there's a new terrorist hunt mode where you go around with bros fighting the impressive AI enemies around the multiplayer maps. Much fun to be had. An all-around improvement on an already amazing game.
Tomb Raider 360 Tomb Raider Action Adventure Another (after Legend) complete reboot of the Tomb Raider franchise, and far more radical this time. Follows young Lara on her first ever adventure during which she will find herself struggling to survive on a mysterious, mythical island after her ship, on which she travelled along with her crew, gets wrecked. Has a good story and gameplay, pretty graphics and semi-open world with some additional stuff to do. Unfortunately there is little to none actual Tomb Raiding, but you will have plenty of fun nonetheless. Also protip: for maximum fun, try playing with the bow only.

The Definitive Edition is out now and contains all of the downloadable content, so that version is recommended.

Tranifront Tomb Raider: Anniversary Action Adventure / 3D Platformer A "re-imagining" from the original Tomb Raider. Made with the same engine as Legend, so most of it's gameplay mechanics got inherited from it. However, Anniversary follows a more puzzle based and exploration path, much like the classic ones. The story it's the same, but told in a better way with little cutscenes here and there, some added dialogs, and other nice stuff that make this remake worthwhile. Expect treasures, artifacts and lots of collectibles and beautiful landscapes to look at.
110821291-cover-art Tomb Raider: Legend Action Adventure / 3D Platformer A few years after Angel of Darkness bombed, the franchise was rebooted and Tomb Raider Legend was born. The story goes around Lara trying to gather fragments of an ancient sword. It's all based on Arthurian mythology, the Excalibur, and all that shit. I won't spoil it, but story isn't that deep anyway. The graphics are quite nice (for a 2006 game). The game controls are now more intuitive and all-around better than previous entries, and it have some balanced doses of action, exploring, puzzle solving and platforming. It's a rather short game to finish, but you may still have missed a lot of secret collectibles. Anyway, enjoy some Laura Cruz adventures!
Tomb-raider-underworld-cover Xbonelogo

Tomb Raider: Underworld
Action Adventure / 3D Platformer Story-wise, it picks up where Legend left off with a couple of turns to Norse influenced mythology. This is the final game of the rebooted trilogy, and maybe the weakest of the three. While it adds some new moves, weapons, gear and better graphics, the game is a bit buggy but still recommendable. 360's version has 2 exclusive DLC packs: Beneath the Ashes and Lara's Shadow. Both are decent, but not mandatory.
Fgtnrgefaegbfront Transformers: War for Cybertron TPS / Vehicle Combat Do NOT mistake this for one of those HORRIBLE licensed Transformers games. This game does not tie in to any of the movies. It's a unique third-person shooter, coded in the Unreal 3 Engine. Has online multiplayer.
TransformersFallofCybertron Transformers: Fall of Cybertron TPS / Vehicle Combat Direct sequel to the game above and likely one of the best games based off Hasbro's long-running franchise available. The core gameplay is far from being revolutionary, revolving around you navigating though rather linear stages while taking out enemies with a variety of long-range weapons. However, each mission is played as a different Autobot\Decepticon, which adds a few interesting twists to how the game is played: Optimus has to assign key targets to be taken down, Cliffjumper is a sneaky bastard, Grimlock FUCKS SHIT UP AS A MOTHERFUCKIN' T-REX and so on.
Basically, it's a good TPS for everybody, and a really solid title for any /m/an or fan of the franchise, ESPECIALLY because, again, this has no relation to the awful licensed games based on Bay's shit, and the team developing this actually did their homework, going as far as digging up the comics to come up with stuff such as the reimaginated origin for the Dinobots.
If all else fails to convince you, just watch this
637241 220884 front Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 2D Fighter IT'S ULTIMATE MAHVEL BAYBEE!!! 12 new characters, bringing up the roster to 48. Rebalanced (except Wesker), and a much, MUCH more playable online, and other stuff, like new stages and a mode where you play as Galactus. What's also new is "Heroes and Heralds" mode, which lets you collect cards of characters that give you insane abilities like Parry and Invisibility.
Vanquish front Xbonelogo

TPS A fast paced third person shooter where you play as a government agent in a super suit trying to recapture a space station from Russian forces. The only downfalls are that it's short and the story is laughable. Still an excellent game.
Virtua-fighter-5-online Virtua Fighter 5 Online 3D Fighter It's Virtua Baybee! That just doesn't sound right... The best port of the game; the 360 port is based on the arcade Version C, as opposed to the PS3's port of Version B. Also, it's online, and the netcode is damn good. There's even some people still playing it, They all moved to new version: VF5 Final Showdown (released digitally on XBLA/PSN). So, this still might be good but it's really outdated and online is deserted outside Japan.
Vivapinata front Xbonelogo

Viva Piñata
Virtual Life Sim Woah, as it turns out, Rare has made some decent games after all this generation. In this game, you are a gardener who tends to a plot of land. Changing the landscape (planting short or tall grass, varieties of flowers, trees, building bodies of water) will attract pinatas, shaped like various creatures who end up living and thriving in your garden. There's also an extensive food chain, referred to in-game as "the doughnut of life." Some pinatas have RAGE-inducing requirements, but overall it's an awesome life sim with incredibly addicting gameplay. Plus the mating game is hilarious. If you are turned away by the vivid colors and kiddish nature of the game, then you're insecure in your manhood and you should go back to sqeaking insults at older people in Modern Warfare 2. The game is completely open-ended, with no ending whatsoever; you, as the player, set your own goals to work towards.
Viva Pinata Trouble in Paradise Xbonelogo

Viva Piñata: Trouble in Paradise
Virtual Life Sim Better than the first game. Features 30+ new Piñata, a pretty good online multiplayer mode and other tweaks. Pretty much everything from the first game is included, so you can safely skip it and start with this if you're new to the series. Because of this it kind of feels like a good expansion pack rather than a true sequel.
Warriors Orochi 3 Warriors Orochi 3 Beat'em Up East Asian Genocide 3: This Time it's Personal. 120 characters from the Samurai and Dynasty Warriors games, Ninja Gaiden, Bladestorm, etc. Get out there and murder those asians demons!
Wartechpal WarTech: Senko no Ronde Shooter / Fighting A 2D shooter game that is best described as Change Air Blade bolted onto Acceleration of Suguri. Players control mech suits called Rounders, and shoot BULLETS FUCKING EVERYWHERE. A fun arcade-styled 360 exclusive that sells for less than 10 bucks, definitely worth picking up.
Way of the Samurai 360 Way of the Samurai 3 Action Adventure / Sandbox Continues the same gameplay and style as the first two (which are on the recommended list of PS2 games), but now has a stronger emphasis on 'good vs. evil' (unlike KotOR, the choices you make have long term effects), though here it's more 'honorable vs. greedy'. The only real flaw of the game is graphics; they're not bad by any means, but they could be much, much better for a seventh generation game. However, it is still highly recommended unless you disliked the first two.
Vfzc0m WET Action / Hack n' Slash / Being a Badass A title that makes it seem Quentin Tarantino and Suda51 collaborated together to made a kickass game! Gun sound makes you want to kill yourself after some hours of playing, other than that the game is really cool, awesome music. Controls are a bit clunky, to say the least.
Xcomenemey360 Xbonelogo

XCOM: Enemy Unknown
Turn-Based Strategy Official remake of the PC classic, XCOM is all about managing a worldwide secret project to combat a very nasty alien invasion wrecking Earth's shit. Basically, the game is split between actually organizing XCOM's base, which involves things like choosing when to hire new soldiers or construct facilities and fighting aliens with squads of 4 to 6 members in quite tactical battles. Each of the 14 countries backing up the XCOM project has a "Panic Gauge", which increases according to the aliens' actions and, if any of them hit level 5 by the end of the month, said country will stop supporting the whole thing. If that happens eight times, it's game over.
Demzoids Zoids Infinity EX Neo Arcade Mecha Combat A Japanese only (region locked) Zoids fightan game from the arcades. Don't go importing a system just for this but if you already have one you should give this a go. It's surprisingly fun, with a fair amount of customizable Zoids to choose from.
Zone of the enders 360 Zone of the Enders HD Collection Action Third-person mech combat games taking place in the distant future, and brainchild of Hideo Kojima, this is a collection of the two PS2 classics reformatted for HD. The release features noticeable visual issues during gameplay, such as screen tearing, which has been patched on the PS3 version, so given choice, that version is recommended.

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