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Recommended GamesEdit

Title Creator Description Screenshot
Achievement Unlocked jmtb02 This game makes it really easy to get most of the achievements, but you only beat the game once you get all of them!


Cookie Clicker Orteil Click cookies, spend cookies on things that get you more cookies. The scale of your profit snowballs quickly and near infinitely. 


Frog Fractions Twinbeard I don't even know, man.


Miami Shark Weisi Terrorize Florida as an enraged shark! Eat people, boats, airplanes, and even spacecraft with your jawsome power!


Pokemon Tower Defense

Olmate The title should be descriptive enough.Unique in that you actually set up an account and can save your progress as well as import pokemon via "mystery gift" codes.


Super Mario Crossover Exploding Rabbit The original Super Mario Bros., but you can play as many different old charaters from Nintendo games.


This Is The Only Level jmtb02 It really is the only level. It just changes slightly every time you beat it. 


Aztec: Tactical Conquest Thunderbird Animations A turn based strategy (tactical) game where you play a Spanish conquistator and your goal is to conquer the Aztec Empire!

Publisher: Helpa Games / Developer: Thunderbird Animations

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