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"No. 1 in video games."

The Telstar is a very early video game console made by Coleco to cash in on the then-recent popularity of Pong. Since this is from before cartridges were invented, each Telstar model came with it's own embedded games, though the majority of them were just minor variations of Pong.

There were 14 different Telstar models released. The earlier models only include the usual Pong clones and being monochrome, with later models including lightgun games and pinball simulators and already featuring color. The last model on the Telstar line, the Telstar Arcade, includes a steering wheel and lightgun and already supports cartridges, with four released cartridges for it each including three to four games.

First Generation
Consoles Nintendo Color TV-Game - Magnavox Odyssey - Coleco Telstar
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