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Switch, formerly known by the codename "NX", is a handheld/console hybrid by Nintendo released in March 2017.

System Specs Edit

  • Chipset: NVidia Tegra X1
  • Screen: 6.2" capacitive multi-touch, 1280 x 720 resolution.
  • Detachable controllers

Other details Edit

  • Dock: holds, powers, and charges the system, and outputs video and audio from the system to a TV or external display.
  • Stand: A stand on the back of the main unit can be deployed to position the system upright in tabletop mode.
  • Media: Game cards
  • Video output: HDMI, up to 1080p resolution when played in TV mode
  • Audio output: TV Mode supports 5.1 channel surround sound. Using the system's built-in audio jack, stereo speakers or headphones can be used when played in handheld or tabletop modes.
  • Battery: can last for more than three hours, but will vary depending on the software and usage conditions. Can be charged with the dock or USB Type-C.
  • Storage: 32GB of internal storage, expanded with microSDXC or microSDHC memory cards.
  • Other: USB ports on the dock can be used to charge accessories, such as the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller and Joy-Con attached to a Joy-Con charging grip. The USB ports can also be used with a USB LAN adaptor to connect to the Internet.
  • Networking: Nintendo Switch can connect to the Internet via a wireless (IEEE 802.1 Iac) connection. Up to 8 systems can connect over a local wireless connection in compatible multiplayer games. While docked, Nintendo Switch can also use a wired Internet connection by connecting a LAN Adapter.


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  • Switch Exclusive

The Nintendo Switch is the first console by Nintendo-no, by anyone, in YEARS to use something other than discs as a physical format. This of course could potentially drive up the cost for the game, but only if the devs are being greedy jews.

Cart-Based Edit

Box Art Title Genre Description
Binding of Isaac Switch The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+ Dungeon Crawler/Shooter The famous PC game gets a physical release on the Switch. It features all the content and DLC of the PC release (As of March 2017) and throws it on the Switch, for 40 bucks. While that price may seem steep, it's really worth it to play Isaac on the go, with the dungeon crawling and the shooting and all that.
BOTWSwitch The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Action-Adventure The long-awaited next 3-D entry in the series since Skyward Sword, and boy does it meet expectations. The game drops it's formulaic mechanics and attempts to go for something new. You wake up in a world not knowing what's going on, and then must save Hyrule from destruction. It features a gigantic open-world (With of course fucking Ubisoft towers), which seems to go on forever, and while it may seem empty at times, there's plenty to find. There's over 120 shrines to enter, tons of items and food to collect, tons of sidequests, and over 900 korok seeds to upgrade your gear. You're going to need those upgrades, because this is one of the hardest Zelda games released since the NES games, with enemies that can one-shot you if you're not careful. There's tons of equipment to find, however, the weapon-breaking mechanic may turn off some. The biggest problem is the performance, with framerates that dip constantly, but it never gets to game breaking levels. Also the English voice acting is pretty mediocre but there was recently an update which allows for mixing audio options and text languages. Overall in one package, this game will probably have you at it for hours if you really get into it, but really IT'S FUCKING ZELDA, did you expect anything less?

Also on Wii U.

MK8D Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Racing The Switch version of the best selling Wii U game, this one includes every bit of DLC found in the Wii U version, along with some exclusive content of its own, such as characters, cars, etc. The graphics have been updated to run at a full 1080p 60 FPS as well. Also includes a non-shit Battle Mode in this version, with a multitude of options to choose from. This is basically the definitive version of the game, all in one tight package.
Bomberman R Super Bomberman R Action/Party After a long hiatus, Bomberman finally gets another game as a Switch launch title! Nothing dark or edgy has been added in, it's just classic Bomberman action. There's a story mode where you go to different planets, defeating bosses and whatnot, it's ok. But everyone knows you play Bomberman for the multiplayer, and it's just the same as its always been, blow them to hell and back. There's of course, online multiplayer and local, so you can have some fun with friends either way. If you miss Bomberman and want a Switch, get this game.
Eighth Generation
Consoles Ouya - Sony PlayStation 4 - Nintendo Switch - Nintendo Wii U - Microsoft Xbox One
Handhelds Nintendo 3DS - Sony PlayStation Vita

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