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"The new wave for electronic games!"

The Super A'Can was a short-lived console by Funtech, a subsidiary of Taiwanese semiconductor company UMC (best known for making chips used in countless NES clones). It was quite powerful for a 4th generation machine, perhaps comparable to a Neo Geo, but it was released half a decade too late, when 5th generation consoles were already out, so it was mostly ignored and ended up with a meager library of twelve rather derivative titles.


Fourth Generation
Consoles Philips CD-i - Commodore CDTV - Pioneer LaserActive - Sega Mega Drive - SNK Neo Geo - Super Nintendo Entertainment System - Funtech Super A'Can - NEC TurboGrafx-16
Handhelds Bit Corporation Gamate - Nintendo Game Boy - Sega Game Gear - Hartung Game Master - Atari Lynx - Welback Mega Duck - Watara Supervision
Computers Commodore Amiga - Atari ST - BeOS - Fujitsu FM Towns - Sharp X68000

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