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Someone who did science

Here are some games that, for the most part, focus on scientific things, and do so realistically. This is by no means a complete, list, only what has been able to be dug up as of right now. Additions are welcome and encouraged, but don't go adding anything ridiculous please.


  • Biogenesis - Simulates evolution with various creatures mutating and evolving so they can better survive. The user can create custom creatures and can influence the environment by nourishing certain organisms.
  • Boxcar 2d - Similar to Biogenesis, except that different cars evolve to go the furthest distance in the shortest amount of time.
  • Celestia
  • EVE online
  • Flow
  • Kerbal Space Program - A relatively simple space sim with newtonian physics and custom spaceship construction.
  • Lunar Flight
  • Moonbase Alpha
  • Orbiter Space Simulator
  • Phun
  • Piette's falling sand game
  • Pioneer
  • Powder toy - Gives the user a big toybox of elements and lets him play with them as he wishes.
  • Spacechem - A puzzle game that tests and teaches basic concepts of computer engineering.
  • SpaceEngine - A space exploration game where one can explore the entire Virgo supercluster.
  • Space Station 13

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