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Cover Title Genre Description
Giana Sisters Twisted Dreams Directors Cut cover Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams - Director's Cut Platformer A little girl has to go through the world of dreams and kick some serious owl butt to rescue her sister. A great game, sequel of one of the most fondly remembered games from the 1980s European computer scene. Don't let the cutesy cover fool you, shit gets hardcore challenging after a while. Includes the "Rise of the Owlverlord" expansion. It also has a physical version which can be found pretty cheap out there.
Jamestown Legend of the Lost Colony Jamestown+ Shoot 'Em Up The year is 1619, and England and Spain are at war for the colonies on planet Mars. Great indie steampunk-ish bullet hell, clearly inspired by Cave's arcades. Lush pixel art and epic orchestral soundtrack. Has a bunch of improvements and extra content over the original PC version.
Resogun PS4 cover Resogun Shoot 'Em Up From the makers of the Super Stardust games comes this stunningly beautiful shoot 'em up. Classic arcade space shooter action meets the graphics of the modern age. If you're a fan of shmups, this is your first treat from the eighth generation, and it doesn't dissapoint, although veterans may find it a bit easy, and also short (five levels).

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