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"It only does everything."

The third son of the PlayStation family had a rough start in life; being quite expensive at first, and very difficult to code for, it remained in a distant third place for a while. Yet it swiftly recovered later, due to the very strong support from Japanese developers who would not touch the filthy gaijin dog machine Xbox 360. So each system has rather different sets of exclusives, which you should weigh (see: 360 vs PS3) before choosing one.

Backwards compatibility was part of the reason for the cost: early models did it by including part of the PS2 hardware. Later models cut that entirely. All models are compatible with games for the original PlayStation, as it was possible to emulate it fully in software.

A nice point of the PS3 is that it is also a Blu-ray player, while the Xbox 360 only does DVD (not that this makes any difference for the games).

Just like its predecessor, the controller is a point of contention: while most people are okay with it, many find the design extremely uncomfortable, particularly due to the d-pad getting the "sweet spot" instead of the left analog stick. If you prefer the Xbox 360 style, worry not! There are several third-party accessory makers that do it the ergonomically correct way, such as PowerA, Gioteck, PDP, and Speedlink.

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Disc BasedEdit

Box art Title Genre Description
3DDotGameHeroes 3D Dot Game Heroes Action/Adventure Designed to evoke nostalgia for 8- and 16-bit adventures, with a basic save-the-world plot and overhead Zelda-style gameplay, elemental dungeons included. (The Fire Temple is notoriously infuriating.) You can increase your sword's size to a ridiculous degree as a main way to deal damage. The entire gameworld is made of voxels ("3D pixels"), adding to its retro appeal, in addition to tons of other sly references to classic games. You can also construct your own character, voxel by voxel.
Afrika ps3 cover Afrika Sim A rare and mostly forgotten safari simulation game, where you are a photographer in the African savannah trying to get the best pictures of the wildlife. The graphics and orchestral soundtrack craft a pleasant gameworld where success requires patience, strategy, observation, and not getting tackled by a rhinoceros. Very interesting, but its deliberately slow pace isn't for everyone.
Aquanaut holiday ps3 Aquanaut's Holiday: Hidden Memories Adventure The culmination of the Aquanaut's Holiday underwater exploration series, heavy on atmosphere and lacking in specific goals. Has the best graphics yet and an actual story with characters, along with the series' esoteric elements, like communicating with certain fish. A beautiful world to explore to your heart's content, but this game is very hard to find.
ArcanaHeart3 Arcana Heart 3 Fighting What are you, some kind of insecure faggot? Get this shit it's awesome. Another game that takes inspiration from Guilty Gear, (those are rare) since the homing button acts essentially like Dust + Roman Cancels with its ability to cancel any move you make to immediately follow up on the opponent. Also gives you the ability to select another special function to use for the Arcana button, but that system is far too deep to go into detail.

Only on PSN for NA, but if you're in the UK you can get it on both 360 and PS3, on disk.

Ac4front Armored Core 4 TPS/Action/MECHASEXUAL Mech combat game, very complex and not for everybody. Build your "Core" and take part in the mech combat. Online multiplayer worldwide. Steep learning curve for somebody who has never played a game like this before, they don't ease you into the game at all; you really have to be willing to bear with it until you figure things out.
Foranswer Armored Core: For Answer TPS/Action/MECHASEXUAL Better than AC4, although not by much. It's basically the same game gameplay-wise, but with quite a bit of additional content, which includes more parts to use and new OTT special moves, like the "Air blast" you see on the cinematic trailer. Oh, there's more than one ending too, like in Last Raven. The only reason to buy AC4 over this would be for the plot, which I doubt anyone even cares about. Got some shit because the devs advertised off-line Bro-op before release, but that was never implemented. Online community is pretty much dead.
Ac-v Armored Core V TPS/Action/MECHASEXUAL More mech action. Tries to go back to its old roots and is also pretty much focused on multiplayer this time. The singleplayer is awfully short, so don't buy it expecting a lengthy campaign (though knowing From Software, there will likely be a campaign-oriented "sequel" in the near future).

Servers are dead now, the only reason you would get V is to get some parts for Verdict Day and to understad some story that isn't really touched in Verdict Day.

Armored Core Verdict Day PS3 cover Armored Core Verdict Day TPS/Action/MECHASEXUAL Surprise, From does it again, this time they didn't waste the budget on the intro so the game is better. Adds the stuff you would expect from an Armored Core expansion and the game is still multiplayer focused but the single player is a lot longer than and more difficult than V. Verdict Day now has two servers (International and Japanese) instead of US, JP and Everyone else and improved Conquest Mode,. Adds a cool spin on Hard mode and brings back being able to create AI controlled AC's that Formula Front had which surprisingly doesn't suck and is very in depth. Online isn't dead but getting into a active team might be some work. Can easily be played without needing to play Armored Core V but unlocking will be difficult.
Assassin'sCreedEzioTrilogy Assassin's Creed Ezio Trilogy Action/Adventure/Stealth A collection of the three main series Assassin's Creed games that feature Ezio. Assassin's Creed II, Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood, and Assassin's Creed: Revelations all on one disc. The collection also includes the Bonfire of the Vanities and Battle of Forli DLC for Assassin's Creed II.
In Assassin's Creed II, you're an assassin back in 15th Century Italy who takes the gig because your family got murdered. A great improvement over the first game, showing that Ubisoft actually paid attention to complaints. The repetitiveness of its predecessor was done away with, combining stealth, action, and platforming very well, while managing to be visually beautiful.
Brotherhood is essentially Assassin's Creed 2.5, but confined to the large city of Rome. Introduces a new multiplayer aspect that plays surprisingly well.
Revelations takes Ezio to the Ottoman Empire of Constantinople, with few changes from the previous installments.
Black flag ps3 Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag Action-Adventure / Stealth Prequel to ACIII (also technically a sequel if you consider the modern day story), you play as the pirate captain Edward Kenway on his quest for glory and riches, during which he will meddle with both Templar's and Assassin's affairs. The story is set on XVIII century Caribbean sea. Given the premise of the game you are going to spend lots of time behind the wheel of your ship. Surprisingly though, despite what you might think after playing ACIII, the naval missions are actually very fun and engaging. The world map is huge and contains lots of additional (though mostly filler) stuff to do. Overall it's a very fun open world game with beautiful, vacationy visuals and one of the best entries in the AC franchise.
AsurasWrath Asura's Wrath Action/Pressing R2 to Burst This is not an action game. It is dubbed "Interactive Anime." You as Asura, the Japanese Kratos, fighting to get back your daughter in a world that is inspired by both Hindu mythology and Sci Fi, with some DBZ and TTGL sprinkled on top. Gameplay is mostly quick time events, with some shoot 'em up segments and sub-par beat 'em up segments. The ending ends on a cliffhanger unless you purchase ending DLC. THANKS A FUCKING LOT, CAPCOM.
Altiererorona Atelier Rorona: The Alchemist of Arland RPG The eleventh game in Gust's Atelier series, and the first to use 3D models as opposed to 2D sprites. A grinding and collection-focused RPG with sparse story and characterization. If you love these aspects of JRPGs and don't care too much for plot or if you are a weeaboo, this might be the game for you.
This entry is probably going to be revamped to be about "Shin Atelier Rorona", basically a graphical and gameplay revamp of this, and will most likely come out overseas as well.
Atelier totori adventurer of arland ps3 box Atelier Totori: The Adventurer of Arland RPG More of the same, but improved in nearly all aspects. 3D models actually look decent this time as well. The time limit of Totori is less annoying than Rorona's, so that's cool. Has a number of DLC characters if you feel like putting down a few extra bucks.
If you're undecided on which of the 3 Arland games to start with, go with Totori, since it gives you a heads up on Rorona anyways, and is a bit easier for beginners to the Atelier universe.
Ported to Vita as Atelier Totori Plus, which has the DLC from this for free, along with a few other extras. Be warned of "High Tension Sexual Violence", as hilariously classified by Australian ratings.
AtelierMeruruTheApprenticeofArland Atelier Meruru: The Apprentice of Arland RPG Third and last game in the Arland series. This time you play as the princess Meruru of the Kingdom of Arls that wants to learn alchemy in order to make her country prosper. To succeed with this she has Totori as her teacher. Outside of alchemy you'll also get to develop your kingdom and do the usual adventuring. Has a digest of the first two Arland games in case this is your first game in the series.
Ported to Vita as Atelier Meruru Plus, also with pre-loaded DLC for free and some more extra content.
Atelier Ayesha is also in English, and part of a self-contained non-Arland series, but opinions are a bit mixed on it. Atelier Escha and Logy is also coming out soon in English, and looks to be fucking awesome.
Batman-arkham-asylum-game-of-the-year-edition Batman: Arkham Asylum Game of the Year Edition Action/Adventure/Stealth You play as the Goddamn Batman. That's reason enough to play it. Besides, it's fucking awesome. It's so awesome that it's already got an entry in the Guinness Book of World Records (no, seriously, go look it up).
Contains additional content compared to other versions.
Bimgwarner-bros-batman-arkham-city-game-of-the-year-edition-ps3 Batman: Arkham City Action/Adventure/Stealth/BEING THE GODDAMMNED BATMAN/10/10 You play as the goddamn Batman in a bigger, more open environment. If you enjoyed Arkham Asylum, but really wished you could grapple to buildings and shit, go for it.

Game of the Year Edition is out now, comes with every piece of DLC, including preorder outfits. Also includes the just released Harley Quinn's Revenge DLC. Best bang for your buck. Eat ma bam ham/10 - IGN.
Batman Origins is currently heated between let-down and worthy successor. Either way, wait for the GOTY addition, to be sure.

Battle fantasia frontcover large I1M9cZhdZ08kaJL Battle Fantasia 2D Fighting An overlooked title by Arc System Works (Guilty Gear) that uses toon-shaded graphics and an anime-fantasy cast. There is an unusual focus on story for a fighter, with light RPG elements as well. Implements a system similar to Street Fighter 3's parrying. Cute and whimsical.
Only available via download in NA
Bayonetta Bayonetta Action/Adventure Hectic action game by Hideki Kamiya in the style of Devil May Cry, starring an immortal witch with utterly ridiculous powers. The fighting is more focused on dodging than DMC, but the formula is similar in general, with droves of challenging enemies and insane boss battles. Everything about this game is turned up to eleven, including the story, set pieces and fan service. Beautiful baroque decoration on everything. Quite a bit of optional content. PS3 version suffered bad loading times and slowdown but that has been fixed (somewhat) with a patch.
Bayo 2 is Wii U only and not out yet. Physical copies will include a Bayo 1 port.
BestofPlayStationNetworkVol.1 Best of PlayStation Network Vol. 1 Compilation A treat for those who only buy physical copies, Best of PlayStation Network Vol. 1 includes the titles When Vikings Attack!, Sound Shapes, Fat Princess, and the very cool Tokyo Jungle, all on one disc. Ends up cheaper than buying them separately. Unfortunately, the DLC for these games is not present in the bundle. Still, not bad for the thrifty, and it's a decent gift idea.
BinaryDomain Binary Domain TPS A squad-based third-person shooter by the team behind Yakuza; you can order your varied group of teammates, with their own personalities, strengths and weaknesses, to help out in battle. How you treat them throughout the game determines their feelings towards you; there's a strong focus on relationship-building. The setting is futuristic in a clean, shiny way with amazingly realistic robot enemies and some notable boss battles, but gameplay gets stale outside of them. Definitely worth a try if you're looking for something unusual.

Also available on PC.

BioshockUltimateRaptureEdition BioShock Ultimate Rapture Edition FPS Contains BioShock 1 & 2 on disc, and includes "over $40 worth" of bonus content.

BioShock is the spiritual successor to the System Shock series, an FPS set in a destroyed objectivist underwater utopia. Focuses on plasmids (basically magic, such as lightning) as much as guns. Noted for its fantastic atmosphere. In BioShock 2 you play as a prototype Big Daddy on a quest to rescue his little sister. While the setting may not feel as new as it did in BioShock, the gameplay has seen noticeable improvement. Combat is fun, hacking is streamlined and the game has a terrific story with a fantastic ending. Multiplayer can be surprisingly fun.

Birds-of-steel-ps3-boxart Birds of Steel Flight Simulation Basically IL-2 with much improved graphics, a smaller plane roster, god-like enemy AI, more pacific maps,and an actual campaign. The campaign takes place on both the American and Japanese sides, with missions including you bombing Pearl Harbor, carriers, and fighting off invaders at Wake Island. Has real footage and good cutscenes, but is a little short and doesn't cover the entire Pacific war. There is also a decal system, with pinup girls, kill marks, squadron emblems, and commonly used decorations like lightning and shark jaws. Also includes good multiplayer, custom schemes from famous squadrons from all sides besides Japan, and a custom mission setup. Works incredibly well with a standard controller, and has 100% custom mapping.
BlazBlueExtendonPS3 BlazBlue: Continuum Shift Extend Fighting This is the sequel to Calamity Trigger, the story being set a few days after its predecessor. The gameplay mechanics have been changed and new modes have been added. There are a few versions of Continuum Shift, but Extend is the latest, adding Relius as a playable character (bringing the total roster to 19), and story modes for some of the DLC characters from previous versions.Continuum Shift Extend contains a more linear recap of the events in Calamity Trigger, making Calamity Trigger passable if you don't care a whole lot about the story. The next installment in the BlazBlue series, Chrono Phantasma, has hit the arcades in Japan and is expected to release on consoles some time in the future.
Bluronps3 Blur Arcade Racer A new-age cart racer for the mature masses. If Mario and his pals raced in the real world, it'd be Blur. Many different tracks, tons of cars, awesome powerups, online multiplayer and a challenging objective based single player make for a great racing title.
BNN3 front Boku no Natsuyasumi 3: Hokkoku Hen: Chiisana Boku no Dai Sougen​ Sim/Slice of Life Japanese only Animal Crossing-esque game where you play a Japanese boy in the 1970's enjoying summer vacation. You do stuff like bug catching, hill sliding, swimming, BEETLE SUMO, and childhood games. The most endearing part is arguably the diary, complete with crayon drawings. This game is text heavy with no trophies and no English, so you'd have to know moonspeak to even consider playing. That said, it is oddly interesting. Check these two pages boku-no-natsuyasumi-3-mini-review boku-no-natsuyasume-3-day-6 for more insight. The Best re-release of this game goes for cheaper.
Hellshighway front Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway FPS/Squad-Based Brothers in Arms makes a leap to the next generation. It takes the squad to Hell's Highway, site of one of the biggest military failures in WWII history. Considered by many fans to be the weakest link in the series so far, and inferior to the countless other military shooters out there, but you might be intrigued despite that.
BRUUUUUUUUTALL Brütal Legend Action-Adventure with RTS elements (single player)
Action-RTS (multiplayer)
Action-RTS game set in a world inspired by heavy metal album covers, in which you slay demons, drive hot rods, and gather the downtrodden humans into an army to take on a tour of destruction across the land.
It's a bit disjointed in that the single player is basically Heavy Metal Zelda with simplified versions of the multiplayer battles standing in for dungeons, whereas the multiplayer is much deeper and more strategic. In either mode though, it doesn't work if you try to play it like a traditional top-down RTS, you need to get in the battle alongside your troops and put your combat moves, solos and double teams to use.
Multiplayer community is somewhat dead on PS3, unfortunately.
Bulletstorm Bulletstorm FPS It is depressing how short this game is, because it is seventeen different kinds of amazing. So you play as these prisoners who are trying to escape this dying planet while also fighting away anything that crosses your path. Steve Blum voices the main character(of course). You have a bunch of guns and endless possibilities in how you go through every level. You get points based on how awesome you kill the enemies. You can shoot the equivalent of grenade nunchucks at some guy, tying him up in grenadey goodness, then use your foot to kick him into a group of enemies and detonate the grenade belt, taking them all out and scoring major points. That's a pretty basic way to kill someone. Called "The Worst Game Ever" by everyone's favorite news source, Fox, so you know its good. It's really short though, you'll get through it in about 5-7 hours if you are slow, and there isn't enough extra things to do to extend that past 15 hours. You may spend a lot of time learning new combos and stuff, but that's about it. A real shame too, since the lack to playtime really doesn't justify paying more than 30-40 bucks for it.

Also available on PC.

Bp front Burnout Paradise Racing Offering a whole new city, Burnout Paradise ditches its traditional roots. It feels like Burnout meets Need for Speed. Love it or hate it, the series has changed. Online multiplayer, DLC.
Also available on the Xbox 360 and PC.
Callofjuarezonps3 Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood FPS Remember the original Call of Juarez? Neither do I. Anyways, this is a fucking awesome Cowboy FPS where you play as a couple of brothers who have to fight their way through good ol' Mexico. Best played with a bro in bro-op. It came out 11 months before Red Dead Redemption, but no one played this because everyone was waiting for RDR and thus they missed out. You can get it for fucking cheap too nowadays.
CastlevaniaLordsofShadowCollection Castlevania: Lords of Shadow Collection Action-Adventure The latest Castlevania title and a reboot of the franchise. It borrows quite a bit of its mechanics from other games (a little God of War and a little Shadow of the Colossus to name a couple) but does so in a very good way. Overall it's a very good action game with beautiful graphics, polished gameplay and a good story. Oh, and did we mention Patrick Stewart narrates the entire game and voices one of the main characters?

Includes an HD port of the 3DS game Mirror of Fate, which received pretty mixed reviews. If you don't care about that then you can probably just get Lords of Shadow on its own for pretty cheap.

Catherine PS3 Box Catherine Puzzle/Action Atlus' first next gen game is a puzzle game with a storyline. Cheat on your girlfriend, chill with your bros at the local bar and climb towers straight out of hell at night. Don't let this stop you from at least trying the demo. It's quite fun actually. It's also one of the very few games that you can actually play one handed. If you dislike puzzle games and anime art in general, then it might not be your thing. Plus, it's rather story-heavy.
Child-of-eden-cover-ps3 Child of Eden Rhythm/Rail shooter

Move compatible

Spiritual sequel to Rez, stylistic graphics and music. A great reason to own the Move and almost makes a 3DTV worth owning.
Condemned2bloodshot Condemned 2: Bloodshot FPS/Horror A sequel to Condemned: Criminal Origins, a first person action thriller on the Xbox 360 and PC. Although considered inferior to its predecessor, it keeps some of the good, but loses a lot of it in favor of a horrible story choice. You fight a bear. North America and Europe.
Darksiderscover Darksiders Action/Adventure If Devil May Cry, God of War and Zelda had a baby, that baby would be Darksiders. You play as War, one of the four horsemen of the apocalypse and fight angels and demons in order to restore humanity and regain your lost dignity. Not all that visually impressive but fun as hell.
DarksidersII Darksiders II Action/Adventure This time, you play as War's brother, Death, before War begins his quest to investigate who began the apocalypse. Darksiders II is a sequel done right - everything from the first game is improved upon. You can now equip different weapons and armor that you find, much like a Diablo game. This of course opens up more options for combat, which feels more rounded out than the first game, but nowhere near as deep as a Devil May Cry game.
Dark-souls-ps3 Dark Souls Action RPG Spiritual Successor to Demon Souls, and arguably harder. It improves over every aspect of its predecessor, being at least twice as big and featuring a fully streamlined world, scarcer resources (no more carrying 99 of each grass). Focuses on a more open world design over Demon Souls' disjointed levels. The tendency system gave way to a new faction system, with each of the 9 covenants having it's own mission and thus expanding a lot the way the multiplayer system works. A world of both frustrating and rewarding challenges awaits as you fight your way through tons of incredibly atmospheric dungeons. And you will die in every one of them, multiple times. And you will like it. A lot.

Also available on the Xbox 360 and PC.

Dark souls 2 ps3 Dark Souls II Action RPG Places you in the presumably smelly shoes of another Chosen Undead, this time dispatched to conquer the forgotten kingdom of Drangleic. The least punishing of the Souls games by far (for example, Life Protection rings no longer disappear after breaking and can be repaired) but still a substantial challenge in its own right. PVP matchmaking is now determined based on the sum total Souls you've collected, rather than your current level. Among other minor changes: You can respec at least a dozen times in a given playthrough using a consumable, bonfires can be used to regenerate certain items and make enemies more powerful, and the weapon smithing system has been streamlined. Expanded with a trio of DLC's that add plenty of goodies and new things to kill.
DarkstalkersResurrection Darkstalkers Resurrection Fighting A compilation of both Night Warriors: Darkstalkers' Revenge and Darkstalkers 3, updated in HD with online multiplayer, spectator mode, and new unlockables.

Only available as a download on PSN for the US and Europe.

DeadorAlive5Ultimate(PS3) Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate 3D Fighting Newest entry in the DOA series. New characters, new stages, revamped move lists, revamped frame data, and all that you'd expect from a sequel in FG. It's vastly superior to DOA4 on pretty much every aspect, but specially gameplay wise. Why is that? Well, this isn't a hold fest anymore (they got nerfed). Now you can play a more traditional 3D FG with guaranteed setups, working sidesteps, wall game, ground game and stuff. The game itself is accessible, fun and flashy for newcomers; and for veterans it has to offer a deep and solid fighting game. Also, Amazing visuals.
DeadlyPremonitionTheDirector'sCut Deadly Premonition: The Director's Cut Survival Horror

Move compatible

Pretty much Twin Peaks - The Game. A Survival Horror game, with some sandbox elements, set in a small rural American town, where a gruesome murder has just occurred. Opens with the main character talking to himself about how Tom and Jerry are an analogy for abusive homosexual relationships. Very silly in a way, but still fun and interesting. Might not be the nicest looking game out there, but still absolutely worth your time if you like a good story.

Also available on PC with and on the Xbox 360 without the added features of the Director's Cut.

Dead rising 2 boxart ps3 Dead Rising 2 Action/Adventure/Horror Set in the fictional Fortune City which is modeled after Las Vegas. This installment includes co-op, a satirical multiplayer mode, and a dramatically increased number of zombies (roughly around 7,000 according to Joystiq). You can combine items to form crazy weapons (like a lawnmower+sweeper that sucks in the body parts it chops up). Don't worry if you haven't played the first one, just start with this since it's the same but more fun. "Off the Record", an unusual alternate version of this game is also available. The role of Chuck is replaced by Frank West and there are a bunch of gameplay improvements. If you haven't played this, get that.
2d 33607 0 0 DeadSpace Dead Space TPS/Horror Action-heavy survival horror 3rd person shooter that actually manages to be scary at times. A few jumps and a fantastic atmosphere, doesn't hold back on on it's gore or brutality, but doesn't overdo it either. Has an immersive user interface as well. There is DLC for stronger weapons and suits that make the game a lot easier on any difficulty.
DeadSpace2 Dead Space 2 TPS/Horror Issac's back, and this time he has a face and a personality. This time the game takes place in a Bioshock-esque abandoned and ruined civilization. Just as good if not better than the first one as an action game. Due to the constant action, there is very little tension or suspense and as such the only horror moments are shock horror. The PS3 version comes packaged with a port of the Wii Rail Shooter Dead Space: Extraction in glorious 1080p.
Demon's Souls Cover Demon's Souls Action RPG A dark fantasy with a dreary atmosphere, Demon's Souls allows you to create your character based on various classes and then sets you free in a world riddled with traps, monsters and sudden deaths. A very difficult game for those who are up to the challenge. Its online multiplayer system is amazingly forward-thinking and involves both cooperation and backstabbing. Dying in the game will come often, and usually as the result of an oversight on your part, but will mean you will need to run through the level from the beginning again. (Although some levels provide small shortcuts.) If that, and the subsequent triumph of overcoming the challenge it presents, doesn't seem like much fun to you, the game might not be for you. If it does, though, it is quite rewarding.
DeusExHumanRevolutionDirector'sCut Deus Ex: Human Revolution - Director's Cut FPS/RPG Prequel to the first Deus Ex. Everything you could ask for is in it. FPS/RPG action, multiple ways to complete an objective, hacking, stealthing, conspiracy theories, take downs, incredible detail, etc. Slightly more linear then the original, but definitely worthy of the Deus Ex title.

The Director's Cut contains the extra story DLC, improved textures, reworked bosses, and other features.

DevilMayCry4 Devil May Cry 4 Action/Hack 'n' Slash It's DMC, but now you play as new protagonist, Nero, and unlock Dante later. A solid combat system that can be used to rack up frankly insane combos (if you're good enough [spoiler]spam Devil Bringer with Nero, FIGHT LIKE A MAN with Dante with all 5 styles at once![/spoiler]), hilariously cheesy cutscenes and dialogue (as is standard in DMC) and a fair bit of replayability.
271030b1 Devil May Cry HD Collection Action/Hack 'n' Slash Contains the first three games (special edition for DMC3) upgraded in high definition. If you've never played a Devil May Cry game before, this collection is definitely worth picking up. Trophy support included.
DIRTFORPS3 DiRT 2 Racing The best rally racing experience of this generation. It has a fuck ton of cars and tracks, plus the style and music make this one impressive package. Also its pretty cheap now that its been out for a year or so. And if you enjoyed this, definitely get DiRT 3 as well, it's a whole new world.
Dirt-3-complete-edition-cover DiRT 3: Complete Edition Racing Improves on DiRT 2 by adding weather conditions (snow, rain, fog, wet track) and also night racing. That, and the Gymkhana, which is a very fun event where you do crazy stuff such as spins and jumps in a closed parking-lot style arena. Has tons of cars, including old-time legends such as the Audi Quattro Pikes Peak and lots of cars from the 60s, 70s and 90s. Every location in the game is different from DiRT 2, which makes this a very fresh experience (meaning 100% less deserts and jungles, and 100% more mountains and savannas). Actually almost every bit of content in this game is new so it's worth to keep your DiRT 2 copy and get one of this as well since they both have great exclusive tracks and cars, so this sequel doesn't kill its predecessor in any way.
Disgaea 3- Absence of Justice Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice SRPG A strategy RPG with an incredible amount of content. Has a goofy story that makes fun of itself, but nothing to write home about. Maximum experience level is 9999, but to finish the game you don't even need to make to level 500. Has tons of jobs, weapons, monsters, and other crap to earn. The graphics are pretty bad (indistinguishable from PS2 and PSP installments), but it doesn't stop the game from being fun.

Also available on the PS Vita.

Disgaea 4 US Cover Disgaea 4: A Promise Unforgotten SRPG Arguably the best Disgaea in terms of gameplay, MC, and extras. This one has a brand new HD animation system and everything, which looks awesome. Also has a level editor mode, but it's been gimped in the NTSC-U and PAL versions to avoid "naughty" maps or some shit.
DragonAgeOriginsUltimateEdition Dragon Age: Origins Ultimate Edition RPG The story is pretty generic by WRPG standards, the graphics are somewhat muddy, and the controls aren't the greatest, especially considering that it's designed for the PC. But, hey, it's got some decent interactive storytelling, and while the characters can be kind of annoying at points, they're not terrible. If you want WRPGs on the PS3, you don't have a whole lot of options, and Dragon Age: Origins is decent, if a bit average. Stay away from the sequel though, and be sure to get the Ultimate Edition so you don't have to deal with the game telling you to buy its DLC.
Dragon Ball Raging Blast PS3 Cover Dragon Ball: Raging Blast Fighting What Burst Limit shared with Budokai, Raging Blast shared with Budokai Tenkaichi. This game is cool and has characters a plenty in a large environment and wide world.
Dragon-ball-raging-blast-2-ps3- Dragon Ball: Raging Blast 2 Fighting The sequel to the 1st Raging Blast, this time around the game has more characters, a better developed story mode, and that new red dude? (not Janemba) Well apparently BANDAI is now bringing out everything Dragon Ball with this because this dude is from some DBZ movie in Japan.
Dragonball-Z-Burst-Limit-PS3 Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit Fighting Basically this is like if they remade Budokai but made its story better and more expansive with crisp graphics. The fighting is finally on par with the speed of the fighting in the show, and its got a fair number of characters to play as. Also features the over 9000 scene so now there's no reason not to buy this game.
Dragon'sCrown Dragon's Crown Beat 'em Up/RPG 2D beat'em up by Vanillaware. Multiple classes that can spec into different roles and have their own unique play-style, whimsical narration (it's like you're really playing tabletop, goddamn), multiple campaign routes, online multiplayer that requires teamwork, skill, and in-depth knowledge of the game to win, refined gameplay across all roles and classes and crisp visuals make for a must-have for any fan of beat'em ups and sword & sorcery tales. Controls can be a bit jarring at first (particularly touch-based stuff like cooking), but you get used to it after a while. Local co-op also takes getting used to in-town.
Also on the Vita, which makes the town-based and touch-based stuff MUCH easier, can cross-play online and cross-save with PS3 (and vice-versa). Regrettably, it's not cross-buy.
Dragon'sDogmaDarkArisen Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen Action RPG Action RPG complete with customization, questing, and terrific combat. The story revolves around a fearsome dragon who invades your happy village, then proceeds to literally rip your heart out and eat it, as you are the chosen one and bad shit must happen to you. You'll venture throughout the land, slaying mounting a myriad of mythical beast and invading dungeons. The customization is complete with body-types, facial appearances and pawns. Pawns are your fellow peers who will assist you in fights as an AI, providing you with helpful information and a hand. Aside from your own main pawn, you'll hire pawns from other players all over the globe. Combat consist of a variety of special moves that are specific based on your class. Some of these skills can be carried over to different classes, making it worthwhile to invest in multiple classes.
Rereleased as Dark Arisen with new enemies (including a new final boss), equipment, enhancements, augments, character customization options and an option for moonspeak. Please note that there is no upgrade option for the original game.
DriverSanFrancisco Driver San Francisco Racing/Driving/being a badass After a couple of not-so-great games, the Driver series is finally back with a great game. Gone are the horrible on-foot mechanics that almost ruined the series (thank God). Also, it has a crazy-ass premise: Tanner is in a coma, but he doesn't know it. He does however notice that he has a new ability called Shift; he can FLY INTO THE AIR AND JUMP INTO ANOTHER CAR NEARBY whenever he wants. It sounds dumb but it totally works. There's also so much to do from various challenges, races, multiplayer modes and unlockable movie chases that you get to re-enact: Bullitt, The Blues Brothers, The French Connection, Vanishing Point and much more. Also, for the first time in the series: 130+ official licensed cars, including the Dodge Charger and Challenger, Ford Mustang, Bentley Continental GT, Fiat 500 and the Delorean DMC-12.
Ducktales remastered box DuckTales: Remastered Platformer A remastering of the Capcom NES classic by the craftsmen over at WayForward, this also includes new levels, 2.5D HD sprites/visuals, 3D backgrounds designed by Mike Peraza and Rick Evans (Disney TV), voice acting from the original cast of the show (those still alive anyways), and a soundtrack by Jake Kaufman. The game is (arguably) a bit more balanced than the original release, as well, but some people complain this lowers the difficulty.
Dungeons&DragonsChroniclesofMystara Dungeons & Dragons: Chronicles of Mystara Beat 'em Up/Action RPG Compilation of two of Capcom's arcade classics, Dungeons & Dragons: Tower of Doom, and Dungeons & Dragons: Shadow over Mystara. Includes online multiplayer, a new loot hunting feature, and online leaderboards.
Only available as a download for North America and Europe. The Japanese release does have some JP-exclusive minor extras that the download doesn't, but you have to deal with moonrunes and importing though.
DynastyWarriors7 Dynasty Warriors 7 / Xtreme Legends Action The best Dynasty Warriors experience in years, The amount of battles and content is disturbing, and it will keep you busy for a long time. It goes without saying, if you like Dynasty Warriors, GET THIS GAME.
Xtreme Legends adds extra content, such as new characters, weapons, and modes, however, save data from the original release of Dynasty Warriors 7 is required to access the Story Mode (which features two player co-op) and Conquest mode.
Note: DW7: Empires is a bit of a different beast, but DOES let you transfer data from 7 and XL (especially DLC, thankfully).
DynastyWarriorsGundamu Dynasty Warriors Gundam Action Basically the average Koei game but with a Gundam theme. Become a Gundam pilot from the series and nostalgia all over your TV screen out of the fun this game has with Gundams in general. Some people like it, some hate it, but try it for yourself man. Mainly for fans of the show since it was based off of an anime. Gundam knowledge is not required but it helps.
Has a SHIN version coming out soon in JP land. Basically a revamp to make this as badass as later games. No word on localization though.
DynastWarriorsGundamu2 Dynasty Warriors Gundam 2 Action More gundams, more stuff, basically what a sequel is supposed to be in general.
DynastyWarriorsGundamu3 Dynasty Warriors: Gundams 3 Action Again, moar gundam, moar gaem. Not much else to say; if you liked the ones before it you'll probably like this one too.
Eternal Sonata PS3 Eternal Sonata RPG Featuring Chopin as a character, along with some of his work. The unique battle system is like a cross between Tales/Star Ocean and Grandia. Lots of Chopin's music accompanied by a great original soundtrack. Quite linear, and not very deep. Has additional content (specifically, two more playable characters) not found on the 360 version.
Fallout 3 Game Of The Year Edition Fallout 3: Game Of The Year Edition Action RPG/FPS Beginning with your father asking you what gender you are (and the option to change your mind at the age of 19), this sandbox RPG has been described as Bethesda's Oblivion, but with guns. Explore a post-apocalyptic wasteland as the Lone Wanderer after escaping the Vault your father left you to die in. Butthurt optional. Adds Karma (don't expect it to make sense, though :D) to the mix, allowing you to be either a saint or a total asshole who enslaves children and blows up a town. Obtaining the Game of the Year Edition is highly recommended, as there are a number of excellent DLC quests, as well as the Broken Steel expansion, which allows the game to continue after the original ending. Outclassed on almost all fronts by Obsidian's Fallout: New Vegas, but still a moderately entertaining game.
Nvups3 front Fallout: New Vegas: Ultimate Edition Action RPG/FPS Take Fallout 3, connect it to old Fallout canon in a meaningful way, add a faction reputation system, fully realized companions, and a level of content more reminiscent of Oblivion than Fallout 3. Made by Obsidian with the engine from Bethesda, New Vegas takes you into the Mojave Desert and lets you kick around in a sandbox full of infuriatingly powerful insects. Considered by Fallout fans to be more of a true Fallout game, the potential for roleplaying (and for acting like a moron when you give yourself 1 Intelligence) is greater, though the game can be quite buggy for some people. The Ultimate Edition adds in all of the DLC, which are all at least above average and worth a playthrough. Highly recommended to play this over Fallout 3.
FarCry3 Far Cry 3 FPS Good gameplay mechanics. Gunplay feels realistic enough to be challenging, and arcade-like enough to be fun. While the game tries to bloat play styles, it mostly comes down to either going balls out or being stealthy. Pretty fun otherwise. Missions are your typical open-world type with races, hunting, assassinations, etc. The story has a good concept, but is bogged down by being overtly-pretentious and unnecessarily surreal at times. Characters are irritating, with the most interesting fucking annoying character Vaas getting little screen-time.
F.e.a.rps3 F.E.A.R. FPS/Horror FPS/Horror hybrid. A few horror elements will make those less experienced in the genre jump. Online multiplayer.
Ffxiv box Final Fantasy XIV Online: A Realm Reborn MMORPG Significantly better than FFXIV's first outing, which was absolutely terrible. Squeenix listened to all the complaints and criticisms, and more-or-less created the game people actually wanted. This game is an old-school Final Fantasy lover's wet dream in online format. The combat system is a little tired (press button to use skill/spell, and make sure to move out of the way of attacks), however the dungeons are superb, as is the overworld, art, graphics, and music. It also has selling/auctioning items, player to player interaction, forming parties and 'companies' (guilds), and has a decent storyline to boot. It has had a few issues going out, but they've been patching regularly to fix anything the community generally complains about. Overall, a decent MMO with a fantastic setting.
Fist-of-the-North-Star-Kens-Rage US ESRB-MARK PS3boxart 160w Fist of the North Star: Ken's Rage Action/Beat 'Em Up It's fucking Fist of the North Star! A spin-off to publisher Koei's Warrior series, although some say it isn't as good as the Dynasty Warrior games.
FistoftheNorthStarKen'sRage2 Fist of the North Star: Ken's Rage 2 Action/Beat 'Em Up So basically the first game but with more stuff included. More features, characters, and BADASSERY. Available as a disc in Europe, while in America is available only as a direct download. Has mixed reception among FotNS and Musou fans alike.
Folklore-ps3 Folklore Action RPG An action-RPG where you unravel a murder mystery while fighting through various unique worlds alongside numerous monsters that you capture. Features colorful, vibrant graphics and sixaxis controls that actually work - and work well. Though you play as two different characters, you go through the same areas as each one, so it can get repetitive.
Formula One Championship Edition Formula One Championship Edition Racing This is a pretty good/decent racing game. The multiplayer is close to barren, but isn't bad if you can get a match going. I wouldn't suggest it to anyone but people who really like racing games.
Ghostbustersonps3 Ghostbusters: The Video Game Action Bust ghosts with the original bustas as the newest member of the team. Funny story that was actually written by Ramis and Aykroyd. Even better, everyone is voiced by the actors who played them in the old movies! This is the ultimate fanservice for fans.
Graw2ps3 front Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 Modern Tactical TPS/Squad Based The story mode takes place not even 24 hours after the first one ended. Still Clancy crap though. Combat has been vastly improved, and the AIs are even better. A fuck ton of people still play this online as of September 2010. Get this version over the original if you can find it, the story is easy to catch on to.
God-of-war-saga-ps3-57341 God of War Saga Action/Hack 'n' Slash/Anger Simulator X5 The whole shabang: every God Of War game excluding Ascension all in one big-ass package. Worth the money since its pretty nice. Also includes a 1-month free voucher for PS Plus. The set contains the two PSP titles God of War: Chains of Olympus and God of War: Ghost of Sparta updated with higher frame rate and output resolution, improved controls, and trophies (one platinum trophy for each game). These are downloads, but there is a physical collection that includes both (God of War: Origins Collection). God of War 1-3 are on disc. God of War and God of War II are updated with higher frame rate and output resolution, and trophies (one platinum trophy for each game). God of War III is the long awaited conclusion to the God of War trilogy. Gameplay is nearly identical to that of the first two games. That is a good thing. Some of the bosses and visuals are so massive and beautiful that you'll want to stop and just look around you. Also holy fuck you rip the fucking sun's fucking head off and use it as a flashlight what the fuck.
God of War Ascencion PS3 cover God of War Ascension Action/Hack 'n' Slash It's more of the same. Nothing wrong with that. Another midquel. Definitely play God of War Saga first though, since it has 5 times as much content. Graphics pretty much max out the PS3's hardware (God of War III wasn't far behind).
Granturismo5 Gran Turismo 5 Racing It took a longass time, but the latest GT is finally out. Insane amounts of hours to be put into the verbose car tweakan. Online modes are pretty boss. For those unfamiliar, this game focuses more on being a driving simulator, and less on being an arcade-ish game like Need For Speed.
Grand-Theft-Auto-Complete-Edition-cover Grand Theft Auto IV: The Complete Edition Sandbox Arguably one of the best second best of the GTA franchise. If you're playing missions, you're doing it wrong. Prepared to laugh like a dingus when Roman calls you for the 400th time asking to see "BEEG AMERECAHN TEETEEZ"
GEVS Gundam Extreme Vs. 2vs2 Arena Fighter Gundam themed two on two arena fighter, was the top hit in Japanese arcades. Has a large cast, and is rather fast paced compared to the other Gundam games out. Surprisingly, the amount of suits doesn't completely break the game as each suit requires a in-depth knowledge of it in order to be good. Also the game relies heavily on teamwork, so even two powerful suits can get wrecked by two grunt suits if they had better chemistry. Game is rather fun, but there are two problems: Import-only (unless you're Japanese) and is likely to get a disc upgrade December 2013-Early 2014 since the new version is out in arcades.
HatsuneMikuProjectDivaF Hatsune Miku: Project Diva F Rhythm The popular fictional diva finally gets an American release with Project Diva F. The game contains 30+ songs, each with their own background videos, unlockables, and character customization. A fun rhythm game even if you're not a big fan of vocaloids. Released both digitally and physically in North America, though the physical release is pretty hard to find. Europe only got it digital.
Houseofthedeadps3 House of the Dead: Overkill - Extended Cut Light Gun / Being A Badass

Move compatible

A port of the Wii version with Move support and two additional chapters. House of the Dead takes on a 70's pulp Grindhouse cinema feel. Corny dialogue/acting, lots of MOTHERFUCKIN' swearing and tits, and plenty of blood. A combo system makes scoring high a test of pure skill, and there are a variety of different weapons to splatter zombies with. Hell, if you unlock DUAL GUN MODE, you can play by yourself dual wielding guns, or with four people on two teams. The best House of the Dead game EVER! Set a world record for most f-bombs (which was beaten by Mafia 2).
HyperdimensionNeptuniaMk2 Hyperdimension Neptunia Mk2 RPG/Kawaii/Desu/Moe Kawaii SciFi Moe Anime: The Game: The Sequel. Improves a bit on the first game's tedious combat and travel systems, making it more of a breeze to go through the game and watch more girls and fanservice. Voice acting's a bit worse though, and the half dub doesn't help. It's a basic turn-based RPG\Visual Novel mix with dungeon crawler segments similar to those of Persona 3. There is an "affection system" that determines which ending you get. Also, there's a feature that allows you to customize the main character's hyper mode with your own pictures. Up to you whether the characters are perfect waifus or shallow. Riddled with animu tropes.

Also available as a download on PSN.

Ico shadow cover The Ico and Shadow of the Colossus Collection Action/Adventure A port of the two PS2 games that are always used in "video games are art" arguments, with updated framerate, HD textures, anti-aliasing, trophies, better lighting, etc...

In Ico, you control a boy named Ico, and have to solve architectural puzzles to aid Princess Yorda in your joint escape, with occasional, shallow combat sections. The game's atmosphere is a big part of its critical appeal and timelessness. Plays very different from SotC.

In Shadow of the Colossus you play as Wander, and must seek out, climb, and slay sixteen Colossi. These long, awesome, puzzle/platformer battles form the bulk of the game, and are the only enemies. Very atmospheric.

Imas Idolm@ster 2 Simulation/Rhytm The only game Japan bought a 360 for is finally on the PS3. (Now you won't need to buy a Japanese 360 for your weeaboo needs!) As the producer, you'll have to use your management skills to make your idols the TOP AIDORU! This is also the closest you AKB48/SNSD fans fags will get to an idol management game (unless you count that shitty flash game). Features some PS3 exclusive content, like Hatsune Miku DLC.
Infamouscollection inFAMOUS Collection Action/Adventure

Move compatible

Contains inFAMOUS and inFAMOUS 2, as well as the downloadable Festival of Blood. Sandbox game where you play as a man with lightning powers. Many of the powers are very satisfying to use. Features a cool story with comic book-esque cut-scences. The game boasts about it's moral choice system, which allows for some replay ability, though it's ultimately pretty uninteresting; Gameplay wise, it's pointless to not be either completely good or evil, as it's the only way to get the alignment exclusive abilities, which aren't very different from each other. Story wise, it feels pretty good to be a good guy, and is canon. The sequel has many many improvements over its already awesome predecessor. More awesome free roaming with some COOL HOT new abilities makes inFAMOUS 2 one COOL HEATED PARTY (He gets fire and ice powers). Festival of Blood is a fun little spin-off about Cole becoming a vampire.
Initial D Extreme Stage Cover Initial D Extreme Stage Racing / Fangasm This is a very 'arcadey' touge racing game, definitely not for everyone (Touge = downhill/uphill one-on-one races in those windy mountain roads in Japan). In fact, chances are that only fans of the series can actually enjoy this. Basically, you create your driver and get to face each and every racer ever to appear in the series, while listening to eurobeat music (although sadly this game has the worst OST selection of all Initial D games). Some of those races are piss easy but there are some almost ridiculously impossible ones, that demand surgical precision and reflexes to take on those turns. For those unfamiliar with Initial D: it doesn't have that many cars, physics are weird, gameplay is clunky and every track looks about the same, but the fans knows what to expect (meaning every car and location featured in the series will be there, plus a few more, and all that DORIFUTO through the hairpins).
Injustice-Gods-Among-Us-Ultimate-Edition-PS3 Injustice: Gods Among Us - Ultimate Edition Fighting Injustice: Gods Among Us - MK9 but with a DC mod. While it does have some cool gimmicks, (stage transitions, clashes, interactive objects, charge attacks, etc.) the core gameplay is the same. If you like MK9 and/or DC, then it's a no brainer. Otherwise it's worth a rent to see if you like it. As a side note, the female character models are still ugly as fuck.
Ultimate Edition Includes all DLC.
Jak and Daxter Collection NSTC cover Jak and Daxter Collection Compilation HELL YEAH MOTHERFUCKER. Jak and Daxter are back! Well, sort of. Not exactly the Jak 4 we wanted, but an awesome love letter to the fans. Includes the whole Jak PS2 trilogy on the PS3 for the first time ever in HD, similar to the Sly Collection. The games featured are also buyable via the PS3 store but separately at most; this route is probably cheaper.
Jojo-s-bizarre-adventure-all-star-battle Playstation3 cover JoJo's Bizzare Adventure All-Star Battle 2.5D Fi-ORAORAORAORA MANLIEST GAME EVER , FUCK YOU.

That aside, this game is fucking beautiful, created by the same bunch of people who made the equally beautifully looking Naruto Storm games and Asura's Wrath, its basically a fighting game featuring a fuckton of JoJo characters (yes even Dio, I know you want to play as Dio) as they just battle it out and shit like every other fighter out there. Confirmed for western release, so now nobody is safe!

JourneyCollector'sEdition Journey Collector's Edition Compilation Journey, flOw, and Flower, three critically acclaimed downloadable titles now bundled together on one disc. Great for those who enjoy owning physical copies of their games. Also comes with a one month trial of PlayStation Plus.
JustCause2 Just Cause 2 Sandbox First game was famous for having infinite potential that it didn't live up to. This one comes much close to that potential. Run around a hugeass tropical island as a Latino Batman Spiderman while doing insane stunts with your mechanical wire and blowing shit up, just 'cause you can. Pretty good Sandbox shooter with a massive world, the biggest flaw of the game is the god-awful, hilarious voice acting.

PC version has a small modding community

KatamariForever Katamari Forever Ball Rollan A self-serving tribute to the Katamari Damacy series, much of its content is recycled from previous games, but now in 1080p and sporting several visual filters. It has loads of content, an all-new story and a great remixed soundtrack that picks up the best of previous games. There's nothing like the original Katamari Damacy, but if you're a big series fan, this is Namco's treat to you.
Kingdoms-of-Amalur-Reckoning-ps3-box-art Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning Adventure/Action-RPG/Hack n Slash-ish Kingdoms of Amalur is a mix of some good games, and it comes together in a nice way. It mixes bits of TES, God of War, and and Fable in many good ways and has a pretty great atmosphere. With a pretty decent storyline (written by authors such as R.A. Salvatore), and plenty of other side quests, the world in Reckoning feels very much alive. The lore is very rich (hence the TES inspiration), the combat is mostly hack n slash-y (like God of War), and the graphics and atmosphere of Fable is present and makes the world very fantastical. The only real complaints with this game is that at times it feels a little empty, but you'll be too indulged in the world to notice or really care too much.
Killzonetrilogy Killzone Trilogy FPSMove compatible The Killzone trilogy contains the original Killzone updated in HD, Killzone 2, and Killzone 3 all on-disc. Multiplayer packs for 2 and 3 are included.

Decent story mode featuring British space-nazis, great online play. Even if you're not interested in another online FPS, you should still play for the story, which has some cool bosses.

Optionally utilizes the move controller to much success.

Kof13ps3box King of Fighters XIII, The Fighting Thanks to community feedback, SNK fixed problems from the previous title. With faster action, over six different play modes, clearer and vibrant backgrounds. repaired and improved online, NEOMAX supers, and rebalanced move lists, this is vastly improved from 12. Several fan faves like Yuri, King, Kula, K’, Maxima (NOBODY REAL MEN LIKE MAXIMA), and Mai also return. Gorgeous animations, and some fun fanservice (both meanings) alternate color-schemes/costumes. Of all the companies, this is being brought over by... ATLUS?! Yeah, I'm shocked, too. They even have a cool bonus edition set like they often do.
KingdomHearts1.5HDRemix Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMIX Action RPG North America and PAL regions finally get their hands on a translated version of Kingdom Hearts: Final Mix. Also includes Re: Chain of Memories and a movie version of 358/2 Days. The only problem with this is that Kingdom Hearts 1 has a few sound cutoffs and such and its noticeable, but its not enough to ruin the whole game for you. However this is only in SOME copies of the game. I've personally never encountered it.
Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIX Action RPG Same situation as the 1.5 collection, only this time around, it's Kingdom Hearts II: Final Mix, Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep: Final Mix and the movie scenes of Re:Coded (it's not worth watching). The story takes an absolute nose-dive into ridiculous confusion and homo-eroticism while making a trade off for the best gameplay experiences of the series. Some of the Final Mix additions in 2 include FOURTEEN EXTRA BOSS BATTLES, new cutscenes, new items, new Dark Souls tier difficulty, a bunch of new abilities and tons more. Birth By Sleep FM changes are similar to 2, yet changed from the original is the inclusion of Second Chance + Once More being available in Level 1 mode, so it's easier this time around.
Littlebigplanet 2 LittleBigPlanet 2 PlatformerMove compatible The sequel to LittleBigPlanet, but with a butt load more content then ever before and you are able to customize your own story. There's pretty much no reason not to get this over the first one. Multiplayer and customization go further than just pure platforming now. Some of the best user-made stuff is damn impressive.
LollipopChainsaw Lollipop Chainsaw Action/Adventure SUDA 51 and James Gunn brings you a pretty decent action game, about a cheerleader killing zombies while her boyfriend's head is strapped to her belt. Gameplay is built around knocking zombies out with your pom poms, dropkicks and whatnot and then finishing them off with your chainsaw. (Or you could just abuse armadillo spin.) Very short, but lots of replay value with online leaderboards and loads of unlockables like new costumes, moves, songs and art. If you're the kind of person who plays through games once and that's it, you might be disappointed.
Lostplanetps3 Lost Planet: Extreme Condition TPS Fight giant bugs and monsters on foot or in in mechs. The biggest complaint about this game is the thermal energy index, which pretty much serves as a time limit.
Superior "Colonies Edition" available on the Xbox 360 and PC.
LostPlanet2 Lost Planet 2 TPS Like the first but way better. First off, the world isn't frozen any more so your thermal energy doesn't constantly run out (no more time limit). Second off, campaign is up to 4 player co-op, including 2 person split-screen, however split-screen doesn't utilize the full screen, similar to other capcom games. Competitive multiplayer is nothing special.
MajinandtheForsakenKingdom Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom Action/Adventure/Platformer Good game with a lot of heart. The graphics are nice, 3D platforming is decent, and has an old school puzzling charm about it. Somewhere between Ico, Zelda, and Castlevania. Recommended if you can get over the fact it has some of the most FUCKAWFUL VOICE ACTING.

Created by Game Republic (creators of Folklore, Genji) before they imploded into nonexistence.

Mass Effect Trilogy Mass Effect Trilogy RPG/TPS The story is about Commander Shepard and his/her favourite shop on the citadel fight against the Reapers, the greatest threat that ever occurred in space.The player can model Shepard after his likings, adjusting things like gender or look. The decisions of the player are also of importance, influencing not only the story of Mass Effect, but also it's successors, Mass Effect 2 and 3.
MaxPayne3 Max Payne 3 TPS Best gunplay in the series, however the comic book panel storytelling method has been replaced by unkippable cutscenes and many criticize it for "not being Max Payne" because of the new cover and "last stand" mechanics, as well as not being "noir" enough. Still a solid game overall and worth it to find out how much more of a fuck up Max can be.
Megazone 23 Megazone 23:
Aoi Garland
Action/Adventure Only available in Japan, but there is an Oversea's Edition, that comes bundled with the Anime from 1985, completely with English Dub. It is somewhat a hybrid of adventure game as well as command-based mecha combat simulator. In this title, players will interact with the many characters from the series and control robots by choosing attack commands from a window.
MetalGearRisingRevengeance Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance Hack 'n' Slash/Cyborg Ninja Simulator The closest thing to Devil May Cry 5 that you will ever play. Follows the exciting adventures of Raiden, the weird dude from the fourth game who was using his cybernetic enhancements to have fight-sex with that vampire guy.

Made by Platinum games, who made other kick-ass games such as Bayonetta and Vanquish. Naturally, the story and dialogue are extremely silly, even for Metal Gear standards. The story mode only lasts about 5 hours, so most of the time spent playing will be for getting 100% completion with collectibles and the 20 (+40 DLC) VR Missions. Other story DLC available where you get to play as different characters.

MetalGearSolidTheLegacyCollection Metal Gear Solid: The Legacy Collection Tactical Espionage Action The entire main series of Metal Gear Solid in the palms of your hands. Contains Metal Gear 1 & 2 (part of the Metal Gear Solid 3 bonus content), downloadable vouchers for Metal Gear Solid and the VR Missions, as well as discs for both Metal Gear Solid HD Collection and Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots.

The HD Collection includes Sons of Liberty, Snake Eater and Peace Walker in one package with improved resolution and widescreen presentation. Most of the Substance and Subsistence extras are present, except the skateboard mode and Snake VS Monkey mode. If you're a Metal Gear fan, especially if you dont own a PSP, you need this. Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots takes the rapidly-aging Solid Snake on his final mission. The game has many new faces and attempts to resolve the stories of practically everyone in the series, making for lots and lots of exposition. It is somewhat more action-oriented, but higher difficulties will demand expert stealth. Holds a Guiness World Record for longest cutscene (the end of the game is 71 minutes long).

Mirror'sEdge Mirror's Edge First-Person Running First person action/platformer focused on parkour. If you can get a hang of the controls and keep your cool whenever you mess up, it can be an amazing experience. Almost hospital-like sterile graphics (motherfucking 3 colours, but done with CLASS) and the big city atmoshpere make it absolutely a must-have if you're searching kind of gamer. Not for the ADD gamer. Beautiful music.
ModNation Racers box art Modnation Racers Racing United Front Games' first release. After the success of LittleBigPlanet's Play Create Share, concept, the game was the big karting game on PS3 (sorry, no Unkarted, it looks like). A ridiculous difficulty made the game hard to get into, but the level creator worked well.
Mortal-kombat-komplete-edition-ps3 Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition Fighting FINISH HIM! This entry abandons the Soul Calibur-style 3D formula of Deadly Alliance and the other PS2-gen titles, and goes back to the 2D formula of the classic titles (with modern additions and 3D graphics). The gore has been stepped up to a never before seen level. Has 4 DLC characters out: Rain, Kenshi, Skarlet, and Freddy Krueger. The PS3 version includes Kratos as a character, making it the definitive version.
MotorStorm Motor Storm Racing Hailed as the first "next-gen" racer. Lacks splitscreen multiplayer, unfortunately. Also lacks trophies, due to being released before the PS3 had them. Race jeeps, trucks, motorcycles, and other shit all at once. Controls may seem tough at first.
MotorStormPacificRift Motor Storm: Pacific Rift Racing A lot better than the first. Has splitscreen and trophies now.
MotorStormApocalypse Motorstorm: Apocalypse Racing A bigger, better, badder Motorstorm. Alright single-player and absolutely incredible multiplayer (online and off). Unfortunately, many feel that it doesn't live up to the Motorstorm name.
Orochi-x Musou Orochi Z Action If you like the Dynasty Warriors games, this is as good as it gets. That is, so long as you understand moonspeak; there's no English version.
634488 218727 front Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm Generations Fighting Basically has more of the Shippuden story along with the characters from the original series mixed in there as well. Also has some new anime content made just for the game itself. Like every other one, it's recommended for fans of the show mostly, but it's still a good fighting game to check out nonetheless. Has a sequel called Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 but is considered worse because of various reasons (Cut side combos for ALL characters, less modes, Pre-time skip characters in, Only 12 new characters, online still unbalanced.) Stick with Generations till CC2 gets their shit together.
Nier ps3 NIER [JP: NIER Gestalt] Action-RPG Sequel to ending E of the PS2 game Drakengard, NIER is a game set in a dying world where a father does everything and more to provide for his sick daughter. Has an unusual cast of characters and a layered story, which isn't afraid to ask the Big Questions. Cold and hazy environments reminiscent of Shadow of the Colossus; combat could really use a lock-on system, and is otherwise it's biggest weakness. Excellent soundtrack. A very solid and distinctive game that will satisfy everyone looking for a short RPG or a good story.
NinoKuniWrathoftheWhiteWitch Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch RPG A beautifully done JRPG that has tons of things to do in it. As Oliver, you're sent to save an alternate universe so that your mom can be brought back to life in your world (it makes more sense when you play it). The game's combat can be played out in many ways; Oliver can go into battle as a mage and wreck shit with his spells (be sure to have LOADS of MP though), or send out a familiar to fight the battle in a more traditional turn-based, melee approach. The familiars are pretty cool, and are basically an updated revision of Pokemanz, in the sense that they can evolve, learn new moves, and also cast special magic. This is a great game, and a good entry-level JRPG for someone who isn't afraid to grind occasionally. Many of the environments have a filter over them that gives them the look of being painted, which is very nice. As with Studio Ghibli movies, expect really nicely animated cutscenes (that are a bit few and far between), and the typical off the wall humor. Another great thing about this game is the fact that there are many different variations of enemies within the game, with each specific area having a set type of wildlife. Plenty of side quests, too.
Ninja-gaiden-sigma Ninja Gaiden Sigma Action A beautiful remake of the original Xbox's Ninja Gaiden, now in glorious 1080p. Contains SHIT FUCKING TONS of additional content. Also, prepare to die a lot, as it's still hard as balls like the original.

Also on Vita.

NinjaGaidenSigma2 Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 Action The sequel to Ninja Gaiden Sigma and the PS3's refined version of Ninja Gaiden II for the Xbox360. This is obviously supposed to be the improved edition of the Xbox 360 one, and pretty much everything about it is better, except for two things: toned down violence and reduced difficulty. WHAAAAAT!? Get over it though, because this version has shit tons more content and is visually superior.

Also on Vita, but the port runs much slower.

Nomoreheroesps3 No More Heroes: Heroes' Paradise Beat 'Em Up

Move compatible

A hilarious, violent, and over the top beat-em-up which is a port of the Wii version (Move support included). You play as Travis Touchdown, a would be #1 killer, who also does various side jobs to make pay for entry fees and pumping up his gear and body. The characters and voice acting are fantastic. The boss battles in particular are quite cleverly designed. Only the western versions contain gore. Also includes some of the bosses from NMH2 and a gallery mode DLC (1$), featuring fan service ready Sylvia for your right arm's delight.
OkamiHD Ōkami HD Action/Adventure

Move compatible

Okami, now in glorious 1080p. Be a wolf goddess in medieval Japan, run around doing inane things for villagers, and be a part of a beautifully realized parody of Japanese mythology and culture. The game is fairly easy, so if you want a challenge, sell exorcism slips when you get them--you'll want the yen anyway. Very long, with some rather tedious cutscenes, but the graphics are more beautiful than ever (just be sure to turn the rice paper filter up.) The full credits are back, but sadly without the Reset song that the Wii/PS2 versions had. Comes with Move compatibility if you want to waggle. No physical release in the west, HOWEVER, the Hong Kong version comes with fully compatible English. Otherwise, get off the PSN store.
OnePiecePirateWarriors One Piece: Pirate Warriors Action One Piece meets Dynasty Warriors. You go through the story from the beginning of the East Blue arc all the way through the 2 year timeskip through cutscenes and flashbacks. It's disc based in JP/EU, though sadly only digital in US, and at a whopping 11GB to boot. Best bet is to import the euro version. There's no funimation dub, only subs this time around. Sequel already out for PS3/Vita and is obviously better than the original.
One-Piece-Pirate-Warriors-2-Box-Art One Piece: Pirate Warriors 2 Action Sequel to the latter, blah, blah, blah. Improves among the last game adding mre characters, new stories, and all that good sequel stuff. Story mode this time around isn't as following to the plot as the first, rather than it being its own seperate thing. Theres also a PSVita version, but JP only.
P4A Persona 4 Arena Fighting The popular RPG franchise gets a fighting game! While it did get some flak for being the first PS3 region locked game (doesn't help they keep on delaying it for Europe), it's definitely worth the time. Great netcode, story lasts around 30-40 hours, and is faster paced than Blazblue. Pretty good for getting into fighting games in general too.

Protip: This is important, if you want to reduce lag in online matches, please do not skip the match intros.

Portal2 Portal 2 FPS/Puzzle This game is leaps and bounds better than Portal in every way (but not really), although short it is definitely worth your time. This game is great and has co-op that actually requires the players to work together as opposed to just lone wolfing. Features the first implementation of Steamworks on a console and even comes with a code to redeem a copy on PC (only in the PS3 version).
Prototype Prototype Action/Sandbox You are virusman! All you need to know about this game is that you can do an elbow-drop off the top of the Empire State Building. The story is muddled but it centers around your character Alex being a giant dick face. It's silly to even consider him a hero at all, even though he's being characterized as one. Also your love interest is your sister? Graphics are shit, enemy AI is shit, and the controls are shit, but it's greater than the sum of it's parts.
Pureps3front Pure Racing High-intensity ATV racing. Awesome music, beautiful graphics, and sick stunts to perform in midair amidst an awesome guitar riff for no goddamn reason except for looking badass. All the more surprising is that it was published by Disney of all companies. Only setback is that it suffers from a nasty case of rubberbanding, which makes it artificially harder, but also makes winning extremely satisfying. A sequel was planned but got canceled due to low sales.
Vegasbaby Rainbow Six Vegas Squad Based/Tactical It's Rainbow Six, but in Las Vegas. Leading a squad down the Vegas strip and through casinos filled with sounds of slot machines does not get old. Plenty of people still play this and its sequel online.
Backnvegasbaby front Rainbow Six Vegas 2 Squad Based/Tactical More awesome Rainbow Six Vegas action with better graphics and multiplayer. Story is on par with the first game but both are worth playing through. Also there's a new terrorist hunt mode where you go around with bros fighting the impressive AI enemies around the multiplayer maps. Much fun to be had. An all-around improvement on an already amazing game.
A41 front Ratchet and Clank: All 4 One Co-Op/Platformer/TPS Basically Sony's own version of Gauntlet: Dark Legacy, or New Super Mario Bros. in its own light. You can play as all 4 (duh) of the Ratchet characters featured on the box art. Has online co-op as well. Not as good as earlier entries in the series but hey, still a Ratchet and Clank game.
God-of-war-saga-ps3-57343 Ratchet and Clank Collection Platformer/TPS Three of the best PS2 games around and etc all packed into one big ol' collection thats more bang for your buck.

WARNING: There are many bugs documented below, so some would argue this makes it inferior to the originals.

Ratchet&ClankFutureToolsofDestruction Ratchet and Clank Future: Tools of Destruction Platformer/TPS The same gunning and platforming action you've come to love. Now with Pixar-esque graphics. Fucking hilarious cut-scenes and some great dialogue. Notably this has recently been re-released as a greatest hits title, dropping the price down to 29.99 and giving it one of those sweetass red cases. Now there's no reason not to own this.
Quest for booty Ratchet and Clank Future: Quest for Booty Platformer/TPS The second game in the future trilogy. A short but sweet Ratchet and Clank title released at a lower price for download from the PSN (and as a disk in PAL territories). Features less content than usually find in Ratchet and Clank, but still fun to play. Has more puzzling and platforming than shooting, seeing as the game pulls a Samus on you right at the beginning. Colorful environments, robot pirates, and zombie robot pirates included.
Ratchet & Clank Future- A Crack in Time2 Ratchet and Clank Future: A Crack in Time Platformer/TPS The latest Ratchet and Clank installment, and the final game in the "Future" trilogy. Lengthy and full of moons/planets to explore. Weapon selection is a bit skimpy early on, in an otherwise fantastic sequel. It's everything you've come to expect of R&C on PS3.
RaymanOriginsbox Rayman Origins Platformer

A really good game with a lot of beautifully stunning artwork much like the 1st Rayman game. Kinda like New Super Mario Bros. in which it has local 4-player consisting of Rayman, Globox, and two Teensie's.

Rayman-legends-ps3 Rayman Legends Platformer Sequel to Origins. More 2D platforming fun with even more beautiful visuals. Great for co-op. If you are a fan of platformer games, these two are a must.
Red-dead-goty-ps3 Red Dead Redemption: Game of the Year Edition Sandbox/Action/Being a Western Dickhead It's essentially Grand Theft Horse. Multiplayer leaves a lot to be desired, just like GTA, but it's still good for a laugh. There's also bear huntin'. Includes the Undead Nightmare DLC. You get to kill Zombies and saves towns and shit. You also get to kill MOTHERFUCKING BIGFOOT!
Redfactionbitch front Red Faction: Guerrilla TPS/Sandbox Open-world sandbox environment that's gameplay revolvs around it's destructible environments. Multiplayer is surprisingly refreshing. Campaign is fun though the music and story are weak. Difficulty gets easier as it goes on, except at the very end when almost every enemy has guass-rifles. The destruction element is the focus here, and it adds more to the fun than you would expect. DLC for more maps online and in wrecking crew mode available, story mode DLC also available.

PC version suffers from some porting issues but has a small modding community.

RE5 Gold Edition ps3 boxart Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition TPS/Survival Horror Move compatible Plays like Resident Evil 4, looking and feeling far more like an action/adventure game than survival horror, making this a loved/hated game among RE fans. This time you play as Chris Redfield in sub-saharan Africa. Pretty good single player campaign, great if you play through with a second player, and any of the various other multi-player modes make for good fun too. Gold Edition has several added features including additional play modes and Move support. PS3 version has PS Move features not available on other consoles.
Resident Revelations PS3 Resident Evil Revelations Survival Horror An HD Port of the Nintendo 3DS version. Opinions of the game differ, some liking the game alot, thinking it's a return to form of the prior Resident Evil titles. Others think it's boring and gameplay wise a step down from Resident Evil 5 and 6. A hard sell at it's full pricetag, but if you can get it for cheap, it's absolutely worth a look.
ResistanceFallofMan Resistance: Fall of Man FPS A kickass launch FPS with a bunch of crazy guns (It's made by the Ratchet & Clank guys after all!). A weapons wheel gives the player a lot of freedom in how they want to dispatch enemies. Each weapon has gimmick and a secondary fire-mode, such as a gun that shoots out barriers. However an old health bar system, lack of ammo, and SPARSE checkpoints make the game PUNISHINGLY AWESOMELY difficult. Great multiplayer, too, but not many people play it anymore.
Resistance2 Resistance 2 FPS Similar to the first but with massive bosses. Many things have been added and taken away, for example you can only carry 2 guns at a time now. The main story does not support co-op, but there is a co-op only mode that has a mission structure to it, and can be really fucking hard without 4 players (and even then). 60 person online competitive play. Sequel is out and plays more like the first.
Resistance3 Resistance 3 FPS

Move compatible

The Weapon wheel, absent from Resistance 2, makes its return, as does co-op campaign, and health packs. In fact, since you're playing Joe Capelli, you don't have the Chimera phlebotinum in you and there's no health regen. At all. Some weapons are new, others are merely enhanced, but all in all, it's a great game.
14910-1- Resonance of Fate RPG Known as End of Eternity in Japan, this is a somewhat slow JRPG with a steep learning curve, complex battle mechanics, and an okay/decent story revolving around the climate wreaking havoc on humanity. The story takes a back seat to the actual gameplay. Characters are fairly generic JRPG characters (except for Vashyron, who is pimp as fuck and voiced by NOLAN NORTH) but the environments can be pretty cool looking.
Ridge Racer 7 Coverart Ridge Racer 7 Racing It's Ridge Racer.  RIIIIIIIIDGGEEE RAAACERRRRR (6.5)! An arcade racer with an emphasis on high speed and over-the-top drifting, to the point where the brake button is never used. Despite the name, most of the cars and tracks were rehashed from Ridge Racer 6 on the 360. Slipstreaming, extensive car customization and native 1080p support have been added. Custom soundtracks are gone, but you can buy songs from earlier games through PSN. It's one of the cheapest PS3 games around, so even if you already have 6 it's worth getting.
Runefactoryps3 Rune Factory: Tides of Destiny Action RPG Move compatible Inspired by Harvest Moon at it's base, like all titles in the Rune Factory series, Tides of Destiny takes us in a more action oriented direction. The combat is reasonably well done and all of your farming will be done by capturing and raising monsters. The world is much larger than other titles in the series and involves a great deal of roaming the oceans raising islands atop your enourmous golem servant. As always there's a host of bachelorettes to choose from (9 plus your childhood friend), however as you can choose to become a female character after completing the game there are also bachelors to chose from. The game is far better than Frontier, if you're a fan of this type of game you will enjoy it.
R.U.S.E. R.U.S.E. RTS Move compatible Don't be turned away by the presence of a console RTS, R.U.S.E. is fun to play on any platform, and best of all the PS3 version supports the Move controller!
Boxart eu siren-blood-curse Siren: Blood Curse Survival Horror Re-imagining of the original Siren/Forbidden Siren game for PS3. Horror story roughly in the style of Silent Hill. Contains elements of stealth and bashing the undead ("shibito" in the game) and is structured in tv-style episodes. The backstory and environment are incredibly interesting, the atmosphere is on par with Silent Hill (both series were created by the same guy) although it's definitely a lot more Japanese than that series (for starters, it's actually set in Japan and not Statesville, Americaland, and utilizes a lot of Japanese horror tropes). The camera is kinda terrible, but if you're into survival Horror then it's nothing you won't be able to handle. Incredibly underrated but definitely not recommended if you don't like horror games à la Silent Hill.
No box release in Murrika, so either import from Europe or get it off of PSN.
SaintsRow2 Saints Row 2 Sandbox Basically Grand Theft Auto IV, except without the brown and seriousness. If you like any Grand Theft Auto before IV you'll probably like this. Also, it has an awesome character creator.
There is a PC port available, but it is the worst fucking PC port known to man.
-Saint-Seiya-Sanctuary-Battle-PS3- Saint Seiya: Sanctuary Battle Fighting Basically a true to the heart Saint Seiya game. Nicely based off of the anime and all. If you have no idea what this shit is, then it's also called Knights of the Zodiac in regions like America. Kinda has the Dynasty Warriors feel to it. Altogether a pretty good game if your a fan of the show. It's only been released in EU/JP with special territories like Brazil and Mexico on account of how much those countries love this series.
Sengokubasaraps3 Sengoku Basara: Samurai Heroes Hack n Slash A flamboyant Dynasty Warriors-esque hack-n'-slash game. This is the third game in the series, but US only got the first, renamed Devil Kings and full of edits. Now you can properly bask in the VERY over-the-top action re-telling of the Japan's war-torn Sengoku period. It may not be historically accurate, but it's still one of the most enjoyable of the "slashing hundreds of soldiers" style action games.
If you can handle the moonrunes and importing, Sengoku BASARA 3 Utage (this, but better) is preferable. You can learn more about it HERE.
ShadowsOfthedamnedPS3front Shadows of the Damned Action/Third-Person Shooter killer7, Resident Evil 4, Silent Hill, and Devil May Cry had an orgy and this popped out. Gaming's crazy rapist uncle Suda51 (killer7, No More Heroes) teamed up with Shinji Mikami (Resident Evil, Vanquish, God Hand) and Akira Yamaoka (Silent Hill) to bring us Shadows of the Damned. You play as Garcia Hotspur, demon hunter extraordinaire. Garcia's hot girlfriend is kidnapped by the Lord of the Underworld. Garcia follows the lord to hell in order to save her. With Johnson, his British former-demon sidekick who also serves as his gun/motorcycle/tourguide through hell, Garcia must save his girlfriend before satan fucks her. The game is full of sexual innuendo and plenty of other jokes. It plays like Resident Evil 4 and killer7, only better. It is worth a buy for sure. A word of warning however, it has a disturbingly low replay value, as the only unlockable is a "Hell" difficulty, but this game is obscenely fun.
Civilizationrevolutionps3 Sid Meier's Civilization Revolution Turn-based strategy A wonderfully simplified console port of your average Civilization game. Online multiplayer is a blast. Matches can stretch for hours at a time. Plus it has a textbook's worth of historical info in the extras section.
Skate ps3 Skate 3 XTREEM Sports/Simulation Take Tony Hawk, make it more realistic, more slow-paced, and less arcadey, and you've got the Skate series.

Note to anyone who played the demo and is interested in buying the game: the recent patches made hardcore mode way better. The grinding feels a lot better. If you intend on buying DLC; get After Dark (free), and the Skate Create upgrade pack (not free). Supposedly there is an upcoming DLC similar to the Skate 2 Classic Pack, get that too when it's out. There is DLC that has the San Vanelona Art Gallery including Reg's and the new Maraffa Skate park. Probably the best of all of the DLC. Get it.

Sleepingdogsps3 Sleeping Dogs Action/Sandbox A sandbox game. You play as Wei Shen, undercover cop who has infiltrated a Hong Kong triad. The game takes place on a fictionalized version of the island. Solid story. The gameplay has quite some variety but none of the missions/activities really stand out as being particularly bad. The combat is pretty good. It takes elements from the recent Batman games like how the enemies attack you one at time and the and the counter system is overpowered. Has about 15 hours worth of story (10-12 if you have ever played a game before) and another 15 if you want to 100% the game. Makes references to some of the classic martial arts action flicks. Doesn't do anything really new or different aside from the setting, but it's still a lot of fun.
Slycollectionboxart The Sly Collection Platformer/Stealth
Move compatible
Glorious HD re-release of the Sly Cooper trilogy from PS2. Not only is the collection presented in glorious redone HD graphics, but it also has 3D support and added minigames with Move support. Great fun and a must have if you love platformers.

WARNING: Some content is missing, and there are loads of bugs that some argue make this inferior to the originals, documented below.

Sly Cooper - Thieves in Time Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time Platformer/Stealth Everyone's favorite stealthy, raccoon thief is back! Created by Sanzaru Games, who ported the PS2 games to the HD collection, they clearly cared a lot about the series and it shows. Thieves in Time is a full-fledged sequel to the original series whose main plot-line includes time travel. This makes for more varied and interesting level designs, as well as introduces a new gameplay mechanics involving Sly's ancestors previously mentioned in earlier games but never seen. Despite this, it's as you remember. Sly is still one smooth operator. This game is a dream for fans who never thought they'd get a Sly 4.
SOCOM-Confrontation-box-art SOCOM: Confrontation TPS/Combat Third person military action fun with the ability to order your squad around with voice commands.
Sonic-All-Stars-Racing-Transformed-PS3 Sonic and Sega All-Stars Racing Transformed Racing Fucking really cool racing game that improves on the las game by adding the ability to transform into planes and boats in order to mix up the racing circuit. Fun as hell game, but just don't listen to the fucking faggots who just like saying its a Mario Kart rip-off and have fun.
The original is still worth playing though, especially since some characters are only in it (like Ryo Hazuki and the Bonanza Bros.). However, it's solely ground-based driving.
SonicGenerations Sonic Generations Platformer/GOTTA GO FAST SIMULATOR Play as both modern sonic and classic sonic. Play through 2D and 3D variations of some good ol' nostalgic levels in this one in a quest to save the world from The Time Eater. Basically did a good job of putting Sonic back in the charts in terms of gameplay, even if nostalgia was a major part of this game.
Has a Nintendo 3DS variation with different levels, songs, and bosses.
Also, while this is good in itself, you may or may not prefer the PC version for mods and level edits.
Sonics ultimate genesis collection Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection Collection Amazing collection of classic genesis titles. Also features a few games great for couch co-op with friends like the Golden Axe games, and the Sonic games.STREETS OF RAGE 2! Warning: sound emulation is kinda off. For most, it's convenient to have the games in one place and also to "show em online", but die-hards are better off with other collections and emulation services (i.e. the downloads on PSN or Nintendo's VC). Pretty cool though (and cheap). Not a bad gift idea, either.
Sonic unleashed ps3 cover Sonic Unleashed Platformer/GOTTA GO FAST This game has gotten shit many times around, but the PS3/360 versions are the way to go, bacause they have better graphics and slightly improved gameplay (eventhough werehog is still absolute shit, as in "Every nighttime mission feels like waiting in line for a roller coaster ride" shit). This game has awesome daytime gameplay nonetheless. Buy it if you hated sonic 06, and want something better. Or if you're just a sonic fan. Whatever you favor best.
Sc4 ps3 Soul Calibur IV Fighting The fourth Soulcalibur amps up the fanservice even more, now with more revealing outfits that fall apart during battle. Includes many new characters designed by notorious manga artists along with Star Wars characters. The combat system is fairly meh, but the character creation system alone is in-depth and flexible enough to be very fun. A pretty-looking diversion.
Soul-calibur-v-ps3- Soul Calibur V Fighting A neat entry in the series starring a few of the returning cast or their descendants. This one features Ezio Auditore in what looks to be his ACB style. Which is almost accurate by the time this game is placed in surprisingly (margin of error was by a century, oh well). This entry is pretty much entirely focused on the obsessively deep character creator and online play, which is only a bad thing if you were looking for a story mode and rofl who cares about story in fightan gaems.
Spider-Man-Shattered-Dimensions-Box-Art Spiderman: Shattered Dimensions Action/Stealth Holy Tits, Batman! There are multiple Spider Guys? You bet your limp dick there are. And you (yes you, faggot) get to help them find rocksreassemble reality. Includes Spider Man 2099, The Amazing Spider Man, Spider Man Noire, and The Ultimate Spider Man. (Seriously, 2099 is fun as fuck)
-Spider-Man-Web-of-Shadows-PS3- Spiderman Web of Shadows Doing whatever a Spider can You can literally spend hours just swinging around the huge recreation of Marvel's version of New York City(complete with Stark Tower). When you aren't doing that, there's a good spidey game in there too.
Ss front Split/Second Racing/Action An awesome title from Blackrock, the guys who made Pure. It's a racing game, but instead of trying to pass your opponents through driving skill, you can instead blow up the environment around them, destroying their car and knocking them out of the race momentarily. Amazing set pieces to alter the track you are racing on, made all the more amazing by its beautiful graphics engine. There are only eleven tracks, but no race is the same no matter now many times you race on it, so it's not an issue. Online multiplayer is also a blast (literally and figuratively).
Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition Fighting The new, NEW addition to the Street Fighter Series, Includes New charcters Evil Ryu, Oni (shin akuma Essentially a new shoto character, not just an OP akuma),and Yun and Yang! Recommended over SSFIV, but no biggie if you got that version, because this is DLC as well for SSFIV and a game in itself! Getting the DLC seems better because it's only 15 bucks compared to the 35-40 dollar disc based game, so only get it if you completely missed SSFIV for some insane reason.
TalesofGracesf Tales of Graces F Action RPG One of the few Team Destiny games to make it over since Tales of Eternia. A lot different than most other Tales games. Uses the Chain Capacity point system from Tales of Destiny. It's also the first localized Tales game for the PS3.
TalesofXillia Tales of Xillia Action RPG A good Tales game. The story is excellent combined with Xillia 2, staying true to the Tales formula while introducing enough twists to keep the player intrested. The irriating characters from Graces are gone, and replaced with the best and most likeable cast since Vesperia. Combat, while no where near Graces' level, is still great and follows Vesperia's formula. Boss fights in this game are actually quite challenging requiring different strategies and actual timing instead of button mashing. Dungeons are less than stellar and are cluttered with repetitive grunts but the overall package is worth trying out.
Tekken6 Tekken 6 Fighting Had somewhat laggy netcode in the beginning, but now it's as good as every other fighter out there. If you like Tekken, get this. The biggest complaint about this version is that juggling has gotten a little out of control. If you're a fan of previous titles, you'll fucking HAET new Rage system. And yes, you CAN'T turn it off. Also, if you like to play it alone, get ready for Azazel. This motherfucker is even worse than Jinpachi. MUCH WORSE.
Tekkentagtournament2ps3 Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Fighting Supperior limb based combat! Features the largest roster in any Tekken game to date (59 in total). Players now have the option to play either 2v2, 2v1, or 1v1, supporting up to four players in one match. Also includes various online modes, a new tutorial mode called "Fight Lab" in which you train as a Combot, and a stage gimmick system which can involve a player being knocked into a new area only to be pummeled by the opponent's partner.
Donniedarkness front The Darkness FPS A sweet and unique FPS that debuted fairly early in the current gen. Made by the creators of The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape From Butcher Bay, and has a very similar feel/game-engine. Play as a 1950's mobster who gets abandoned by his family and discovers he has the power to control two snake-like demons from his back and summon little Overlord style demons from underground. Based off cult comic. You can find it for 7 bucks used now.
TheDarknessII(PS3) The Darkness II FPS Jackie's back, motherfuckers! This time, haunted by the memories of past, he's targeted by weird cult, which tries to siphon titular Darkness fom him. Plot gets preety crazy and fun later and dialogues, especially from Powell, are hilarious. Gameplay was updated and pumped up (you can use tendrils and dual wield weapons at once) and you get the kickass Darkling as a oneliner-m8-accent-spewing sidekick. Graphics got nice cell-shaded feel, though not everyone likes it. If you'll get bored with main plot, you can access Vendettas missions (connected with main story, but selectable from main menu) where you choose one of the four characters and blow the shit up with Darkness-infused weapons. Must have for fans of first one and worth of checking out for breety gud shootan fans.
252px-Time Crisis 4 cover art Time Crisis: Razing Storm Light Gun/Rail Shooter

Move compatible

A re-release of Time Crisis 4 that also includes Razing Storm, a Time Crisis spinoff where you're some dudes on steroids destroying everything. If two awesome Time Crisis games weren't enough, this ALSO includes Deadstorm Pirates, another pretty fun arcade shooter that is definitely on easy mode, as you are a pirate god and have unlimited bullets. Not only do you get three kickass arcade shooters, this works with BOTH the Guncon 3, if you have it, and the Playstation Move! If you enjoy arcade shooters, there is absolutely NO reason to get vanilla TC4 over this.
Tomb raider trilogy Tomb Raider Trilogy Action-Adventure/3D Platformer A collection of 3 Tomb Raider games made by Crystal Dynamics (Legend, Anniversary and Underworld). Legend is the first reboot of the series, it follows Lara's search for fragments of an ancient sword and is based on Arthurian legends, Underworld is the follow-up game completing the story. Anniversary is a remake of the original Tomb Raider from 1996.

All of the games are very nice platforming experiences with fun gameplay that connects jumping, shooting and puzzle solving.

Tomb Raider PS3 Tomb Raider Action-Adventure Another (after Legend) complete reboot of the Tomb Raider franchise, and far more radical this time. Follows young Lara on her first ever adventure during which she will find herself struggling to survive on a mysterious, mythical island after her ship, on which she travelled along with her crew, gets wrecked. Has a good story and gameplay, pretty graphics and semi-open world with some additional stuff to do. Unfortunately there is little to none actual Tomb Raiding, but you will have plenty of fun nonetheless. Also protip: for maximum fun, try playing with the bow only.

The Definitive Edition is out now and contains all of the downloadable content, so that version is recommended.

Transmorphers front Transformers:
War for Cybertron
TPS/Vehicle Combat Do NOT mistake this for one of those HORRIBLE licensed Transformers games. This game does not tie in to any of the movies. It's a unique third person shooter, coded in the Unreal 3 Engine. Has online multiplayer. Received good reviews.
645834 231972 front Transformers:
Fall of Cybertron
TPS/Vehicle Combat Direct sequel to the game above and likely one of the best games based off Hasbro's long-running franchise available. The core gameplay is far from being revolutionary, revolving around you navigating though rather linear stages while taking out enemies with a variety of long-range weapons. However, each mission is played as a different Autobot\Decepticon, which adds a few interesting twists to how the game is played: Optimus has to assign key targets to be taken down, Cliffjumper is a sneaky bastard, Grimlock FUCKS SHIT UP AS A MOTHERFUCKIN' T-REX and so on.

Basically, it's a good TPS for everybody, and a really solid title for any /m/an or fan of the franchise, ESPECIALLY because, again, this has no relation to the awful licensed games based on Bay's shit, and the team developing this actually did their homework, going as far as digging up the comics to come up with stuff such as the reimaginated origin for the Dinobots.

If all else fails to convince you, just watch this.

Twistedmetalps3 Twisted Metal Vehicle Combat A reboot to the Twisted Metal series. The game was praised for its multiplayer and gameplay, though criticisms include lack of characters in the main campaign (only four), sometimes difficult controls, and little DLC (no new vehicles or maps). May not be as good as Twisted Metal Black, but still worth a try.
637240 220883 front Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 Fighting IT'S ULTIMATE MAHVEL BAYBEE!!! 12 new characters, bringing up the roster to 48. Rebalanced (except Wesker), and a much, MUCH more playable online, and other stuff, like new stages and a mode where you play as Galactus. What's also new is "Heroes and Heralds" mode, which lets you collect cards of characters that give you insane abilities like Parry and Invisibility. Also playing as Heroes/Heralds unlocks Silver Surfer-esque costumes for Capcom/Marvel characters. PRINGLES AS FUCK.
Uncharted Uncharted:
Drake's Fortune
Adventure/TPS An Indiana Jones-style adventure in which a handsome American archaeologist gets tangled up in Caribbean terrorism whilst destroying priceless archaeological ruins. The jungle environment brings out vividly-colored levels and shooting is dynamic and cover-based a la Gears of War. A very well-crafted adventure.
Uncharted-2-game-of-the-year-edition-cover-ps3 Uncharted 2: Among Thieves Game of the Year Edition Adventure/TPS/Movie Nathan Drake's next adventure takes him to the Himalayas. Uncharted 2 amplifies the formula established in the first game, but stunned critics with its astoundingly-crafted set pieces and wonderfully cinematic style; it really is like playing through an adventure movie. Some bland and unnecessary puzzles break up the action on occasion. Solid multiplayer. 96% rating on Metacritic.
Uncharted3GOTY Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception Game of the Year Edition Adventure/TPS/Movie The third game in the Uncharted series holds up to its predecessors. This one follows Nathan Drake to the Arabian Desert. Story might not be as good as the second one but it's close, and the multiplayer is improved (minus microtransactions). Filled with crazy set peices as usual, including one particularly bad ass Arabian Nights horseback segment. Unkarted will never release.
ValkyriaChronicles Valkyria Chronicles SRPG/TPS Mostly a strategy RPG a la Fire Emblem, but allows you to manually control each unit on their turn, in third-person shooter form. A very anime story that dips into drama, romance and comic relief with a pseudo-magical wartime backdrop. Every recruit has their own traits and personality. Pleasant watercolor-like visuals and sound effects. Definitely a successful genre experiment with somewhat unbalanced difficulty (leaning towards overly easy), worth a look for SRPG or RPG fans. Sequels on PSP, the 2nd is localized but the 3rd is not.
Vanquish ps3 Vanquish TPS A fast-paced, arcade-esque shooter by Shinji Mikami and developed by Platinum Games. A cheesy America vs. Russia story serves as the backdrop for this fun, visually stylish game that penalizes you for taking cover too often and is all about racking up points. Its power-sliding mechanic is already being copied by every important upcoming shooter. Its greatest shortcoming is probably its cumbersome ammo aquisition system, but it's still a total blast. The story is hard to follow, even harder to care about.
TheWalkingDeadGameoftheYearEdition(PS3) The Walking Dead: Game of the Year Edition Adventure, Graphic Novel A graphic adventure game based on the Walking Dead comic book series, which also takes place in the same universe (though the game mostly focuses on its own original characters). The player follows Lee Everett, a convicted murderer who escapes on his way to prison amidst the chaos of the zombie apocalypse, and a young girl he meets named Clementine.

The story progresses based on the player's choice of dialogue or the actions they take during quick time events, usually resulting in a different outcome, such as a character getting killed, or a character changing their opinion of you. The game also sports an appealing visual style based on the comics, and recieved a lot of praise for its characters and plot.

Includes an extra episode titled The Walking Dead: 400 Days that bridges the gap between this game and its sequel.

Wangan midnight ps3 cover Wangan Midnight Racing I LOVE MY WANGAN. Highway raecan based on the original manga/arcade games.
Way-of-the-samurai-3 Way of the Samurai 3 Action/Adventure/Sandbox Continues the same gameplay and style as the first two (which are on the recommended list of PS2 games), but now has a stronger emphasis on 'good vs. evil' (unlike KotOR, the choices you make have long term effects), though here it's more 'honorable vs. greedy'. The only real flaw of the game is graphics; they're not bad by any means, but they could be much, much better for a seventh generation game. However, it is still highly recommended unless you disliked the first two.
Way of the samurai 4 Way of the Samurai 4 Action/Adventure/Sandbox The fourth in this series of highly replayable, sandbox style samurai games. This one takes place in post-isolationist Japan, and has a lot of 'British' characters... who all speak horribly mangled english by Japanese voice actors. Whereas WotS 3 felt closer to the original game in it's rural setting, this game harkens back to WotS 2, and it's more 'urban' setting. The graphics are still kind of shit, but this series was never "AAA" anyways. Also of note, there is now a minigame mechanic to get laid. I'm not joking.

This game is only available for download in the U.S., but received a physical release in all other regions, including the UK.

White Knight Chronicles 2 White Knight Chronicles II MMO JRPG A massive console role-playing game developed by Level-5. The story mode is single player, but you can take your story character and participate in multiplayer missions which add a lot to the game, including all the ultimate stuff. It initially received a large amount of hype prior to its Japanese release, but gained only lukewarm reception from critics. White Knight Chronicles has 100 hours worth of gameplay and several enemies are quite large in size. Story is fairly cheesy to start off with but improves. You will shit bricks when you realise Eldore is voiced by Charles Shaughnessy.

The sequel includes an updated version of the first game so picking up the original isn't necessary.

Note:As of 6/18/13, NA servers for both games will be shut down. Dayum shame, Jimmy.

XCOMEnemyUnknown XCOM: Enemy Unknown Turn-Based Strategy Official remake of the PC classic, XCOM is all about managing a worldwide secret project to combat a very nasty alien invasion wrecking Earth's shit. Basically, the game is split between actually organizing XCOM's base, which involves things like choosing when to hire new soldiers or construct facilities and fighting aliens with squads of 4 to 6 members in quite tactical battles. Each of the 14 countries backing up the XCOM project has a "Panic Gauge", which increases according to the aliens' actions and, if any of them hit level 5 by the end of the month, said country will stop supporting the whole thing. If that happens eight times, it's game over.
Yakuza3 Yakuza 3 Beat 'Em Up/Being a Badass The Yakuza games are like a combination of Japanese soap opera and mob movie (in the best way possible), with action, romance, humor and betrayal. The series follows Kazuma Kiryu, a wrongly convicted ex-yakuza with the criminal underworld breathing down his neck. Includes summaries of the previous two games for the uninitiated. Works as a sandbox action-RPG with beat-'em-up fight sequences (much like Shenmue) and loads of side-content. The NA version had some content cut (hostess clubs and Japanese trivia).
Yakuza4 Yakuza 4 Beat 'Em Up/Being a Badass The fourth game in the main series has four playable characters: kung-fu officer Tanimura, brawling loan shark Akiyama, hulking giant Saejima, and, of course, Kiryu. The fragmented story provides a wider scope of the chaos, excitement and romance of the city, but is less focused and a bit less memorable. Each character has his own lengthy side-quest, such as recruiting and training hostesses or solving police disputes. Even more side-content than before. As per usual, great voice acting and cinematic flair.
Yakuza5 Yakuza 5 Beat 'Em Up/Idol Simulation Following Yakuza 4, Yakuza 5 brings us five playable characters: Kiryu, Saejima, Haruka, Akiyama and newcomer and former baseball player Shinoda. To top it off even further there's five cities this time: Sapporo, Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka and Fukuoka. Notable changes to the game include the new fight engine which allows for much bigger fights and character specific uses of the heat gauge. Every character except for Akiyama also have their own unique "Another Drama" substory. This includes everything from taxi driving, street racing, hunting, baseball and becoming the toppu aidoru. As of now Yakuza 5 remains an import title, but it's more likely to come over to the west than Kenzan at least. Yakuza is dead in the west, there's no hope go learn Japanese. Yakuza 5 announced for the west
Yakuza 3 Cover Yakuza Kenzan Beat 'Em Up/Being a Yarou Look up to Yakuza. Okay, now replace "Japanese gangsters" with "Japanese gangster samurai from ancient Japan." And there ya go. Fantastic. Unfortunately, unlike Yakuza 3, this entry isn't likely to get a western release, but if you want to hold out from importing to wait and see what Sega will do, no one would blame you. Yakuza is dead in the west, there's no hope go learn Japanese.
YakuzaDeadSouls Yakuza: Dead Souls Beat 'Em Up/TPS Yakuza with zombies. No seriously. A big focus on guns instead of brawling and features a pretty cool "heat sniper mode" that lets you perform various cool cinematic moves. You may be daunted by the non standard TPS controls, but they actually work rather well when you get used to it. Also features GORO MAJIMA KARAOKE!!!.
Zone-of-the-enders-hd-collection Zone of the Enders HD Collection Action Third-person mech combat games taking place in the distant future, and brainchild of Hideo Kojima, this is a collection of the two PS2 classics reformatted for HD. Originally this release was maligned due to High Voltage Software's terrible porting which created noticeable visual issues during gameplay, such as screen tearing. This has been fixed because Kojima hired Hexa Drive to fucking fix everything a 2.0 patch, and it's smooth as butter.

Also available on the 360, but that version HAS NOT been patched!

PSN GamesEdit


Psone classics PSOne recommendations you can get through the PSN service. (Note: Currently US only, but EU/PAL should be added soon.). Filtered PS2 Classics list, cross-check with our PS2 reccommendations.

Screenshot Title Genre Description
After burner climax After Burner Climax Flight/Action/Shoot 'em Up Classic After Burner gameplay, updated graphics and controls. Incredibly addictive and has tons of "EX Options" to change up gameplay, as well as the option to swap out the J-rock soundtrack for After Burner 2's chiptunes. A direct port of the arcade version by Sega AM2.
609596 20110225 640screen001 Beyond Good and Evil HD Action/Adventure The cult classic from the makers of Rayman makes its way to PSN with an HD uplift. An action/adventure game with stealth elements, a good style, solid gameplay, and a surprisingly deep story involving a government conspiracy and the photographer bent on exposing it. Seriously, if you don't have a copy/haven't played it, buy it. Let them know that the sequel is wanted.
Blastfactoradvanced Blast Factor: Advanced Research Shoot 'Em Up Pretty much Geometry Wars, but you fight against the ongoing infection in certain specimens. This one is less on survival and more on completion. Cleanse 8 cells and move on to the next specimen. Simple and fun.
Braid screenshot05-1- Braid Pretentious Puzzle Platformer Use some very well-done time manipulation powers to save the princess. Or maybe it's a girlfriend. Or candy. Or the atomic bomb. Don't pay attention to the hipster games-as-art bullshit "story", just pay attention to the myriad of time-powers (and the ending is pretty good too).
Burn-zombie-burn-20090310111238701 640w-1- Burn, Zombie, Burn! Run 'N Gun A top-down mop-killing shooter where your job is to play as a Bruce Campbell rip-off and flamethrower as many zombies as you can. You get score multipliers for however many zombies are currently on fire. Pick this up if you wanna kill some time and zombies.
CallofJuarezGunslingerScreenshot Call of Juarez: Gunslinger FPS A great $15 downloadable game that has little to do with Call of Juarez. Cowboy shoot-the-bad-guys. Five to six hours of gameplay, no multiplayer, decent replay value.
Castle-crashers Castle Crashers Beat-'Em-Up/RPG One of the best couch multiplayer games this gen. Up to 4 players pick from different classes with different spells, weapons, and familiars, then tear the shit out of everything on screen. You also level up to learn new skills and power up your abilities. Has some of the craziest boss fights of recent gens. PSN version also includes extras and a new volleyball game mode.
5492-1- Comet Crash Tower Defence Standard tower defence Unique tower defence game where you can produce units, sort of making it an RTS/Tower Defense hybrid. Though definitely more on the tower defence side of things. Kill shit and get money, upgrade, repeat.
Costume Quest Costume Quest Adventure/RPG Note: Best played around Halloween. You play as a kid trying to rescue your sibling kidnapped by troll-like monsters. However, this game has a nostalgic childhood-like feel to it. The dialogue, the attitudes, along with the general humor and plot can really take you back. In dealing with obstacles, you find, build, and use costumes and their abilities to proceed, such as a light-up toy sword to scare away darkness phantoms. The battles are a little simple, but play well enough and are rather cute and silly, being hilariously exaggerated through imagination. The game is a little short, but the DLC expansion chapter rounds it out nicely.

"The PC version comes with the DLC!"

Crash1-1- Crash Commando Run 'N Gun/Shoot 'Em A multiplayer focused side scrolling dual-stick shooter in a similar style as Soldat for the PC. Players run around arenas using one of six default weapons or other discoverable weapons or vehicles blowing each other up. Good fun online, and supports bots online and offline. No split screen unfortunately. Has a decent amount of DLC.
Critter-crunch-20090608115202940 640w-1- Critter Crunch Puzzle A surprisingly original "match three" style puzzle game with GORGEOUS 2D animation. You have a big row of critters of varying sizes and qualities, such as poison or exploding critters, and you have to grab smaller ones, feed them to bigger ones, destroy big sections of similar critters, eat the crystals, and repeat. The challenge and puzzle modes are really well thought out, too. Plus, it's like 6 bucks, goddamn.
Crystal-defenders-20090717084610791 640w Crystal Defenders Tower Defence A Final Fantasy tower defence game where you place units in strategic areas and face against 300 waves of monsters in the span of three chapters.
5708-1- Cuboid Puzzle Move the cube from point A to point B while fending against puzzling obstacles preventing your success. A pretty challenging and fun puzzle game. Has pretty good music too.
Dark mist ps3-766085 Dark Mist Action Adventure A game very reminiscent to Legend of Zelda on the NES. An overhead dungeon crawler where you can gain hearts, diamonds, keys, and crescent moons. Master several dungeons and defeat bosses and you got yourself a nice lil' Zelda-like game. You even have a spin attack for fuck's sake. Not available in North America, Europe and Japan only.

The arcade classic returns once again to home consoles. A perfect port of the arcade version, which holds up surprisingly well. Three courses, three difficulties, Logitech GT Driving Force steering wheel support (only one supported, God knows why) and a Karaoke mode. Not that you needed that to sing along to the fantastic music any way, with such classics as Let's Go Away and Sky High.

DeathSpank DeathSpank Action RPG/Diablo-esque A goofy Action RPG by Ron Gilbert of Monkey Island fame. Do heroic deeds like stuffing annoying orphans in a bag, slaying stoopid chickens, hammering magical poop out of demons, and more as you quest for an ancient, powerful artifact: The Artifact. A bit short, but fun, easy to control and great humor. Gets better with the more weapons and skills you get. A pal can co-op in at anytime as SPARKLES THE WIZARD. He shares your health bar, but has handy magic like ranged damage and healing.
DeathSpank-Thongs-of-Virtue-Announced-Coming-In-September DeathSpank: Thongs of Virtue Action RPG/Diablo-esque DeathSpank ventures to the war-torn land north of last game. Humor and quests are mostly the same, if not better; but now your arsenal is more impressive. Poison bazookas, ice grenades, laser monocles, earthquake shovels, etc. replace the medieval gear before (the new melee weapons act like the old ones, so no worries). The DLC is mostly for fun, but goes cheap anyways. Note: Console versions may sometimes get bugged with a late-game quest, but Hothead is willing to help anyone who encounters it.
185869-dn1 Dead Nation Top Down 2 Stick Shooter Awesome co-op top down shooter. It doesn't sound original at all (you run through levels and kill hordes of zombies while purchasing upgrades for weapons and amor), but it's one of the most polished and fleshed out top down arcade games you'll play.
Earthworm Jim Earthworm Jim HD Side-Scrolling/Run-'N-Gun/Platformer Rediscover the grooviest action game of all time in full hi-def glory with Earthworm Jim HD! For the first time, grab friends and combine your wormy powers in four-player co-op! If you never played Earthworm Jim back in the retro days now's the perfect chance to check it out.
Echochrome 02-1- Echochrome Puzzle A very Escher-esque puzzle game in a minimalist style where the camera angle determines the shape of the level. Will hurt your mind after a while. Comes with level editor.
Elefunk Elefunk Puzzle A bridge making game that tests the bridges you make by withstanding the weight of the elephants that walk across it. NO, this doesn't make you an outstanding architect. Actually really easy.
Fat-princess-20090803030755641 640w-1- Fat Princess Strategy/Multiplayer A mix of strategy and cake-feeding action in this multiplayer oriented game. Up to 32 people compete in 2 teams to rescue their princess, while feeding the hostage princess to make her fatter and harder to rescue. Has classes, resource gathering, and more. The DLC addes even MORE stuff, but isn't mandatory. Also has a PSP spinoff that plays quite similarly. The biggest flaw of this game is that matches can sometimes turn into a never-ending tug-of-war. Online multiplayer is somehow still alive and includes bots for when a full 32 player lobby cannot be acquired.
Flow february flOw Puzzle A short game that's the precursor to Flower, Flow takes place on a microscopic scale where you control plankton that must gobble up other plankton. With the expansion, there are six different plankton in all. Simple gameplay, but extremely soothing.
Sce flower Flower Puzzle/Relaxation Simulator You play as a gust of wind/flower petal that goes around and blooms other flowers, normally to complete an objective. Extremely beautiful and relaxing. Sixaxis controls and fun and don't feel gimicky. You might think this game is for pansies (HURR PUN) but if you just get over yourself and try it you might be suprised. Has stunning level designs and an actually interesting "story".
8836-1- Gravity Crash Shooter Pretty cool 2D shooter.
Gunstarheroes3-1- Gunstar Heroes Run 'n Gun A goddamn runnan/shootan classic. Check out the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive page here if you don't remember it.
Gti club GTI Club + Rally Cote D'Azur Racing The classic GTI Club arcade game, now on the PS3 with improved graphics.
997471 20110314 640screen003 Hard Corps: Uprising Action Shooter Made by Arc System Works of Guilty Gear and BlazBlue fame, this "spiritual successor" to Contra: Hard Corps is all you could ask for and then some. The game is beautiful, the soundtrack kicks ass, and you'll be in awe at how smooth the controls are. What are you waiting for, go and get what may possibly be the best Contra game of this gen!
Journey-game-ps3 Journey Adventure/Multiplayer Explore beautiful landscapes and form a closer bond with a fellow player you never talk to than any other human being you've ever met, ever. Why can't I hold all these feels? (You can find who you shared an hour of your time with later by checking Recently Played with in the Friends category on the main menu)
Ps3-the-last-guy-1223649259-6-1- The Last Guy Sim/Puzzle An absolutely bizarre game where you control a good zombie in a top-down view on city maps that look like satellite maps. You must rescue civilians trapped inside buildings while dodging bad zombies - it plays a little like the classic Snake game.
Limbo Limbo Platformer Beautiful, simplistic black-and-white puzzle platforming adventure with a fantastic atmosphere. Short, but well worth it. Incredibly moving soundtrack if you're into ambient music.
LocoRoco-Cocoreccho-1 LocoRoco Cocoreccho Platform Similar to the PSP titles, except instead of tilting the world you guide the LocoRoco to the goal with a cursor. Sports unique colorful paper collage/mosaic-like graphics.
Lumines supernova Lumines Supernova Puzzle/Rhythm A semi-port of a kickass PSP game, Lumines is a puzzle game with rhythm elements - blocks fall from the top of the playing field and it's your job to create a 2x2 square of matching colors before the time line sweeps them away. It's like Tetris meets your local club DJ. Has free DLC and regular DLC.
Magic-the-gathering-duels-of-the-planeswalkers-20090113031444284 640w Magic the Gathering: Duels of the Planeswalker TCG Good MTG game, best for beginners to the game since decks are pre-made and while you unlock cards, you can't make custom decks. I might be in the minority(not really), but this is what got this anon into the real card game(great starting point for anyone looking to get into MTG).
Sequence 5 bmp jpgcopy Marvel V.S. Capcom 2: New Age Of Heroes 2D Fighting/RIDE TAKAN I'M GONNA TAKE YOU FOR A RIDE! This awesome game is now in DLC for on the PS3/360! Pretty much a port of the DC version but with modernized features (e.g., trophies and DLC), this port is worth getting not just because it's fucking MvC2 alone, but because IT HAS GREAT FUCKING ONLINE TOO! It's around 15 bucks so choose wisely...
Mm9 Mega Man 9 Jump'n'Run It's Mega Man, back to 8bit style, still hard as balls (although some claim it's still too easy, they're just trying to look hardcore, it's not working). If you liked the old games, you'll like this one.
Mm10 Mega Man 10 Jump'n'Run Same as 9, it continues the series in the lovely 8bit style. Easier than 9, especially if you play as Bass, but it can still kick your ass. This one has more variety in it, with creative mini-bosses (almost 1 per stage) and stages. Protoman and Bass are playable as well.
Monkey island remake The Secret of Monkey Island Adventure One of the most famous and successful adventure games ever made, this one is considered a cult classic by many. Help the "mighty pirate" Guybrush Threepwood defeat the evil ghost pirate LeChuck, win the love of the beautiful Elaine Marley and uncover the titular secret of Monkey Island. Exceptional writing and humor, this game is a mandatory play for everyone who loves adventures everyone. This is a remake with modern graphics and voice acting. The artstyle is generally agreed upon to be ugly and the controls are fucktarded, but you can also switch to the original graphics and interface easily.
Monkey island 2 remake Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge Adventure Just like Monkey Island 1, but longer, funnier, and all around better. Get a job by tainting soup with a rat, kidnap two large animals for your twisted machinations, practice voodoo against your foes, and cause two huge explosions while stealing everything that's not nailed down. This is also has a remake with redone graphics and full voice acting. The remake art is better looking this time around, but you can still return to the original style at will.
136590-NME screen2-620x Namco Museum Essentials Minigame Well, it's a collection of Namco games. Now with achievement-ish systems and other miscellaneous unlockables. Not bad for a nostalgia trip or for giving younger kids something easy to pick-up-and-play. Rev up your Solvalou and give this a go.
Noby Noby Noby Boy Sim/Sandbox/Being A Dickhead The entire point of Noby Noby Boy is to stretch your character boy. That's it. But it's really weird and inventive, and you can spend hours just fucking around and eating people, and seeing how much you make GIRL grow. Everyone who plays the game reports their points, and they all get tallied up. Each point grows GIRL a little longer. Collectively, we've gone past Jupiter in actual distance. That's actually a pretty fucking crazy achievement. It's only 5$ so there's no excuse not to support this gem of a mindfuck. Also, local multiplayer up to four players.
Pain-psn-490 Pain Physics You launch people out of a cannon and try to hurt them as much as possible, while also trying to fuck up the environment as much as possible. You can also make the people you launch grab onto things, which opens the door to all sorts of crazy madness (grabbing onto a subway for example). Sounds simple but it can be pretty damn cool.
Pixeljunk eden impressions Pixeljunk Eden Platformer A minimalist platformer where you control a 'grimp', a sort of bug that is able to jump and stick onto plants and rocks in the game, as well as create threads. You need to learn to extend your thread to swing and leap higher and higher. Uses heavily stylized graphics and a soundtrack guaranteed to blow your mind.
Pixeljunkms1 PixelJunk Monsters Defense/Strategy An entertaining strategic tower defense game. Hoards of enemies attack your lives and you must build towers on the trees to protect them. Upgrades, nine types of towers, many different types of enemies to kill. Comes with Co-Op and Remote Play. There's also a PSP Ultimate edition.
Pixeljunk-shooter-header-685x385 Pixeljunk Shooter/PixelJunk Shooter 2 Shooter/Puzzle Glide around, shoot things, save people, and enjoy that soundtrack. Just make sure your engine doesn't overheat. Getting a sequel soon. SEQUEL IS ALREADY OUT: supposedly not as great as the first one but still good.
PixelJunkSideScroller PixelJunk Sidescroller Shoot'em up A PixelJunk styled shmup, complete with real imitation arcade cabinet screen, high score leaderboards and various difficulties. It's rumoured that this game is actually being played by the crew on the spaceship in PixelJunk Shooter...
Piyotama 500 Piyotama Puzzle Kind of like Tetris Attack, lining up four in a line, but you have to slide your rows all the way while maintaining some pieces outside the board. It's a new type of puzzle game for all who like Tetris Attack or Meteos.
G277 Rag Doll Kung Fu: Fists of Plastic 2D Fighting/Beat 'Em Up Sort of like super smash bros, but with it's own perks. It's 100% balanced for example, because all the characters are the same. You can shoot out energy balls and do rocket punches n shit. It's a lot more "flowing" than smash bros. Just try it. Developers of LittleBigPlanet's first game.
Rain rain Platformer A game where you play as a young boy exploring a town while under some weird spell that only makes him visible because of the rain splattering on him. Has some stealth elements where you try to escape from some monsters, but is otherwise a simple linear platformer type. Because of the spell he goes invisible in shelter so you have to keep track of where he is with mud puddles. Has a super cool narration told through floating storybook text, which sometimes works as a hint system.
977248 20091020 790screen001 Rocket Knight Platformer/Shoot 'Em Up The new Rocket Knight game with Sparkster hacking and slashing and shooting and jetpacking through many levels. Is slightly difficult and lacks a little more variety, but it's still a fun ass Rocket Knight.
Savage moon profilelarge Savage Moon Tower Defence A tower defence game so hard they actually had to release an easy-mode patch for it. A PSP sequel has been released that is much supperior to this game (except graphics).
1448349-11 tr scottpilgrimvstheworldcomiccon 072310 1500 14 super Scott Pilgrim VS. The World: The Game Beat 'Em Up Even if you you're not a fan, this game stands on its own, despite paying tribute to old school beat em' ups like Final Fight and River City Ransom. You level up and obtain new moves, eat food to increase your stats and beat the SHIT out of everyone in an epic 4-player co-op while listening to some really awesome Anamanaguchi music. Only setback is no online services. Online multiplayer was added in a patch awhile back. For the fans, it stays faithful to the aspects of the comics and some stuff from the movie as well. If you love games like Castle Crashers and such then check this too.
Shatter 002 Shatter Shooter Breakout/Arkanoid clone with some fresh features and nice awesome music Also on PC with added features.
The-simpsons-arcade-game-4 The Simpsons Arcade Game Beat 'em Up Regarded by many to be the best Simpsons game ever, and for good reason. A Konami side scrolling beat 'em up originally made in 1991; Maggie has been kidnapped by Smithers and you have to save her. Features 4 player online/offline co-op, bonus features and the option to chose between the American/Japanese version of the game (difference between the two is the scoring system and not much else). Gameplay.
SKL Skullgirls 2D Fighting Indie 2D fighting game partly made by a few members of the fighting game community. Skullgirls is a beautifully sprited and animated fighting game that takes inspiration from Capcom's older titles, while doing its own thing as well. Netcode is pretty good, and the story should at least last you a bit. While it has a limited roster, plans are to gradually update it with more characters with enough support. Re-released on PSN as Skullgirls:Encore due to new content from Indiegogo campaign, including some hundred+ tweaks/balances, faster gameplay, "Drama meter", Expanded training mode, improved online play, and more stages. Get the free characters(5), they're fun.
20839s4 360 z1a3 001 Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 1 Platformer Very short, (like every 2D sonic HERP DERP) but REALLY FUN. Same fun 2D gameplay that even the couple of changes, such as lock-on, doesn't ruin it. A (finally) great Sonic game for what it is worth.
Space Invaders Infinity Gene PS3 screenshot Space Invaders Infinity Gene Shoot-'Em-Up Space Invaders: Infinity Gene is a great evolution for the classic series and one of the best space shooters in recent years. If you like shoot 'em ups you'll like this, since it takes elements from all sorts of them. Originally an iOS game but the "port" to PS3 adds a ton of stuff.
Stacking Stacking Adventure Double Fine's Industrial Age tale remixes traditional Point-And-Click with Stacking Dolls. As a tiny doll, the young lead Charlie can't do much alone, but he can stack within others and manipulate people using the status, prestige, and abilities of his disguises. This is a bit short, but there are actually multiple solutions for nearly every puzzle and the game encourages/entices you to find all of them in replays. The aesthetics are just delightful, recalling silent movies and plays, but filled with the color and technology seen in the era proper. Definitely try the demo if nothing more.
Supersonic-acrobatic-rocket-powered-battle-cars-screens-of-in-game-action-running-on-playstation-3-20080808095740304 640w Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars Sports/Minigame Wins the award for "Most Descriptive Title". You control small rocket-powered cars that can FUCKING FLY and you play soccer with them. Split-screen multiplayer is a blast, and the theme song is pure camp.
Stardust hd Super Stardust HD Shoot 'Em Up One of the first titles released on the PSN, this dual stick shoot-em-up is one part Asteroids and one part Geometry Wars. Use three upgradeable weapons, bombs, and a booster to blast your way through 5 levels of asteroids, dangerous aliens and some pretty huge bosses. Features two player mode and several expansions that add a whole new host of fun extra modes. Great music and shiny graphics round out the package.
Street-Fighter-3-Third-Strike-Online-Edition Launch-Announcement s1 Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike Online Edition 2D Fighting Port of one of the best and most beloved fighting games of all time, except this time, Capcom wow'd us with challenges, Online Gameplay, Dipswitches, Unlockables, and best of all, GGPO NETCODE! Thats some cool shit there, bro.
Super-puzzle-fighter-ii-turbo-hd-remix-20070829064201534-000 Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo HD Remix 2D PAZZURU FAITING Just like below, Capcom re-released one of the best puzzle fighting games of all time (if that even is a real genre). you just sit back and watch the kawaii fly. But in all seriousness, a fuckawesome game that is now clear as fucking crystal and in HD. Online multiplayer also!
Sf2hd Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix 2D Fighting The last version of Street Fighter II (a game that has been continually updated/re-released since its first release in 1991, so 'last' should be interpreted loosely). It has all the characters. It is solid, balanced, the music has been remixed by OCRemix, and all the backgrounds/characters have be redrawn to support HD by UDON. Some character movelists have been expanded and tweaked to give the game not only more depth, but balance as well (for example Ryu can do a Hadouken fake, which sets you up for a combo). Online Multiplayer doesn't hurt either.
Tekken-5-dark-resurrection 1 Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection 3D Fighting It's Tekken 5, downloadable, with extra features, such as online play. Do want.
Deathspank-the-baconing-pc-ps3-xbox-360-review-screenshots-2 The Baconing Action RPG/Diablo-esque The 3rd chapter of the Death Spank games isn't even titled Death Spank, but the love is still there! Not as good as the other Death Spank games, but it's not really horrible either.
Tokyo Jungle screenshot Tokyo Jungle Survival Sandbox Humanity vanishes, and Japan is taken over by wild animals. You pick a species and attempt to eat, fuck, and survive in the ruins of Tokyo. Carnivores hunt and kill other animals for food, while herbivores try to avoid conflict and find plants. 50 different species, RPG mechanics, pet dress-up, and some reasonably priced DLC. The gameplay is unique and I dare you to find anything like this.
Tori emaki Tori-Emaki Misc. Also known as "bird-picture scroll" it's an interactive picture scroll which is pretty nice. Utilizes the Playstation Eye.
3465893769 83d2fd3097 o Trash Panic Puzzle An insanely tough puzzler where you need to compact trash into a garbage can by smashing and breaking it up. Think Tetris but with actual shit. 6 stages on normal mode that get progressively crazier.
Trine Trine Platformer Beautiful physics-based platformer set in a colorful world where you switch between three different characters to use their unique abilities to defeat skeletons, collect hidden treasures and build platforms to climb on. Also has local co-op where you and two friends pick a character each and play together. Has a sequel on PC/Mac with online co-op, and on PSN as well.
Virtua-Fighter-5-Final-Showdown-Dated Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown 3D Fighting The second update to VF5 includes new characters from VF5R and further improvements to animations etc. Only available via download.
Wipeout-hd-20080820000821510 640w-1- Wipeout HD Fury Racing/Action Very fast futuristic racer with great graphics and a fantastic soundtrack where you shoot at the other racers and what not, sort of like a (much) more hardcore Mario Kart. Runs in 1080p at a fluid 60 fps, and 3D. Includes 8 tracks (you can also listen to music off of your hard-drive), 8 ships (with several skins) and 4 game modes. Wipeout HD Fury adds 12 new tracks, 13 new skins, 3 new game modes (Including the fan-favorite eliminator! Think Twisted Metal on an actual racetrack at several hundred MPH.) and some new music, and is also available as a Blu-Ray game in Europe, if you prefer a tangible variant. Supports online and split-screen.
651559 20120411 screen006 World Gone Sour Platformer A game that takes some elements from Donkey Kong Country and Pikmin, You control a Sour Patch Kid trying to control and murder others, and you get AWARDED FOR IT. It's pretty decent, actually.
Worms 2 armageddon Worms 2: Armageddon Turn-Based/Side-Scrolling/Physics/Shooter Worms 2: Armageddon is the most fully-featured Worms game ever. With four player online and offline multiplayer, voice support, a raft of new weapons (including the return of some iconic weapons from the past), all-new high-definition landscape themes, new play modes, hats, skins, speech-banks, loads of other customization and to top it all off, a highly-involving single player experience with tutorials, deathmatches, races, fort games, and puzzles. It's a package as high on fun as it is destruction.
Eldorado 0004 ZEN Pinball Pinball Simulation Have you ever noticed how a lot of pinball games are floaty and weird and have completely unrealistic physics? Don't you just hate that? Yeah, apparently so did Zen Studios: This isn't a video pinball game so much as a physics simulator with pinball rules bolted on. If you're a pin veteran frustrated by how you can't use any of your usual ball control in video games, play this. Comes with four tables, and the DLC tables are $2.50 each, but are totally worth it.

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