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Aconcagua4 Aconcagua Adventure
Japanese journalist Kato follows the story of Pachamama, a woman fighting the (fictional) nation of Meruza's oppressive regime. The plane they're on crashes into the Andes mountains, and the survivors must pool their skills to progress. A very short and cinematc game with an unusual setting. Though JP-only, cutscenes are voiced in English, so it can be played easily with occasional help from a guide. Released late in the console's life, some set pieces still look fantastic; the only real drawback is the clumsy cursor interface. Gameplay. n/a n/a
AVG2Cover Advanced V.G. 2 2D Fighting


The long-running Variable Geo series is about laidies in waitress uniforms duking it out in an all-female martial arts tournament where the losers are publicly stripped. This edition dials down the series' erotic aspects in favor of solid 2D fighting with a variety of characters (all women), a meaty story mode, and lots of sprite-based charm. Obviously there is still a lot of fanservice to go around. JP-only.
Ace Combat 3 cover Ace Combat 3: Electrosphere [NTSC-J] Flight Combat
A great game that was stripped of content during localization. The two-disc JP version includes Production I.G. animation, multiple characters and endings, a branching storyline and a mission in outer space. That version has been fan translated. Trailer. N N
Bishi Bashi Special (JP) Bishi Bashi Special Mini-games Tons of crazy mini-games, including shaking a can into outer space or disco-dancing to make your afro-hair grow. Awesome. Gameplay. N Y
BombermanWarsCover Bomberman Wars Strategy Bomberman as a strategy game, you unlock various units as you progress through the map, each with it's own strengths and weaknesses, and some of them have special abilities. Japan-only, but it's very intuitive. NOW HAS A FAN-TRANSLATION, FUCK YEAH!
Capcom vs. SNK Pro (PAL) Capcom vs. SNK Pro 2D Fighting Created by Capcom, a 4-button fighting game where characters from both companies duke it out, has an exceptional soundtrack, and you can use the "original" BGM for some characters like the Art of Fighting crew or Fatal Fury and Capcom side songs whenever they apply, you can customize settings to turn run on instead of hop and other useful stuff, adds extra tracks like the DC counterpart (which is superior). A must try if you haven't yet. The sequel is for PS2 and GCN (and arcade). Gameplay. N N
DQM-1&2 PSX Dragon Quest Monsters 1+2 RPG Ports of the two GBC games with updated graphics and sound.Tranlated intro N N
Slpm86090 Fatal Fury Real Bout Special: Dominated Mind Fighting Port of Real Bout Fatal Fury Special (2nd installment of the Real Bout series) which adds new characters, Alfred who would later appear as a hidden challenge only character in Real Bout 2 and an Alex from Orange Clockwork lookalike who only appears in this game, differentiates from older Fatal Fury games for having only 3 attack buttons, low, mid, strong and a plane switching button, along with quasi magic series for combos, with beautiful sprite art and catchy music, a definite must try for any SNK game fan. N N
FatalFuryWildAmbitionCover Fatal Fury: Wild Ambition Fighting Fatal Fury goes 3D, thankfully it keeps the traditional 2D gameplay, so play it without remorse! This one is kind of a retelling of the first game with some later characters thrown in for fanservice, as well as two newcomers exclusive for this game. Not to mention you can play with GEEEEEEEEESE in his jumpsuit!
GradiusDeluxeCover Gradius Deluxe Pack Shoot'em Up / Compilation A compilation featuring arcade perfect ports of Gradius and Gradius II: Gofer no Yabou. Features a super cool CG intro.
Gradius gaiden-cover Gradius Gaiden Shoot 'em Up Arguably the best Gradius title ever. Choose from four different ships in single player or 2-player co-op as you traverse various unique locales with a pumping upbeat soundtrack. This is included in Gradius Collection for PSP (along with the arcade versions of Gradius I-IV). Gameplay. N N
Harmfulpark Harmful Park Shoot 'em Up A short, JP-only shoot 'em up with adjustable difficulty levels. You have four food-based weapons (you can throw pies!) which level up separately, and each level is more colorful and ridiculous than the last. Similar to Konami's Parodius. Gameplay. n/a N
Hermie Hopperhead Hermie Hopperhead: Scrap Panic Platform A fun platformer in which you collect multicolored eggs which follow you around and help you throughout the game while collecting stars to upgrade your eggs and allow them to hatch and grow into their respective species. Gameplay. N N
Hokuto no Ken Fighting PS Hokuto no Ken: Seikimatsu Kyūseishu Densetsu Action A 3D action game released by Bandai which adapts the storyline of the manga from the beginning to Kenshiro's final battle with Raoh. The game features most of the same voice actors from the TV series reprising their roles. Trailer. n/a N
ISCover iS: Internal Section Rail Shooter A nearly abstract, oddball shooter by SquareSoft where you blast through minimalist polygonal environments while gathering power-ups based on the Chinese animal horoscope. A very challenging and stylish, but brief experience. JP-only, but reading isn't necessary, and there is a fan translation in any case.
Jikkyouoshaberiparodius-psx Jikkyou Oshaberi Parodius ~forever with me~ Shoot'em Up A fresh helping of shmup parody only for the consoles! This may very well be the best of the Parodius titles with stages based on other Konami games (FUCK YEAH Lethal Enforcers stage with KITTY TRAIN Boss!) and a hundred hidden fairies to collect. WARNING: You might want to turn off the annoying voiceover guy and the menu is a moonspeak. An updated port of the original Super Famicom release. Also available for the Sega Saturn and in Parodius Portable on PSP with some changed music. Gameplay. N N
KaisokuTenshi Kaisoku Tenshi: High Tension Comical Action Game The Rapid Angel Beat-'em-up Three girls who work for a mysterious delivery service fight their way through bizarre enemies with distinct fighting styles. (You can unlock two additional characters.) A JP-only budget game now on PSN's PSOne Imports section. Presentation has a doujin game charm. Voice-acted scenes with branching paths and endings, though these remain in Japanese. Pretty easy. And fun! Gameplay. Y N
Kof98 psx King of Fighters 98, The Fighting 5th Installment of the series and regarded as the best, has a huge cast of fighters from all different SNK games such as Art of Fighting, Fatal Fury among others like Ikari Warriors, Psycho Soldiers and such, with beautiful graphics that haven't dated much, arranged music and a gallery mode, the game is Japan only but the menus are fully in english, the game has no story mode since it's a "dream match", KoF 98 takes the Advanced and Extra gauges from KoF 97 and is far more balanced, a definitely must try if you're a fighting game enthusiast. Y Y
LSD Coverart LSD: Dream Emulator Action
First-person game based on the designer's dreams where you explore a surreal world. Sessions last for up to ten minutes and touching anything in the gameworld warps you to a different location. The number of days you play are recorded and the world's textures change with time while the acid techno soundtrack adapts to changes in your "dream." Chunky PS1 polygons and constant, grating footstep sounds may turn some away. There are no objectives or explanations. JP-only. Also on JP PSN. Gameplay. N N
Lucifer Ring jap-front Lucifer Ring Beat 'em Up Not many have heard of this game mainly due to the fact that it was only released in Japan. It's a fun Beat 'em Up game with a variety of enemies to hack your way through, with well spaced out power ups for your sword. Gameplay. N N
Macrossvfx2japfront1mt Macross:VF-X2 Flight Combat
HOLY FUCKING SHIT DAT SOUNDTRACK! But seriously, this sequel to Macross Digital Mission VF-X is an excellent game, fly around and shoot things out of the sky and on the ground. Your craft has 3 modes, each suited for different situations. Dialogue is in moonspeak, but it doesn't interfere with the gameplay. FUNFACT: Although the game is Jap only, the demo was released in the US in the July 1999 issue of Official Playstation Magazine Gameplay. N N
MagicalDropFCover Magical Drop F Puzzle The last game from Data East, and also the last Magical Drop title (before Golgoth acquired the rights and made Magical Drop V). It is the good old ball matching puzzle, with all characters redesigned to look more anime-esque
Mizzurnafalls2 Mizzurna Falls Action
You are a young man trying to figure out a string of grisly murders in your sleepy hometown over the course of three days. A predecessor to titles like Shenmue, the game's world lives and breathes; the townsfolk have paths and activities of their own and everything is lovingly detailed. Exploration is encouraged. N N
Moon - Remix RPG Adventure Coverart MOON Remix RPG adventure RPG In 1997, Final Fantasy VII came out and took the gaming world by storm. The same year, a much less successful company released a much weirder game that never made it out of Japan. In MOON, a boy playing a generic 16-bit RPG is sucked into the gameworld, where he has become invisible and teeters on the edge of disappearing. The only way to solidify his own existence is to earn Love Points from the game's inhabitants, learning about their routines and problems, then finding a way to fix them. An RPG that runs on kindness and perseverance rather than stats and equipment, MOON's mellow color scheme, hand-drawn characters and eclectic, user-selected soundtrack will draw you in. The language barrier is a problem, but can be overcome with detailed guides (which do exist.) Gameplay. See also: UFO (PS), L.O.L. (DC).
Panzer bandit Panzer Bandit Beat 'em Up A short beat 'em up with crisp sprite work and bright colors. Playable characters include a mech-riding loli and a cigar-smoking robot. It can get rather repetitive, but is very fun in short spurts. Japan-only, but that hardly matters here. N N
PepsimanCover Pepsiman Interactive Commercial / Action? / Racing? PEPSIMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN!!! People are thirsty and about to start a riot, you're the motherfuckin' Pepsiman, so go running around collecting Pepsi cans to save the day!
Persona2innocentsin Persona 2: Innocent Sin RPG Includes some mainline SMT elements like demon conversations. Some controversial elements, like Hitler as a boss and the option of a gay relationship, stopped it from being released overseas, but it's been fan-translated. A PSP remake is available with nice improvements. N N
Policenauts Policenauts Adventure A pre-MGS Kojima game that plays like a point-'n-click with some action segments. Somewhat of a pulp sci-fi drama, or more accurately Lethal Weapon In Space, it has been fan-translated by the Internet. N N
Raiden-DX PS Raiden DX Shoot 'em Up The beastly remix of Raiden II with added level select and a deepened scoring system. Training is a 15-minute endurance course on three lives only, with Novice/Expert being several remodeled levels from Raiden II. Medals decay now which forces you to factor in travel time to maximize scoring. Multiple unlockables in the form of bonus stages, an in-game encyclopedia and new soundtracks. If you found the other Raiden titles off-putting, try this. It's fun as fuck with the toothpaste laser. N N
SalamanderDeluxeCover Salamnder Delux Pack Plus Shoot'em Up / Compilation Another amazing compilation, featuring Salamander and Salamander 2, as well as the Japanese version of LifeForce.
SS4 Samurai Shodown IV Fighting The fourth installment of the series, Samurai Shodown 4 incorporates new elements like quick dial a combo after an attack that all the characters have, heavily based on pokes and zoning most of the times with enough variation to make this game stand for its own, also with beautiful graphics and a full fledged story mode that has a time limit. Recommended for people just getting to know the game, characters have suicide moves just for fun, can lose their weapons and fight barehanded and all the characters have extra modes selectable right off the bat, Japan only though but you don't need it since it's a fighting game. N N
SlapHappyCover Slap Happy Rhythm Busters Fighting Another cool and forgotten gem, you choose from all sorts of crazy weirdos and duke it out to some pumping soundtrack! All characters have a secret move where the game turns into a rhythm game (hence the title) in which you must mash the buttons according to the music to cause damage to your opponent.
Soukyugurentai PS1 cover Sōkyūgurentai Shooter It's the future, and Earth's space mining colonies are at war. A truly epic vertical shmup, feels like a mix of RayForce and Radiant Silvergun. Also on the Saturn and arcades.
SonicWingsSpecialCover Sonic Wings Special Shoot'em Up The best Sonic Wings title, it features lots of characters and revisits various areas from the old games. Every time you beat the game with a character you unlock a second ship for him, based on the airplanes from the third game.
Phantasia Tales of Phantasia Action-RPG

Remake of the SNES classic. Currently the best version of the game that has a complete translation. Hosts enhanced audio, graphics, character sprites, and improvements on the battle controls. Only available in Japan, but translations exist (more common to find the game already prepatched).

Ported to GBA with most of the extras and graphics intact, but also numerous problems: voice acting sucks, shoddy translation except for the European version and the nail in the coffin - an atrocious framerate of 10fps in battles.

A full remake of this version is on PSP with more enhancements to visuals, audio, and combat. Japan only, as well, and translation is still in progress.

N ?
-PSX- Time Bokan Yattaman Series - Bokan Desuyo -SLPS-01211- -Front- Time Bokan Yattaman Series - Bokan Desuyo Shoot 'em Up Second title in the Doronbo shmup series which consist on the main trio of villains from Yatterman fighting off several Tatsunoko super heroes, ride different vehicles with different properties, the game is played in a top down view and has your typical controls with an addition, there's a dodge button that provides you with a couple of invincibility frames which you can use to dodge several full screen attacks, varied and rich backgrounds and enemies, and can also be played in co-op mode. N N
UFO A Day in the Life cover UFO: A day in the life Puzzle


You are an adorable alien who has come to Earth to rescue over fifty of its brethren, scattered in a previous mission gone awry. The aliens are invisible, but can still cause disturbances among earthlings. You must scrutinize a number of different locations, observe for reactions among earthlings, and snap your special camera at the right time to capture these aliens. The game demands perseverance and careful observation, made easy by colorful, pre-rendered scenery full of cartoonish, hand-drawn characters. Gameplay.
ZanacXZanacCover Zanac X Zanac Shoot'em Up The last Compile game, and what a game! Like the Xevious above, it also includes the original Zanac.
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