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The Palm devices were PDAs produced from 1996 to 2007 by Palm Computing. Although it was a pioneer in this field, poor management and growing competition from smartphones ultimately brought the Palm line down. It was succeeded by webOS. Almost all Palm OS games have been ported to iOS and Android devices, and since most games for Palm are no longer sold they're ridiculously hard to find.

If you're a collector who seriously wants to play PDA games, your best bet is the Tapwave Zodiac, a handheld game console that ran Palm OS and had a few exclusive titles of its own.

Box Art Title Genre Description License
Clip image003 0077 Bike Or Die Racing/Puzzle Sidescrolling racing game that's very similar to Elasto Mania for PC. Unlike most racing games, you have to be slow and deliberate to clear the levels instead of simply going fast. Shareware
4b Insaniquarium Arcade Raise fish that drop money, while protecting them from invading "alien" fish. Shareware
Mazera for palm os-127877-4 Mazera Adventure Like a futuristic version of 2D Zelda games. The art is DeviantArt tier, but the rest of the game is solid. Shareware
Siberian Strike XV10 Siberian Strike Vertical shooter You play as a member of the Luftwaffe attacking a Soviet base. There's a decent amount of content and multiple ships to choose from. Shareware
364067-space-trader-palm-os-screenshot-system-infos Space Trader Strategy Elite clone. You start out in a small ship in a giantic galaxy, where you can trade and smuggle goods, attack other ships and upgrade your own ship. Every planet has its own economy, level of technological advancement and form of government. It was remade for iOS and Android under the name Dark Nova, but its visual improvements have the side effect of making text hard to read. Not to be confused with the FPS of the same name. Freeware
Tradewinds screenshot 320x320 02 Tradewinds Strategy Basically Pirates! for Palm OS. Shareware
Warfare-incorporated Warfare Incorporated RTS Basically Starcraft for Palm OS. Games for Palm OS aren't known for their originality. Shareware
Sixth Generation
Consoles Sega Dreamcast - Nintendo Gamecube - VM Labs Nuon - Sony PlayStation 2 - VTech V.Smile - Microsoft Xbox
Handhelds Nintendo Game Boy Advance - Game Park GP32 - Nokia N-Gage - Nintendo Pokémon Mini - Bandai WonderSwan - Tapwave Zodiac

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