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Picture Title Genre Description Where To Buy
Apotheon Apotheon Action-Platformer Stylish Greek-themed action game with a unique "Greek-vase-style" art direction and fast-paced action all through. GOG
Bayonetta PC cover Bayonetta Action-Adventure / Hack n' Slash Crazy over the top 3D action, kinda like Devil May Cry with a super hot witch babe as the hero. Lotsa gore and sexiness. Excellent porting, runs beautifully even on toasters. Humble
Blacksea Odyssey Blacksea Odyssey Roguelike, Asteroids Hunt space creatures with your harpoon and anchor and rip their limbs to weaken them! Controls seem weird but you get used to them. You can get a free demo on Steam. Steam
Broforce cover Broforce Platformer Testosterone: the video game! They got all the great heroes from the manliest action movies ever, and put them together in a crazy tough 2D platformer where pretty much everything is explodable. GOG
CaladriusBlaze Caladrius Blaze Shoot'em Up Raiden with anime girls Amazing shmup by Moss which finally got a western release. Made by Moss, so it bears a few similarities with Raiden (one of the characters can even use the toothpaste laser), but it has it's it's own unique gameplay style. Tons of characters to play, difficult but fair challenge, excellent soundtrack and art style. The girls also gets their clothes torn off when their ships explode (no joking). GOG
Cities Skyline cover Cities: Skylines Simulation Love Sim City? Looking for something that was not ruined by developer incompetence and publisher greed? Say no more. Steam
Cuphead Cuphead Run 'n Gun Boss Rush: The Game!

Cuphead and Mugman lost a bet with The Devil, now they must search and fight all of his debtors or else they'll lose their souls! A stylish and balls hard run and gun styled after the classic cartoons from the 30's.

Darius Burst Chronicle Saviours cover Darius Burst: Chronicle Saviours Shoot'em Up The ultimate Darius package, for Darius and Shmup fans alike! It has two modes of play, AC Mode and CS Mode. AC mode is a direct port of the Arcade game Darius Burst: Another Chronicle EX, massive resolution and all, while the CS mode is where the bulk of the game is. You pick from missions on a map, which consists of playing through a sequence of stages, which when beaten unlock more missions, branching into various directions. There are 9 different ships to choose, including ships based on the previous games of the series. Steam
Doom Cover Doom Rip & Tear Simulator After being in development hell for over 8 years, it's a miracle this game actually turned out anything more than half-decent, let alone be the gaming masterpiece it actually is. Doom 2016 is a glorious return to form for the seminal FPS series, with fast paced movement, sprawling non-linear levels, the ability to hold every gun at all times, swarms of demons that actually pose a threat, weapon mods that provide alt fire, and an awesome new metal soundtrack. Basically, this is the game that Doom 3 should have been. Don't buy this for multiplayer though, as nobody cares about it and is DOA. Steam
DBXV PC Cover Dragon Ball XenoVerse Action RPG/Fighting Dragon Ball is back. Made by Dimps (the Budokai guys) in the Tenkaichi/Sparking! style. Now you can finally make your shitty Dragon Ball Z original character from when you were ten, you weeaboo. I bet he's a super saiyan and everything, loser.

Character customization is pretty great, the game is pretty fun, has MMO-esque aspects (some have compared online side-quests to Monster Hunter). Controls take some time getting used to, and grinding can be a chore if you didn't spec your character right for your playstyle. It's more of an Action RPG than a pure fighting game.

Pretty much pointless if you're not a Dragon Ball fan, but if you are, this a huge treat.

Evoland-2 Evoland 2: A Slight Case of Space-Time Continuum Disorder Action-RPG An epic nostalgia trip through the various eras of gaming in a awesome action-RPG full of unique bosses, missions and mini-games which play in different genres (fighting, shmup, strategy, puzzle and even rhythm). The first game is fine, but very short. GOG
Final Fantasy IV - The After Years Final Fantasy IV: The After Years RPG A fully 3D remake of the WiiWare game. Any tale you unlock after the prologue can be played in any order, similar to Live-A-Live. The Chrono Trigger-esque Band system is slightly altered from the original FF4TAY. Playing FF4 before this is recommended, but not mandatory. However, there is a FF4PC save bonus, in the form of Tails (hint hint) There are no classic FF bosses in this version (replaced by recolored FF4 bosses with new skillsets), no multiplayer like WiiWare, and no challenge dungeons. That said, the challenge dungeon equipment can be bought in the final chapter. If you prefer the extra content, stick with the PSP/WW version. Steam
Final Fantasy V PC Final Fantasy V RPG Featuring the most refined version of the job system seen in a main Final Fantasy title to date, join Bartz and his quest to have the most female-filled party in the series, as well as his battles against a magic tree. The story is lighthearted, but still plenty cool. Enough classes to make your head spin, plus an extra dungeon and new classes for the GBA/iOS versions. Ported from the GBA with the original SNES music. Diagonal movement makes this port better/worse than the GBA port. Graphics are weak though. Like, DAMN. Steam
Final Fantasy Type-0 HD PC Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Action-RPG Imagine Crisis Core but better, with 14 different playable characters, playable summons, a world map, chocobo breeding and a fantastic story. The gameplay is difficult and will kill you if you get careless, but is fun and faster than Crisis Core because less "slot machine" bullshit. Much, MUCH, bloodier, gorier and violent than the previous Final Fantasy games. Has updated graphics compared to the PSP version, as well as the option to change the voices to English (very shitty dub) or Japanese, no multiplayer (as if anyone cared about it), an exclusive alternate ending, and an updated soundtrack. The translation is somewhat spotty, so the PSP version may actually be a better pick. Steam
Football Manager 2016 cover Football Manager 2016 Sports/Simulation Do you suffer from severe autism? Then this game is for you! Create your own manager and manage football clubs from all around the world. It's a good game with very deep and complex gameplay, but it's the best football simulator. It also has a big community of modders; just don't expect good graphics! Steam
Ghost Blade HD PC cover Ghost Blade HD Shmup A cool manic shooter, originally released on the Dreamcast, with some solid indie pedigree: the producer and the programmer of Pier Solar, plus the designer and the composer of Last Hope. Their main inspiration is distinctly - or even shamelessly - Cave's DonPachi series. Gorgeous highly detailed backgrounds and nice electronic soundtrack. Very enjoyable, but perhaps a bit on the short and easy side. Steam
Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator poster Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator Fighting Hands down one of the best-looking fighting games ever, a rocking soundtrack, and the same sweet GGX gameplay as ever. Revelator expands on the roster from Sign, and improves the netcode. Steam
Inside Inside Puzzle-Platformer From the same developers of Limbo, it looks and plays much like it's predecessor but adds a few new tricks like mind-controlling people on the background to move objects and such. GOG
ToCSPC The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel RPG Picking up from where the Trails in the Sky trilogy left, with new powerful nations rising while old ones fall. Definitely much more verbose, it keeps with the same combat system from the old titles while adding some new stuff. GOG
MightyNo9 Mighty No. 9 Platformer The game with the most successful crowdfunding campaign in history which, after lots of delays, got released to a huge negative reception, mostly because people's expectations were way, way unrealistic, then most people just jumped on the hate bandwagon without even giving the game a chance. On it's own merits, Mighty No. 9 is a very good Megaman clone, with the same "beat bosses, get their weapons" mechanic from Megaman and it's own dash mechanic where you must dash into enemies to finish them off, which makes the action much faster paced but may turn some people off. On par with Megaman & Bass and Megaman X6. Steam
MotherRussiaBleeds Mother Russia Bleeds Beat'em Up Had enough of games made by capitalist pigs? So how about a cool beat'em up set in glorious mother Russia? Choose your comrade to unveil a biological conspiracy and beat the shit off of ugly mutants. Tons of pixellated blood and gore and a super gritty atmosphere. GOG
Odallus Odallus: The Dark Call Platformer The tale of a warrior who must find why his village was burned, find his missing son and uncover the secrets of a mysterious gem. A excellent retro-styled platformer inspired by Demon's Crest. GOG
Owlboy Owlboy Platformer A game that's been 10 years on the making, with a fantastic art direction and deeply emotional plot. Gameplay takes some time getting used to, since you control two chraracters at the same time, the titular owlboy and a gunner. GOG
PlanetCoaster Planet Coaster Simulation Love RollerCoaster Tycoon? Looking for something that wasn't ruined by developer incompetence and publisher greed? Say no more. Steam
RabiRibi Rabi-Ribi Metroidvania/Bullet Hell/LSD/Bunnies A game with bunnies! A super-kawaii metroidvania where the girls want to cuddle bunnies very hard. You play a bunnygirl and her pixie partner and have a huge world to explore, with tons of secrets to uncover which unlock new abilities. Also bunnies! Boss battles play more akin to bullet-hell shmups, with tons of bullets and seizure-inducing effects everywhere. Have I said this game has bunnies? Steam
Rez Infinite PC cover Rez Infinite Rail shooter / rhythm Eden, the world's most advanced artificial intelligence, is about to crash under the weight of too much knowledge. You are a computer virus whose task is to fight past her defenses to force a reboot. Remake of the Dreamcast cult classic, with improved graphics, an extra area, and support for VR devices. It's absolutely gorgeous and trippy: everything is timed to the music, and your actions become notes and beats, creating a synaesthetic spectacle. Steam
River-City-Ransom-Underground River City Ransom Underground Beat 'em Up A new sequel to the Kunio-Kun series, this one is actually a direct follow-up to the NES title. In this one you can choose between various characters and must explore the streets of River City while beating up the street gangs and upgrading your arsenal of moves. GOG
Piratescurse-artworka Shantae and the Pirate's Curse Platformer The best game on the series so far, and basically what Risky's Revenge should have been. Shantae has lost her powers and now must ally herself with her rival Risky Boobs Boots to save her town and recover her powers. GOG
ShantaeHGH Shantae: Half-Genie Hero Platformer Crowdfunded sequel to Pirate's Curse, with a new art direction and gorgeous full HD graphics. Shantae now has tons of new transformations, which leads to quite a bit of backtracking and the story is a bit disjointed compared to previous titles, but it still keeps the with the excellent action of the series. Steam
SineMoraEX Sine Mora EX Shoot'em Up A unique shmup with a dark atmosphere whose gameplay revolves around slowing time to make it through stages. Instead of lives, you have a timer which slowly counts down and getting hit depletes even more time, so skillful use of the time slow is essential. The EX re-release fixes the resolutions while adding a few new options. GOG
Sonic-Mania-pc-cover-2017 Sonic Mania Platformer To put it simply, this is the Sonic game everyone have been waiting for almost 20 years! It features a mix of classic levels redesigned with new bells and whistles as well as completely new levels. Steam
Spark The Electric Jester PC cover Spark the Electric Jester Platformer You're a jester who got fired after they got a robot to do your job. But wait, the robots have all gone nuts and are attacking the people! From the maker of the "Sonic Sequel" series, this is a mashup / loving tribute to the great mascot platformers of the Mega Drive era. Fantastic sprite work, cool music, and some massive levels. Steam
Stardew Valley cover Stardew Valley Simulation You like Harvest Moon and Animal Crossing? This game is for you. Get a farm. Start growing plants. Cry when you realize you planted summer plants in the spring. Make friends with your fellow neighbors. Try to marry some of them. Spend all your energy harvesting wheat and fall asleep on the ground at 2 PM. Nobody said farming would be easy, right?

For those truly hardcore Harvest Moon players who are still in doubt, let it be known that Yasuhiro Wada, the creator himself, personally gave Stardew Valley his blessing and even said it went the direction Harvest Moon should've gone.

The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt PC cover The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Open World Action RPG You are Geralt of Rivia, a witcher - that is, a monster hunter and mercenary. Travel around the world, helping or hindering others, while fighting the mysterious army known only as "Wild Hunt". While combat may vary in enjoyability from person to person, the real hook is the story: you have 50 hours worth of gameplay, and that's from the side missions alone. Worth a try just to see how much love CD Projekt RED puts in its games. GOG
Undertale Undertale RPG If you've managed to avoid the annoying-as-hell fandom, this is absolutely worth checking out. A bullet hell-esque battle system that likes to switch things up during boss fights, an amazing soundtrack (fucking MEGALOVANIA, man), likable and well-written characters, and a narrative that, while nothing special on the story side of things, is incredibly well-executed... this just has a lot going for it. GOG
VA-11 HALL-A VA-11 HALL-A: Cyberpunk Bartender Action Visual Novel/Simulation Sort of a mix between visual novel with bartending sim with visuals inspired by PC-98 games, you serve drinks while listening to the clients stories, all while taking care of your own life. The history actually changes depending on whether you serve clients well or mess up, as they may grow attached to you and reveal more about the world. GOG
Vanquish PC cover Vanquish TPS A fast-paced, arcade-esque shooter by Shinji Mikami and developed by Platinum Games. A cheesy America vs. Russia story serves as the backdrop for this fun, visually stylish game that penalizes you for taking cover too often and is all about racking up points. Its power-sliding mechanic is already being copied by every important upcoming shooter. Its greatest shortcoming is probably its cumbersome ammo aquisition system, but it's still a total blast. The story is hard to follow, even harder to care about. Humble
Wonder-boy-the-dragon-s-trap-pc-cover Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap Platformer An amazing remake of the amazing Master System classic with beautiful, hand-drawn animations and a re-orchestrated soundtrack! GOG
YatagarasuAoC Yatagarasu: Attack on Cataclysm Fighting An indie fighter by former SNK devs, the game got significantly expanded thanks to a crowdfunding campaign, getting more characters, a full story and english translation. Steam
Yooka-Laylee-01 Yooka-Laylee Platformer A N64 style "Collectathon" Platformer made as a spiritual successor to Banjo-Kazooie by the same team! If you loved those games, chances are you'll like this one too. If not, then it simply isn't for you. (FYI, If anyone you talk to about this game brings up JonTron, don't ask. It's a long story...)




Ys-seven-pc Ys SEVEN Action-RPG Adol and Dogi are back to take on a new land! But this time, they're not alone. Mix and match a team of 3 amongst many new allies to chain attacks and maximize damage! This PC port features HD graphics and a revised localization. GOG

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