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Picture Title Genre Description Where To Buy
Broforce cover Broforce Platformer Testosterone: the video game! They got all the great heroes from the manliest action movies ever, and put them together in a crazy tough 2D platformer where pretty much everything is explodable. GOG
Cook Serve Delicious cover PC Cook, Serve, Delicious! Restaurant Simulator What do you get when you take Warioware and Diner Dash, throw them into a blender, and set it on puree? A mess, for starters, but you'd also get something similar to Cook, Serve, Delicious! You start out with a basic 1-star restaurant, and gain notoriety through new recopies, challenges, and so on. Memorizing the correct order to make food is key, and you will likely curse at your computer when you mess up the layers of a lasagna. Free updates have brought weekly challenges and competitions as well, so if you prefer just making food over owning a restaurant, you can do that too. Steam
Darius Burst Chronicle Saviours cover Darius Burst: Chronicle Saviours Shoot'em Up The ultimate Darius package, for Darius and Shmup fans alike! It has two modes of play, AC Mode and CS Mode. AC mode is a direct port of the Arcade game Darius Burst: Another Chronicle EX, massive resolution and all, while the CS mode is where the bulk of the game is. You pick from missions on a map, which consists of playing through a sequence of stages, which when beaten unlock more missions, branching into various directions. There are 9 different ships to choose, including ships based on the previous games of the series. Steam
Evoland-2 Evoland 2: A Slight Case of Space-Time Continuum Disorder Action-RPG An epic nostalgia trip through the various eras of gaming in a awesome action-RPG full of unique bosses, missions and mini-games which play in different genres (fighting, shmup, strategy, puzzle and even rhythm). The first game is fine, but very short. GOG
Fallout 4 PC Fallout 4 Action RPG It's Fallout. You know what you're going to get. You are placed into a vault at the dawn of nuclear war, and emerge in a post-apocalyptic 50s Americana. Make friends, steal shit, kill a guy, strip him of his clothes, die a lot. Even the side quests are so addictive that you'll forget about completing the main storyline. That said, it's developed by Bethesda, so expect a few glitches and corrupted saves along the way. SteamG2A
Football Manager 2016 cover Football Manager 2016 Sports/Simulation Do you suffer from severe autism? Then this game is for you! Create your own manager and manage football clubs from all around the world. It's a good game with very deep and complex gameplay, but it's the best football simulator. It also has a big community of modders; just don't expect good graphics! Steam
Odallus Odallus: The Dark Call Platformer The tale of a warrior who must find why his village was burned, find his missing son and uncover the secrets of a mysterious gem. A excellent retro-styled platformer inspired by Demon's Crest. GOG
Stardew Valley cover Stardew Valley Simulation You like Harvest Moon and Animal Crossing? This game is for you. Get a farm. Start growing plants. Cry when you realize you planted summer plants in the spring. Make friends with your fellow neighbors. Try to marry some of them. Spend all your energy harvesting wheat and fall asleep on the ground at 2 PM. Nobody said farming would be easy, right? Steam
The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt PC cover The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Open World Action RPG You are Geralt of Rivia, a witcher - that is, a monster hunter and mercenary. Travel around the world, helping or hindering others, while fighting the mysterious army known only as "Wild Hunt". While combat may vary in enjoyability from person to person, the real hook is the story: you have 50 hours worth of gameplay, and that's from the side missions alone. Worth a try just to see how much love CD Projekt RED puts in its games. G2AGOG
VA-11 HALL-A VA-11 HALL-A: Cyberpunk Bartender Action Visual Novel/Simulation Sort of a mix between visual novel with bartending sim with visuals inspired by PC-98 games, you serve drinks while listening to the clients stories, all while taking care of your own life. The history actually changes depending on whether you serve clients well or mess up, as they may grow attached to you and reveal more about the world. GOG

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