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The 64DD ("Disk Drive" or "Dynamic Drive" or "The Big Boobed Nintendo") was an add-on for the Nintendo 64 that allowed it to run games from proprietary 64 MB magneto-optical disks. As its development took much longer than expected, it was only released in Japan when the system was in its final stretch; it was a commercial failure, so its western release was cancelled. Most planned games were also cancelled, or moved to cartridge format.

The N64DD ListEdit

Picture Title Genre Description
Doshin the Giant 64DD cover Doshin the Giant Sandbox Strange God-sim with mildly disturbing, cartoony art style. Was ported with expansion to Gamecube after the death of the 64DD
Mario Arist Paint Mario Artist: Paint Studio Creative Was among the few game-creation software proposed for the DD, allowed you to free draw, edit screenshots, and even create skins for polygons.
Mario Artist Polygon Mario Artist: Polygon Studio Creative Allowed you to mess around with 3D models.
Mario Artist Talent Mario Artist: Talent Studio Creative Allowed you to use attach paint studio creations or uploaded images to figures from polygon studio. Was used as an animation/motion capture software, think Autodesk Maya circa 2001.
Simcity 64 Simcity 64 City Creation Simulator A fairly impressive (almost) addition to the sim city franchise, seemed similar to Simcity 2000.
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