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  • Why did you do it, if you don't mind me asking? Did you talk about this in any Talk page? I couldn't find it in your contributions page any discussion about that.

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    • To be honest this thing is pointless IMO. For the purposes of this wiki, what do we care for review scores from some other site (Metacritic or not)? This wiki is supposed to reccomend games, not rank them, if someone sees a red title or even a yellow he'll immediately be wary of even trying it.

      There is also the fact that only a few pages used this, and even the ones that used didn't have all games marked.

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    • I disagree that it would stop them, because likely they will see another game that they like with a red title. Probably everybody likes a "red" game. It's just a reference. I agree that it isn't essential to the experience of this wiki, but I don't think it's something I would straight out remove without any discussion like you did;

      I mean, think about it, whoever added them did it because they thought it was important to them. Adding more info is hardly a problem and, if it's not invasive, not many people will complain. But removing them might cause some friction between the parties that added/removed them.

      I'm really not one that will complain about it, but I can see someone mad about you removing it.

      Probably it would be a more sensible idea to create a discussoin about it first and if no one disagrees then remove it.

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    • I understand your point. Anyway, in the case people complain about this change it can be easily reverted.

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    • I'd say metacritic is pretty far down the list of what constitutes meaningful info. By comparison you could have the game's price displayed, or mention whether it's an exclusive, a JP only title, whether it's available digitally, etc. Exclusivity could be color coded with green being exclusive and red being worst version. PS1 could have colors for whether the game is on PSN. If you include metacritic why not include sales numbers from vgchartz as well. It's kind of silly. There are other reasons too:

      - yellow doesn't show up well on a white background.

      - The game titles don't contain links to that game's metacritic page. (which is how it should work if you were going to do it properly)

      - as another user has mentioned, it defeats the point of even having a wiki

      - It forces everyone editing the list to use metacritic

      - nothing is stopping anyone from checking metacritic on their own. If you want to see the scores then you'd have to do this anyway.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Why did you delete the windows Millenium page?

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