Incremental GamesEdit

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aka Idle Games or Clickers

The most efficient of Skinner Boxes. There's usually zero or one buttons to press, accumulating score, and you occasionally make choices on what to spend your score on to accumulate more score. It's the exception that has a story or exploration, it's all about watching numbers go up.

Incremental games usually feature:

  • an active mode where you gain score by clicking repeatedly and quickly (thus the name "mousebreaker games") (autoclickers are cheating but everyone does it)
  • a passive mode where you just leave the game alone for hours or days to accumulate score for spending. Some games require you to leave it running to accumulate score, other games you can shut off and it uses the system clock to let you "catch up".
  • ascension events, where you discard all the progress you've made to start the game over with ascension-only advantages

jesus christ these things can get addictive.

The thread on /vg/ if there is one

Web Games Edit

Title Description Picture Where
AdVenture Capitalist Sell stuff to make money to buy stuff to sell to make more money. Eventually go into space to find more stuff to sell. Web

Apple Android Steam

Anti-Idle The Game A smorgasboard of minigames that all include a waiting element Web
BoxCar 2D Watch pathetic mutant carts try to run a racecourse, work hard, and improve Web
Candy Box Start by eating candy. Patience is rewarded with frogs and witches and lollipop farms. Web
Candy Box 2 Ascii-art animation for an idler/adventure mix Web


Candy Clicker (requires Unity player) Web
City Game HTML5 Sim City kinda thing Web
Civ Clicker You will need more cats and dieties Web
Clicker Heroes Beat on single monsters standing still. Hire heroes to beat on them for you. Web
Clickpocalypse Delve that dungeon. Buy better gear to equip your dungeon delvers. Web
Cookie Clicker Click the cookie. Enslave grandmothers to make more cookies for you, until they learn secrets grandma wasn't meant to know, and bring about the grandmapocalypse. Web
Click for %country What if /int/ made a clicker game. Now with captchas to slow you down! Web
Clicking Bad Drugs are bad m'kay? just sell them don't use them Web
A Dark Room Starts with just a book of matches in a cold dark shack. Turns into an ascii art sandbox exploring game. Web


Diamond Hunt 2 Dig to get precious stones. Use the stones to get better diggers, to get more precious stones. Web
Gather X Angela Annaconda's diminutive cousin needs you to poke him into doing chores. Has an energy system so autoclickers won't help. Web
Incremental Zoo Borrow money. Buy animals, at least two of each species. Wait for them to breed. Sell some. Buy other animals. Web
Kittens Game You are a kitten in a catnip forest. Progress through higher levels of tech and civilization to where you're mining unobtanium from gas giants and trading liquified unicorn coprses with space whales. Web
Learn To Fly Idle Flightless penguins haet walls. Destroy. Web
Megami Quest Because you are a weeaboo chibi loving fuck Web
The Monolith Worship the Monolith. Punish the Beast. Advance so you can worship and punish better than ever before. Web
Nanobot Builder Bring about the grey goo apocalypse, starting with malevolent amoebas. Web
OTSM Click on monsters until money comes out Web
Parameters A clicker abstracting an rpg delver into boxes. (there is an English switch) Web
Progress Quest Web version of the do-nothing windows game Web
Rebuild the Universe Sorta educational, not long Web
SandCastle Builder An idle game based on an XKCD comic? Web


Space Lich Omega Defeat the Lich! Eventually. If you don't get cursed Web
Speed Warp Gotta go fast. Faster. and play vidya gaemes but maybe not that fast. Web

Smartphone Games Edit

note: come back later, only have this ancient list from an /igg/ thread



Making Idle Games Edit

You'd think it would be damn easy, but it's hard not to make a clone of something already out there. Kongregate and Armor Games are flooded with idle games that aren't even worth your time to read the titles. It's worse than Flappy Bird.

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