Okay, so you're working on a video game, and you want your bros to know about it in some way/shape/form rather than continuously reposting in 'Amateur game dev threads'.

Here's a list for you bros to post your projects and BRIEFLY discuss what it's about, why you think it'll be neato. Linking to a development page/blog would be nice, but the only true requirement is some sorta screenshot, ya dig? A short gameplay video would be even cooler!

The ProjectsEdit

Project Name Developer Genre Description Project Status Screenshot/Video
White Finger Armitage Survival Horror

Escape from a warehouse while being hunted by a murdering psycho fuck.

Made in 48 hours.


Horror000014 - Copy
INNAWOODS Armitage Survival/FPS

Hunt animals for food so you don't starve, then get killed by army mans.


Save the Princess spotco Stealth/Puzzle Stealth Puzzle Adventure (made in java)

get it here

Finished Ad1-1-
Project Khalio Puzzle/Platformer It's a fucking portal clone. You play as a Flatlander making your way across the ArtIC spacestation in a 2-dimensional world, in order to fix it. It has boxes, lasers, mirrors and anti-gravity fields. Made in HTML5. Finished Controlroom
Jump*Die*Create spotco Hipster Indie Platformer/Online Hipster Indie Meat Boy Walljump Doublejump Vertical Platformer with Online level creation and database (with community functions!)

play here!

In progress

(playable online)

Berserker Quest VI Armitage RPG/Hack and Slash Co-op multiplayer RPG with roguelike elements


Beta 0.55
A stroll through Questborough - Alpha02:14

A stroll through Questborough - Alpha

Red Tactics Gabe Newell's Ghost Tactical RPG Isometric turn-based battles on a 16x16 grid. Alpha 0.20 Interview 2
BlockeyHockey Walking Talking Grliling Bear Studios Sports/Hockey 3v3 Hockey. A lot of goals and hitting. Also they're Blocks. Play up to 2v2 online multiplayer for xbox. In progress Blockeyshot1
Kobold Camp Lagotrope, Pathos, Kaelem Gaen, Lofn, Deon, Chariot, Warlord255 Simulation/Mod

Dwarf Fortress, but you play kobolds. Weak, stupid, primitive but endearing kobolds. Because Dwarf Fortress wasn't hard enough already.

Official Site
Original thread

Finished Kobold camp tileset
Life+ Pastel Metroidvania

You are a cute alien boy in a 2D metroidvania-style game somewhat resminiscent in art style of Cave Story. Your main attack is throwing the floor!

Update Blog

In progress
Life video test01:04

Life video test

Minimon Online SonOfNotch Pokeman/MMORPG

Another Pokemon clone with shitty graphics and lots of grinding. This time for iPhone and Android!

Link Link

Released Screen1

Not your average SHMUP! This game (when finished) will feature a unique SHMUP experience featuring an engaging story and lovable characters.

It's in the pre-alpha stages right now but so far it looks promising (The main dev even says their writer "is no hamburger helper").

Dev Blog

[Domain] [Expired]

In progress Pre-alpha-1
Shoot Me To the Moon

[Tentative Title]

Haz SHMUP It's a shmup.

With 4 shades of green.


Info and dl link

In Progress/On Hold Kl0wE
Pneumophagia HELLA JEFF, and two Anonymous Horror Metroidvania sidescrolling horror game.


In Progress Alphashot
TRIP Xenon Artsy/Exploration LSD Dream Emulator's bastard child.


Released Forest1
Kat Attack Xenon Action Visual Novel Space pirate with a guitargun battles crazy shit in space.


In progress
I Wanna be the Tribute shaman666 Hard platformer I Wanna be the Guy fangame, got 6 worlds and bosses. Very hard akin to the original. In progress...? Gg





All available info (including DL links) is available at the Group Steam Group.



Katawa Shoujo Four Leaf Studios Visual novel Katawa Shoujo had humble origins on /jp/, with the help and suggestions of 4chan (particularly /v/ and /a/) users being implemented into the game. The story tells of a young man who, after suffering a heart attack upon hearing a confession from the girl he loves, is diagnosed with cardiac dysrhythmia and sent to a hospital where he meets several lovely and charming teenage girls who each suffer from a different disability. Like most PC visual novels, the game does have plenty of gratuitous sex scenes, but that's not the reason most people play the game in the first place. The art, writing, and interactive nature of the story are what make Katawa Shoujo worth checking out. Complete Katawa-shoujo-act-1-05
Victis Anomalous Underdog Tactical RPG Victis is planned as a role-playing game on the PC, combining visceral action with turn-based tactics. The game is set in a medieval fantasy with gunpowder firearms instead of swords. You play as a young soldier in the middle of a war, fighting against his god-given dark powers. Dev Blog Alpha GuiTest2
Dig! Build! Defend! >Implied Games 2D Tower Defence Digging for ore to fund your structures, to prevent the radio active cows from messing everything up, you need to build before the next attack happens, You can also fly to other procedural planets, but don't dig them out too much or the planet will become unstable and blow up, cows in mechs, tanks, variety and working on gameplay to be fun, is a work in progress till the FUN gets added in the official site. Beta DBD ALMOST
/v/irgin Quest !!Y+vf2690if0 RPG

Game has shown constant progression, even if it is just an RPG Maker game. Genuinely funny, dev made threads every Tuesday afternoon.

Made by the same guy who made SANIC THE GAEM 2: GAME OF /V/ EDITION (but this time with less memes.)

One of the few /v/ games that were actually completed and made with /v/.

Update blog

Steam Group

"Complete" 1344552104169-1-
9th Dawn /V/alorware RPG 2D RPG featuring large openworld map, quests, hack'n'slash combat, >500 unique items, shoppan, lootan, grindan, exploran PC/Android/iOS


Demo PC

Demo Android

9th Dawn Feature Preview06:47

9th Dawn Feature Preview

FOG WOAH FPS You waddle around in fog and do some boring shit

Download it here or here

Finished FOG gameplay
Go Fast Sanic Action RPG

There are 3 steps to build up speed.

Firstly, you have to hit the keys as they hover over the empty square (similar to guitar hero).

Secondly, you have to hit down as soon as the down arrow goes over the empty square.

Lastly, you have to mash down as fast as possible for 10 seconds.

There is a secret if you get over 1000 speed, no one has gotten it yet (some faggot on a stream got 993).

Download Here.

Finished No picture because I can't be bothered to sign up.
Space Opera

Spitroast Productions

(SpaceOperaGuy in AGDG Threads)

Bullet Hell / Rhythm

A music-based SHMUP game where your music sets the stage. Build your ship from the ground up and take on the perils of deep space to your own soundtrack.



YouTube Channel

Early Alpha




Top-down platformer, I guess

A randomly generated map of small islands. You try to get as far up as you can while dodging various nasties like crabs and parrots, and trying not to drown. Dev blog

Well, I released a prototype.

Seafarer Veshch Open World Pirate Simulator

Command a ship, dive for treasure, go fishing, kick ass.

IndieDB, Tumblr

In Progress
Subbania Anonymous Metroidvania A metroidvania about a crew of Nazis who are the victims of an Illuminati conspiracy and get lost in hell. They talk to monsters and fight shitloads of bosses and the captain's a closeted gay. It's an odd combo of Yume Nikki and Metroid, but it works. Dev's site. Finished
Heliacal Hostility Turbonerd Studio Text-Adventure A scifi text-based adventure game set on an abandoned space-cruiser. You awake from cryo-sleep to find the crew dead and a giant alien snail patrolling through the corridors. You can choose to take body augmentations at the risk of losing your humanity. How far will you go to survive? Finished
Plok 2 (working title) plok platformer Fan made sequel to Plok!, an SNES platformer. Gameplay will be a mixture of 2.5D and 3D levels. uh


Cengizhan Can platformer with magnetic elements


Pokemon Sage ("/vp/ makes a game") members of /vp/ JRPG

While technically not made by /v/, this community-made Pokemon fangame is being worked on by our autistic son. So far they have completed the dex and solidified the game's basic plot, the region, and major characters. They've also released an early demo version. The game is to be set in the region of Urobos, an area bassed on South America. brhuehuehue.



Work in progress
OP Post 1

The final dex

Bigger Riggers: Big Rigs 2 Bark! Entertainment Racing

This is the fan-made sequel to Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing. Featuring 6 stages, 4 minigames, and an all-new story mode, this game is sure to surpass the original!

Download here!

Bigger Riggers Big Rigs 2 - Official Trailer01:01

Bigger Riggers Big Rigs 2 - Official Trailer

P.U.N.K. Vancouver Film School Students from GD31 Puzzle/Platformer This is a student made flash game done in 3 months. It's a 2D puzzle/platformer where the player fills nodes with their laser pulsing weapon and avoids traps to complete puzzles Finished (may update minor fixes)
No Bugs Allowed Shpuld Shootan

A Quake total conversion designed to be played on PSP. Gameplay consists of surviving against waves of alien bugs in small arenas and buying new guns or upgrading existing ones.

Downloads page

"Finished" (Beta 2 released, on hold)

Star Muncher Bark! Entertainment Shootan

An arcade 2D shooter game with a twist™. Instead of shooting at enemies, you have to eat them! You play as the Star Muncher, and a second player can join you as the Star Muncher's faithful sidekick Munchling. Don't play it in-browser, as the Java version is fucked up. Just download the Windows version instead.

Download here



Useful Links Edit

Heres list of useful links that you can paste into /v/idyadev threads. IT MUST BE COPYPASTABLE, SO PLEASE DONT CHANGE FORMAT.

>/avgd/ project lists


>Programming Resources




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