Screenshot Title Platform Description Download
10MinSpace Strategy 10 Minute Space Strategy Windows A space turn-based strategy game; games are short, but certainly longer than the Ten minutes the title implies. Not much to the game, but enjoyable. Link
Battleships Forever Battleships Forever Windows A game with Space battles,Inspired by Warning Forever. You can play through a Limited Story and a few Guantlet scenarios. Community has spent most of their time building overpowered ships for the game, so other than the ShipBuilder, the game doesn't have much content; Has a Mission Editor, but it sucks. Link
Hollywood Movie Studio screenshot Hollywood Movie Studio Windows A pretty complex, very text-heavy business simulation. Run a studio, hire the stars, make movies, do the marketing, hope it won't bomb. Third game in the Hollywood Mogul series, which goes all the way back to the DOS era. Link
LordMonarchOnline Lord Monarch Windows The seventh game in the Dragon Slayer series, totally in English and totally free! This one is a RTS, and even though it looks a bit dated (it's a remake from a PC-98 game, after all) it's worth a shot. Link
MadrugaCraft Madruga Craft Windows Warcraft parody where you play as Seu Madruga/Don Ramón from El Chavo Del Ocho, who is on a quest to retrieve his guitar. You can unlock other characters, who serve as recruitable units. Link
127051601948 Notrium Windows Link
Pandemic2 screenshot Pandemic 2 Flash Obligatory mention as this game was a /v/ meme at one point. Play as a virus, bacteria or parasite in an attempt to obliterate humanity off the face of the Earth. Add and remove ("sell" here doesn't mean what you think it means) traits in order to stealthily infect the unsuspecting populace. Beware of Madagascar as they are very paranoid. Link
Pax Britannica Pax Britannica Windows A quick, short game where you man an Underwater Factory and fight other underwater factories in quick matches. A one-button, has Hotseat multiplayer. Link
SpaceExploration-SerpensSector Space Exploration: SerpensSector Windows Procedurally Generated, and Reminicent of Strange Adventures in Infinite Space, You are tasked with exploring and Charting a long abandoned region of space. Game is currently in DevHell. Link
Starcraft screenshot Starcraft Windows
This one hardly needs an introduction. Choose your species and take part in a three-way galactic war. Link
StrangeAdventuresinInfiniteSpace Strange Adventures in Infinite Space Windows You pick a ship, explore the galaxy, and return home after (hopefully) making some money. Average game lasts around 10 minutes. Link
Wesnoth-1.11.8-1 The Battle for Wesnoth Windows
Fantasy strategy game where much of the game's units, music, artwork, and campaigns are player contributed. The game plays on a hex based system, with terrain affecting the accuracy of attacks and unit movement. Six well-balanced factions are available for play at the start. It makes you really feel like you're commanding an army by having you level troops into hardened veterans, which you can recall for future battles. Dozens of custom units are available for single player and multiplayer by downloading player mods known as "eras". Fantastic quality considering it's freeware. Download stable version if you just want to play the game without too many bugs. Link
UFOAI UFO: Alien Invasion Windows
Vantagemaster Vantage Master Online Windows Summon creatures known as Natiels to fight for you as you vie to control the map's mana beacons. There are over 20 unique summons, each with their own abilities and elemental affinity. The CPU has no qualms with stomping your shit and seemingly has damage algorithms rolling in its favor, so you'd better be on top of your game. Contains gratuitous amounts of Engrish. Link

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