Screenshot Title Platform Description Download
Nitronic-rush-04-700x390 Nitronic Rush Windows NITRONIC RUUUUUUSH. Crazy stunt racing game based on San Franciso Rush 2049. Made by Team Nitronic, a student team at DigiPen IT. It's sort of like hotwheel tracks (plus Tron); levels are more like obstacle courses than race courses. Jumping over stuff, stuff falling on you, crazy loop de loops, jumping up doing a flip and landing on the track above you. These are just some of the ways that you will die. Oh yeah, you can boost, and jump, and do flips, and even fly sometimes. And if you aren't boosting 99% of the time, YOU'RE TOO SLOW! Link
Sanicball-640x360 Sanicball Windows
Zip around the track as the fastest maymay alive. You can choose from different poorly-drawn Sonic characters to play as, along with a soundtrack of different poppin' beats. You can play by yourself or make a server for others to play online with you. There's keyboard support and limited gamepad support. Link
Trackmania-4 Trackmania Nations Forever Windows Trackmania Nations Forever is a terrific racing game that successfully incorporates puzzle elements with fast-paced driving to create an all-around fun experience. The physics are far from realistic, but the game does force you to consider your angles, speed, and driving methods as you dash through elaborate obstacle courses to earn medals. Online mode is unique in that the cars cannot effect each other in any way, and simply pass through other cars like ghosts. This isn't a "car fetishist" game, but it isn't exactly Mario Kart either. Rather, it manages to strike a happy-medium between the two. Trackmania Nations Forever is completely free, so you have absolutely no excuse for not giving it a try. Link
Trackmania Trackmania United: Forever Windows Great looking racing game, no muss no fuss just drive and get the fastest time. Making your own tracks is encouraged, so some tracks you play online will be pretty demented/awesome/weird.Also on DS and Wii. Link

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