Screenshot Title Platform Description Download
Ai Ai to Yuuki to Kashiwamochi Windows Another cute little puzzle game from the maker of Irisu Syndrome. Ai-chan dreams of eating sweets, and we're just in luck because the gameplay is pretty similar to Yoshi's Cookie. But it's not as straightforward as that. Like Irisu Syndrome, it eventually progresses into something far more dark and sinister. Link
Asciiiportal01 ASCIIpOrtal Windows Link
Blockout 2 screenshot BlockOut II Windows
Poland cannot into space, but can take Tetris into 3D space! Fan remake of the 1980s PC classic, with upgraded graphics but otherwise very faithful. Link
Blocksum Blocksum Windows Tetris plus math, very odd and takes a bit of time to get usd to but when you 'get' it, it's fairly nice. Link
Bridge-builder-game Bridge Builder Windows Exactly what it says on the tin. Link
Cloud1 Cloud Windows Link
Crayon-physics-2 Crayon Physics Windows An ingenious little indie puzzler, Crayon Physics tasks you with drawing lines, shapes, and any number of objects in order to guide a ball through an obstacle course to collect stars scattered across the levels without the ball falling off. An enhanced and expanded version, known as Crayon Physics Deluxe, has been released on PC and iOS to universal acclaim (although it is not free). Link
Galactic commandoes screenshot Galactic Commandos Flash A homage to The Lost Vikings series. you control 3 commandos separately and get them all to the goal while using each of their skills to navigate the stages. Short, but sweet, especially if you haven't played TLV in a while. Addendum: Though available on the dev's site, the link used allows alternate controls. [1]
Irisu3 Irisu Syndrome Windows A freeware puzzle game that plays like an inverse Tetris and tells a story after every play.

Unfortunately, nothing can be said about the game or it will ruin the experience. A couple of tips though: Keep your game folder open and check it every time you lose and reach 40k points for a surprise.

Karoshi Karoshi Windows The Karoshi series includes 6 games, with the first 5 being freeware and the 6th being a paid app for iOS, PSP, and Android. Each game has you controlling a Japanese salaryman who must solve elaborate and complex puzzles in order to kill himself. Yes, that's right. The goal is to die, and you have to do everything you possibly can to make yourself die. If you can get past the crude graphics in the earlier games, you will find a series of clever, mind-bending, and immensely satisfying puzzle platformers tinged with ample helpings of pitch-black humor and plenty of highly challenging puzzles. Link
KAWAHARAUMISE Kawaharaumise Flash A game inspired by the physics of the Umihara Kawase series. Unlike that series, your character in this game is a ragdoll derp and can only move by being flung around. Much like the series though, you'll have to think carefully to safely get to exits, even more so the alternate ones. Although it's a bit short, you'll definitely be challenged in aiming for a high score! Link
Mana Chronicoles Mana Chronicles Flash A curious title that involves solving match-3 puzzles in a lower screen half to power up your mana, which lets you summon critters to fight the enemy summoner and enemy monsters in the upper half. Might appeal to fans of these genres. Nothing to do with Seiken Densetsu/World of Mana or that iPhone game. Link
Screen3 Microsoft Tinker Windows This free Microsoft game has you controlling a tiny, cutesy robot who has to navigate his way across a checkerboard to a finishing space using switches, levers, bombs, lasers, and various other assorted items, with some of them being more complex than others. Beware: you have a limited number of moves, and some levels have bonus items that can be collected if you want a star for completing the level in the least amount of moves, in the least amount of time, and (in some levels) collecting the bonus item (which, of course, requires extra work to get). A very challenging puzzle game; the only problem is the camera, which doesn't always show you the entire playing field, but can be adjusted to different views. The Games for Windows Live version will also net you Achievements and Gamerscore, if you're into that. Link
Mightierscreenshot Mightier Steam Link
NarbacularDropScreenshot Narbacular Drop Windows This game was developed by college students, who got noticed by Valve and were snatched up to make a more refined version for their HalfLife2 engine. This is the spiritual and actual predecessor to Portal. Very different from what it became but still pretty good, with some extra fan-made levels to boot! Link
Nullpomino NullpoMino Windows
A Tetris game engine, designed as a successor to the playable-but-totally-disorganized mess of code that was Heboris Unofficial Expansion. In a similar way to Tepples' Lockjaw, you can customize damn near everything in the game, from the mechanics to the visuals to the soundtrack. The gameplay stuff is divided into modes (modes of play, and the goals of each one) and rules (systems that determine your controls, and the behavior of the pieces as you move and rotate them). In addition to rules and modes based on just about every commercial Tetris game and many unofficial ones, you can play adaptations of Dr. Mario, Puyo Puyo and Super Puzzle Fighter. There's even netplay, though the level of player activity seems sporadic.
Stair-dismount-1 Stair Dismount
(a.k.a. Porrasturvat)
Windows One of the first computer games built heavily around a real-time interactive physics engine, the popular Finnish demoscene production Stair Dismount, first released in 2002, is an important game. Which makes it all the more amusing that it revolves entirely around pushing a ragdoll figure down a flight of stairs and trying to cause as much damage as possible. Annnnnddddd... that's it. Trust us, it's way more fun than it sounds. A free iOS version is also available. If you like this, Truck Dismount and Sauna Dismount are available as well. Enjoy. Link
SubTerra SubTerra Windows SubTerra is a puzzle game originally released in 2002, and is reminiscent of Chip's Challenge: collect all the gems and get to the exit! Watch out for deadly lasers, falling rocks, deadly creatures, and the skull of death! It features over 150 objects, over 100 levels (plus hidden stages plus even more fan made levels!), a robust level editor, and now includes 10 additional level sets. Levels can be completed on easy or hard mode, for additional points. Give this game a chance, and it will keep you busy for hours. Link
Tag.the.power.of.paint Tag: The Power of Paint Windows A game where you shoot different coloured paint to change your environment. Use paint to make you run faster, jump, and more. Goal is to reach the end of level using the different paints. Development team was hired by valve to work on Portal 2, this may be a bad thing or a good thing. Refuses to work on older computers (shader 2 must have). Link
Catc screenShot2a The Cat and the Coup Windows A "documentary game", this clever indie arthouse puzzler uses fun, simple puzzle mechanics and wonderfully artistic animation to tell a fascinating chunk of Iranian history. The game is extremely short, but it's free, and certainly worth checking out. It will be a long time before any major game company is ever willing to release something so bold, original, and daring. This game proves that you CAN make a fun game that also teaches you something. Link
Tower of Goluaga Tower of Goluaga Flash Futaba and 2ch's homage to Tower of Druaga using their own Shift-JIS characters. Most resembles the TG16 remix. Test your mettle in unlocking various treasures by doing certain things on each floor (such as killing monsters certain ways). Although you have lives, you can continue right where you left off from a Game Over. Consider trying this, even if you've never played any version of the original. It doesn't require you to know any Japanese to play either. Note: Though you select items with Z/X/C, you use them with the space bar. Link
Windwater1 Wind and Water: Puzzle Battles Windows
The main rule for clearing blocks in this game is to spin them around and form diamond shapes, which will then disappear along with other blocks of same color linked to them. There are three available methods for chain scoring and you'll need very good reflexes to play well.

The game has a huge story mode with all sorts of missions and minigames in its SMB3-like overworld. If you do well enough in some missions, you can even unlock shortcuts to the end. I recommend you read the whole storyline, though, as it is fairly amusing.


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