Screenshot Title Genre Platform Description Download
Abobos big adventure Abobo's Big Adventure Various Flash Crazy over-the-top parody game where you control Abobo and have to travel through many different NES games to rescue your son, Aboboy. Each stage is different, you get to fight down the alleways of Double Dragon, explore a Zelda dungeon, run'n gun through the jungles of Contra, box in Punch Out, and others. It also has lots of secrets and stuff. Link
Armagetron Advanced screenshot Armagetron Advanced Racing / snake / retro Windows
Cool recreation of the lightcycle arena scene from Tron. Link
Attack on Titan Tribute Game screenshot Attack on Titan Tribute Game Action, MMO(?) Web Browser A fan game based of the Attack on Titan series. Use the 3D Maneuvering Gear to rapple buildings and kill titans in the name of humanity. A constant work in progress. Link
Between-by-jason-rohrer-120 Between Experimental Windows
In Between, an online-multiplayer-only game by acclaimed indie developer Jason Rohrer (of Passage and Inside a Star-Filled Sky fame), there are three dimensions which you can cycle through by going to sleep or waking. When you wake up, you take the blocks in the wooden structure with you as a spawnable small block which you can use to build the towers. The co-op part is that one of the three dimensions is "shared" and you see all of the blocks the other player spawns in their negative colors and vice versa. If you put blocks of the same color in the structure, you can spawn in the other dimensions. This game is very obtuse and has no clear goals, but it may be interesting to experiment with for a while. Give it a shot if you enjoy artsy, experimental games. Link
Games-block 500 Block Breakout Windows A funny-as-hell breakout game with levels that you're supposed to clear as fast as possible, which most of the levels facilitate with blocks that break to release either one ball or a nonstop stream of balls. You start each level with 10 balls you can launch from your paddle whenever you want. The power-ups include big paddle, small paddle, full-screen paddle, tiny balls, giant balls, reverse gravity, and an infinity symbol that gives you infinite balls for 20 seconds.

Doesn't include sounds or music, but you can add your own with specific filenames, including a secondary song that plays while you have infinite balls (Fist of the North Star makes it goddamn hilarious).

[Depending on your OS, you may need other software to force the game to run in a window and use 16-bit color. I tried on my Windows 7 64-bit laptop and got the sprites to show the right colors, but they have pink boxes around them from transparency not being applied.]

Cleanasia2 Cactus Arcade Game compilation Windows This is a collection with no less than 17 games of genres ranging from shoot em ups and platformers to adventure games and first person shooters. Link
Precision3 Cactus Arcade 2.0 Game compilation Windows A new, updated game pack from cactus. Link
Chicanery Chicanery Multiplayer Windows
A very simple multiplayer game. 2 to 4 players each holds down a key. If you lift your finger, you're out. The last one remaining is the winner. That is all there is to it, except the game does not know what you're doing to make other lift their fingers. Of course you can decide to add rules like "no forearm touching", but it's up to you to decide. This is the game for any party. PC
Coil--article image Coil Experimental Steam
"Coil is a game with no instruction or clear direction. Please keep an open mind while playing." So reads the opening of Coil, an experimental flash game from Edmund McMillen and Florian Himsl. Coil tells a sad (yet highly mysterious) tale woven between small minigames involving sperm and conception. Whether you find it compelling or pretentious will depend entirely on your tastes. Nevertheless, give it a try. Link
199263442 601ffded80 Death Worm Action Windows
Diamonds PC screenshot Diamonds Breakout / maze / puzzle Windows Remake of a popular Mac game from the early 90s. Break the blocks in the correct order according to their colors. Link
148184-screenie1 Edmund Experimental Windows Link Lost
Envirobear Enviro-Bear 2000: Operation Hibernation Action / Driving Windows You're a bear, in a truck, get some salmon and kick some ass. Link
ER G Eric Ruth Games Developer / Varied Windows Quite a few worthwhile games here, some not-so-much, but the Dev is improving.Currently has (10) games. Link
6418 2088702822 a17978cff7 Flywrench Action Windows Easily best-known for having its main character featured in Super Meat Boy, Flywrench is a terrific little action game that has you guiding some kind of stick/ship/wrench thing around an increasingly difficult obstacle course, flapping and changing colors to avoid certain death. The minimalistic, avant-garde music will either be awesome or ear-raping, depending on your tastes. Give it a try. Link
Forgetmenot1 Forget-Me-Not Action / Maze Windows Forget-Me-Not is one of the best retro arcade tributes to come around in a long time. This is not just another lame title capitalizing on the "retro" fad. This is the real deal. Forget-Me-Not looks, plays, and sounds exactly like a coin-op arcade title straight from the 1980s. Gameplay feels like a mix of Pac-Man, Venture, and Galaga as you traverse mazes, collect flowers, shoot enemies, and collect keys to open doors to new mazes. A very fun and clever game, Forget-Me-Not is also available in a paid iOS version. Link
Ggc Garden Gnome Carnage Action / Christmas Windows, Flash Garden Gnome is sick of elfs stuffing his chimney with toys. He decided to put wheels under his house and to throw bricks at anyone trying to climb it. VERY addicting. Crikey! Link
Gemcraft chapter zero Gemcraft: Chapter Zero Tower Defense Flash Defend your tower from waves of attacking monsters by creating and handling gems. Surprisingly in-depth and challenging for a Flash game. Not to mention addictive. Link
Ghost hacker Ghost Hacker Tower Defense Flash A cyber-themed tower defense game. Defend yourself from internet baddies by running tower programs and upgrading them with abilities to protect your data cores. Link
3520119176 fe2165b90d Infiniminer Sandbox Windows Link
Mekurimaster Mekuri Master Rhythm Flash Play as Jotaro Kujo some punk kid and ORA ORA ORA flip open women's skirts without fail or else you will get detention for lewd behavior. Link
Minecraft Minecraft Classic Sandbox / "Better than Legos" Java Build your own world from the inside using various blocks, water and lava. Watch a few hours' work get ruined in minutes seconds. Doesn't require "autism", but does require work.

Note: Free version is limited to Classic only. xWOM is recommended for easier movement and flight.

NanacaCrashScreen2 Nanaca Crash Action / Taichi tossing Flash A fun SFW flash game based on an adult visual novel Cross Channel. You hit a character into the air and see how far away he lands. He can fall on several different characters who can change his angle, speed, or end the game. Addicting and amusing. Game, tutorial
Osu gameplay Osu! Rhythm Windows
A fanmade port of Elite Beat Agents/Ouendan. Surprisingly well made, with integrated IRC, multiplayer modes, rankings, built in beatmap editor, and easy to use interface. All songs come from other users, so there's an extremely large amount of video game and anime music. Includes Taiko Drum, Catch the Beat, and [Beat]Mania! modes. Also available on the iphone/itouch, though it requires jailbreaking. The only downside is that the servers often cockblock your attempts to download more than a few songs at a time, so grab a beatpack instead. The game is free, but you need to sign up to download beatmaps.

Large update since late 2014.


Google pacman

Pac-Man Google Maze .html To celebrate Pac-Man's 30th anniversary, Google put 256 levels of successive Pac-Man difficulty in their logo just for you high-score hunters. In a unique twist, you don't have to get your Billy Mitchell on alone, press "insert coin" twice and a second player can play as Ms. Pac-Man using the WASD keys (P1 uses arrows). Update: Apparently Google's huge storm of influxed traffic let them put the game up for free, on its own little page no less! Link
Stranded II screen Stranded II Survival / Sandbox Windows You're stranded on an island. Survive! Fun as hell game that makes you think about what you have to do to make sure you don't die, as opposed to so many games that just train your reflexes these days. Built on the Unreal engine. Totes fun bro. No option to play with yourself endlessly though. Link
The Dark Mod screenshot The Dark Mod Stealth Windows
Sneak around and steal shit in a gritty steampunk world. A Thief fangame, but set in its own continuity, and made with the Doom 3 engine. It got better reviews than the latest official Thief game, so you know it's damn good. Link
Wild-metal.3205549 Wild Metal Country Vehicular combat Windows Link

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