Screenshot Title Platform Description Download
Kkrieger screenshot .kkrieger Windows Would you believe it if I said it's possible to cram a whole 3D shooter (okay, just one stage) with modern graphics into 96 kilobytes?! Link
8bit killer 05 8-Bit Killer Windows Short, but nifty little FPS game that plays like olden FPS games, but with an NES tossed in as well. You only have mouse turning, L&R mouse clicks, space bar, and WASD (plus Q and E for slower turns), so pause (space) doubles as gun-selection (instead of 1-6 like other PC games). Actually controls pretty well with pretty precise gunfire and player movement. Stages follow a pattern of gauntlet (simple level with lots of enemies), labyrinth (multiple corridors and rooms, some locked by keys), and boss (small arena with a boss, who deals and takes more damage than normal foes). Some out-of-the-way rooms hold new weapons and power-ups, so explore often. Enemy AI is mostly simple, but effective. There's even a story, and a shotgun that doesn't just shoot 2 feet in front of you (!) as well. Link
Ace spades Ace of Spades Windows

Minecraft with guns. Build bases and tunnels while shooting enemies: it's fucking awesome. The last few updates have messed up the gameply a bit, but it's still worth a try. Used to be /v/'s flavor of the month. /v/ has a Steam group which hosts games weekly: Steam community

Blackmesav Black Mesa Windows A fan remake of the original Half-Life using Source, developed as soon as the engine is available to the public and released as a freeware. The dev team made a decision to reduce jump height so if you're not satisfied with that, just tweak the skill.cfg file.

Note, there are two versions of Black Mesa: the free mod is Windows-only and ends just before Xen. The paid version is set to include Xen, other additional content and refinements, and has a Linux port. Also, keep an eye out for Operation Black Mesa and Guard Duty .

Black shades Black Shades Windows You are a psychic bodyguard, and your duty is to protect the VIP in white. You must protect him from increasing hordes of snipers, gunmen, muggers, and even the hordes of the undead using a variety of weapons, ranging from a simple knife to grenades. If you or he dies, you restart the level. Have fun on the grenade levels. Link
Blindmonks 163516 Blind Monk's Society HL2 mod After getting your eyes pecked out by ravenous ravens, you are to be inducted into the Blind Monk's Society, and to prove you've got what it takes, you're given simple tasks to navigate through your blindness. A HL2 mod, so you'll need the Source SDK to run it. It's not too long at all, but it's interesting and quite immersive. Protips: Wear headphones and bind Q and E to turn so that you can turn in small measured amounts. Link
D64ex 04 Doom 64 EX Windows A perfect port of the Nintendo 64 Doom game, and arguably a better alternative than Doom 64 TC. Doesn't add levels and things that weren't there, plays like a charm. The only thing you'll need is a Doom 64 ROM from which to extract the data. There are even some PWADs/mods for this release. The site also has modding tools, so all you old-school Doomers can go nuts.wad. Link
Absscr-36 DOOM 64 TC Windows A nearly perfect port of the N64 game. Based on a modified Doomsday engine. Has new levels and a few new enemies recolors. You can also make your own levels with Doombuilder 1. Requires a copy of doom2.wad in order to play. If you don't have that wad then an N64 emulator and a ROM will do fine. Link
Forsaken 1998 PC screenshot Forsaken Windows
In a distant future, you're a scavenger trying to make a living in the lifeless ruins of planet earth. A nice 6DoF shooter, like a slightly more arcadey Descent. Also on PS1/N64. Link
Wolfenstein 3D Mac screenshot Mac-enstein 3D Windows When Wolfenstein 3D was first ported to the Mac, it ended up quite different from the original: some levels were changed, the graphics were redrawn in higher resolution, the music was completely new, and the voices samples were much clearer. Now this is a faithful fan-made port of that version back to the PC. Link
Marathon 2 screenshot Marathon (series) Windows
The year is 2794 and you are a security officer aboard the UESC Marathon, a multi-generational spacecraft converted from one of Mars's moons. As the ship and the Tau Ceti colony are attacked by hostile extraterrestrials, you find that something is amiss with the ship's artificial intelligences - one of which having gone quite insane after figuring out a secret greater than universe itself.

This is the predecessor of Halo (and other than graphics, it is better in about every way). If you have a Mac, see below for its own predecessor, Pathways Into Darkness.

Wikia Megaman: 8-bit Deathmatch Windows
Megaman-themed mod for Doom 2, powered by Skulltag. Includes a tournament-style single player mode and 70+ multiplayer maps, each based on a stage from the NES Megaman games, and features player skins for nearly every character from the NES and Game-Boy Megaman games, including the Robot Masters. Technically it's just a *.wad file for Doom2, but Doom2 without the *.wad files is free! Also has a fairly active /v/ community. Link
No One Lives Forever screenshot No One Lives Forever (series) Windows 60s Superspy themed FPS. Play as Cate Archer, a petty thief turned secret agent, and fight an evil organization attempting to take over the world. Game is known for its humor, very wide array of gadgets, and setting. Link
Pathways Into Darkness OSX screenshot Pathways Into Darkness macOS An extraterrestrial transmission warns us of impending doom: millions of years ago, a reality-manipulating creature fell on Earth, killing all dinosaurs. Now, it will awaken in a few days, and when it does, it will destroy the world entirely. The only solution is to get it back to bed, by means of a nuclear bomb planted on the lowest levels of a mysterious pyramid of non-human origin.

The predecessor to the Marathon series, very unique, and one of the hardest games ever.

Screenshot20140302030146 Robox Invasion Windows Alien Invaders called Robox have defeated most of Earth's forces. As one of the last remaining human soldiers, your task is to survive as long as you can in this Survival Type single player FPS game for the PC. Standard WASD control, the game runs on most PC's on Windows OS ranging from Netbooks to the top gaming PC's (on which the quality is higher). The game is still under the development and the developer is ready to consider player suggestions for improvements. Link
Transmissions Element 120 screenshot Transmissions: Element 120 Windows
A short but sweet standalone Half-Life 2 mod with a cool horror ambiance and some physics puzzles. Link
Tribes Ascend PC screenshot Tribes (series) Windows A multiplayer spin-off of the Earthsiege mech simulation games, but other than the setting, it's completely different; Tribes is built around team battles with high speed, high altitude movement in huge open environments. Link
Screenshot-UrbanTerror Urban Terror Windows Quake 3 hack that makes good use of the engine. Kinda like CS, but different in more ways than one. Shit like throwing knives and wall jumping ahoy in this game. Pretty good local and net multiplayer all around, too. Link
Warsow kofhcup Warsow Windows
A fast paced FPS in the vein of Quake, but with celshaded Team Fortess 2 style graphics. It has the typical bunny hopping/strafe jumping found in mods like CPMA and a unique dash/special key that allows for things like wall jumps/kicks and plenty of map tricks.

Development ended in 2016, and the game was removed from GOG, so servers are likely dead or highly inactive (wouldn't hurt to check though).

Download (Windows)
Enemy-territory Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory Windows
Possibly one of the greatest team fortress-esque game ever concieved. This was suppose to be the added multiplayer for the PC version of Return to Castle Wolfenstein, but id Software decided to release it as a freeware game. If the class system doesn't get you interested, the intuitive gameplay will. Almost every map has some different objective to be completed, making for a very different experience every time you play this game. Link
Wolfram screenshot Wolfram Windows A fan remake of Wolfenstein 3D (or the shareware levels at least) with modernized graphics and almost everything else unchanged. Link
Nexuiz screenshot 7 Xonotic Windows
An open-source Quake-like FPS with lots of editing tools and a pretty great community. Very fast paced. Try not to blink.

Note: Originally, it was Nexuiz, but in 2010 IllFonic purchased the rights to the name Nexuiz, and a proprietary license to the source-code, and had THQ handle the game and you can tell what happens next; The game got remade in 2012 using CryEngine 3 (as a commercial product), core distributors got pissed and forked the game as Xonotic, and THQ went under the next year, resulting in Nesuiz's servers being shut down.


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