Nintendo Color TV Game logo color

The Color TV-Game is a series of dedicated consoles made by Nintendo and their very first console. Despite being sold only in Japan, the Color TV-Game is the highest selling console of the first generation, selling about 3 million units spread among it's different models.

Five different models of the Color TV-Game were released. The first two, Color TV-Game 6 and Color TV-Game 15, came with tons of Pong variations. The Color TV-Game Racing 112 came with a simple birds-view racing game and was Shigeru Miyamoto's firs work for Nintendo, while the Color TV-Game Block Breaker came with a Breakout clone. The last model, the Computer TV-Game came with a port of Computer Othello, Nintendo's first arcade title.

First Generation
Consoles Nintendo Color TV-Game - Magnavox Odyssey - Coleco Telstar
Other Old and Busted

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