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BlackBerry logo
"Keep moving."

BlackBerry is a line of smartphones and tablets produced by BlackBerry Ltd. (formerly Research In Motion Ltd.). Although they were a pioneer in this field, and their phones were hugely popular with corporate clients, their market share crumbled when Apple's iPhone made smartphones mainstream in a completely different style (large touch screen, no keyboard), and RIM was slow to adapt to the tastes of this new audience. The company attempted a migration to Android, but after poor sales, they gave up on hardware entirely to concentrate on corporate services.

The listEdit

Screenshot Title Genre Description
Asphalt 8 Blackberry screenshot Asphalt 8: Airborne Racing Over-the-top arcade racer in the same vein of Burnout. Great intense gameplay. Excellent graphics that wouldn't be out of place in a regular console, and a very fitting electronic soundtrack.
Real Racing 3 Blackberry screenshot Real Racing 3 Racing If Asphalt's arcadey style is not for you, here's a somewhat more realistic racing simulation.

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