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Starpath Supercharger logo

The Supercharger is an add-on for the Atari 2600, released by Starpath Corporation (formerly Arcadia) in 1982. It expanded the console's RAM from 128 bytes to 6,272 bytes, allowing for larger, more advanced games stored in tape cassettes. 12 titles were released for it, and there are 2 known unreleased prototypes.

The Starpath Supercharger ListEdit

Box Art Title Genre Description
Supercharger Dragonstomper box art Dragonstomper RPG The first console RPG. While a lot of its appeal is pure novelty, there is a rather lot you can do for a seriously small Atari 2600 game. It is still one of the best games by the standards of the Atari 2600, but it's often overlooked.

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Supercharger Escape From The Mindmaster box art Escape From The Mindmaster 3D maze Traverse the Mindmaster's labyrinth, collecting keys and solving puzzles to make your escape. The pseudo-3D graphics were very impressive for the time.
Supercharger Frogger box art Frogger Action Far more faithful to the arcade than Parker Bros' cartridge-based version.
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